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“The Brady Bunch” The Darkest Secret is an age-inappropriate romance – but is it true?

As one of the first American comedy films to present a mixed family to viewers, Brady Cup is a television product. Although the last episode aired in 1974, the idealized Brady family still brings comfort to viewers. In addition to shooting many of the young actors and actresses into a star, the show also had a fair share of scandals.

The perfect family on screen family has not always been behind the scenes. Many of the joins and arguments on screen were revealed to fans only much later, including rumors of an age-inappropriate novel.

“The Brady Bunch” is a popular classic TV show

UNDEFINED – JANUARY 01: Photo by Brady Bunch (Photo: Archive of Michael Oaks / Getty Images)

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The family comedy of the 1970s followed the marriage of single parents Mike and Carol Brady and the mixing of their six children: Greg, Marcia, Peter, Ian, Bobby and Cindy. The Alice family’s housekeeper helped the newlyweds keep the mixed household running smoothly despite the daily chaos.

The well-loved show emphasizes old-fashioned values ​​and morals, while covering relevant topics of sibling rivalry, harassment, smoking and more. The classic TV show is so widely known that many of us can recall the story of a beautiful lady and man named Brady. While the series had only five seasons, it was and still is a popular classic.

Who are the stars of “The Brady Bunch”?

Many of the actors and actresses who made up the iconic family of Brady Cup got their big break from the show. Most are best known for their roles in the classic comedy series.

Robert Reed portrayed Mike Brady, the head of the large family, along with his wife Carol, played by Florence Henderson. The Brady boys were played by Barry Williams as the eldest son Greg, Christopher Knight as Peter and Mike Luckinland as Bobby. The three girls Brady, Marcia, Jan and Cindy, were represented by Maureen McCormick, Yves Plumb and Susan Olsen.

The young leading stars made a splash in the entertainment industry with their roles in the legendary show, but some began to resent that they were connected to the family show after losing rougher roles. Another leading role and important part of the Brady family was that of housekeeper Alice, played by Anne B. Davis.

Surprising auditory romance

Romantic novels are not uncommon among stars who work so closely on comedy movies and movies. One of the most surprising rumors of romantic novels from Brady Cup was between Williams and Henderson, reports HuffPost.

Allegations that Henderson and Williams have been in a relationship haunt the happily married mother throughout her life. At the time of filming, Williams was 16 and Henderson was 36, which would have made romance quite unsuitable for his age.

Williams revealed in his memoirs from 1992, Brady grew upthat he really fell in love with his screen mother. He writes: “When these little things called hormones start kicking, you get excited even about inanimate objects. Not that I was trying to lie down. I just wanted to spend time with her. ”

Although Henderson was known to insult the young star, she said things never went beyond employment. One day, the two did go out to dinner. However, since Williams did not have a driver’s license, the two were taken on a “date” by William’s older brother.

According to Biography, Henderson noted the rumors of dating, saying: “I guess in a way it was a date because Barry thought it was. But of course, I had no idea that his intentions were to “meet” me. Still made a good story! “

Henderson’s official statement that the whole thing with her young cast is “blown disproportionately.”

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