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The bold moves of the Dave Gettleman Giants NFL Draft revealed many things

Waiting a year for anything is not for the impatient among us.

Many of the seeds sown this past weekend by Dave Gettleman will not start peeking out of the dirt until the 2022 NFL Draft, as the Giants have amassed an additional choice in the first, third and fourth rounds. In a winning season ahead, the general manager maximizes future assets and this is a sign of a CEO.

Gettleman’s “average hit” – a term used by co-owner John Mara – must continue to increase to bring back the 70-year-old in 2022 when these extra coins – similar to pure gold – are used or packaged and distributed. . The giants are 5-11 and 4-12 and 6-10 after three years of Getlman. Everyone in the organization believes they did it right with Joe Dwarf as head coach. It̵

7;s time to win more than they lose, and how third-year quarterback Daniel Jones orients himself during his critical third season and how genuinely the Giants are a real contender for the playoffs – not the farce of the NFL’s Eastern 2020 slogan – determines whether or not Gettleman can leave on his own terms.

Still, Gettleman collaborated with the property, the judge, and the rest of the front office, and decided not to choose number 11 and then not to choose number 42, were the intelligent plays.

“To be honest with you, it’s fun to know that we have all these opportunities to take players next year,” said Chris Petty, director of scout intelligence at the college.

Yes, next year. Are the giants coming out of season 10-7? Or 11-6? Did they enter the playoffs or did they never get close? Gettleman, who created the bonus in 2022, shows that his main focus is the long-term health of the franchise, not the short-term impact on the security of its work.

Not that the Giants are playing the long game here. They were more aggressive in the free agency than anyone expected, throwing money as if it were Bitcoin stocks. They believe that the players they have chosen – broadcaster Kadarius Tony and outside back Azeez Ojulari – have moved on to the NFL as they move down the project. Gettleman is not in self-preservation mode, but has an emergency walk through the building to get the franchise where it needs to be.

“I felt we had a very good season to build lists,” said Getlman.

Dave Gettleman
Dave Gettleman
Charles Wenzelberg / New York Post

Now, as always, it all comes down to the quality of the players. It’s always about the players. Staying “true to our blackboard,” or better yet, “he was the highest-rated player on our board,” is perfectly fine and great, a bunch of sound and rage that means nothing. How efficient and intelligent a team is in assembling its board is what separates the kings of the draft from the drawn poor.

Based on the estimated value, the Giants may have pulled the biggest caper of the entire project, getting Ojulari at number 50 overall after returning from number 42. Are you kidding? A quick pass with a solid first-round score falls after the middle of the second round, the giants catch it and, as trade declines, they also provide an additional choice of 2022 from the third round through the Dolphins? Insanely good.

But here’s the caveat: What is Ojulari? 49 players were selected before he came down from the board, so we have to slow down his rolling, as he is the next great sack artist. Will it be limited in any way by the arthritic condition in the knee? The giants say no. Other teams say yes. Perhaps Ojulari is the next great Nigerian quarterback to the Giants, following Osi Umeniora, like Ojulari, in the second round, ranked 46th in 2003.

Immediate disappointment when Jalan Waddle and DeVonta Smith disappeared from No. 11 gave way to the first deal for Gettleman in 55 selections leading to a comeback, as did Tony, a front-office player and coaching staff just under two more predicted receivers. Alabama. When the Giants are on the alert after a year of choosing the Bears for the first round – can it be in the top 10? – the real impact of this maneuver will be felt and appreciated.

Suddenly, Gettleman Trader Dave, the sign Judge is now quietly and unofficially leading the show? Of course not. Giants do not pay general managers to serve as lackeys.

“Since the day I came here, we have all worked very well,” the judge said. “It was very open on both sides of the building. This is just one building. “

Gettleman: “I think we have a great collaboration group here. It’s not about me. It’s not about Joe. It’s about the New York football giants. “

The general manager has made bold moves for the present and his plan is to be around in the future to reap the benefits of his work.

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