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The CDC says this new amusing side effect of the vaccine mainly affects men

Since COVID vaccines were first injected into human hands during clinical trials in the summer of 2020, experts have been closely monitoring patients’ reactions. Most fall into the category of normal side effects that your body experiences as it triggers an immune response, but there are some reactions that cause anxiety, such as the blood clots associated with Johnson and Johnson that cause the vaccine to break down. Recently, another amusing side effect of the vaccine, called myocarditis, has been on the alert for experts ̵

1; and according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), it mainly affects men.

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Myocarditis, which is an inflammation of the heart muscle, has recently emerged as the vaccination era is over to include those over 12 years old. And this is not an immediate reaction. According to the CDC, the adverse effect occurs “mainly in male adolescents and young adults aged 16 years or older … usually within a few days after vaccination against COVID-19”.

Now, a new study published in the medical journal Pediatrics on June 4, analyzed the cases of seven men between the ages of 14 and 19 who received the Pfizer vaccine, who went to the hospital after suffering from chest pain and were diagnosed with myocarditis. The Associated Press reports that all patients were able to return to the hospital in two to six days.

In addition, a June 1 study by the Israeli Ministry of Health looked at 275 reported cases of myocarditis among more than five million vaccinated in the country between December 2020 and May 2021. According to Reuters, the researchers concluded that “there is a likely link between receiving the second dose (by Pfizer) of the vaccine and the occurrence of myocarditis in men aged 16 to 30 years. “The CDC also says that myocarditis is reported more often after the second dose than the first dose.

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In April, the CDC warned health professionals that they had seen several reports of myocarditis in young adults and teenagers who had received an mRNA vaccine. Both Pfizer and Moderna are mRNA vaccines, but currently only Pfizer is approved for people under the age of 16 in the United States. The CDC is currently investigating the potential link between myocarditis and these COVID vaccines, but the agency continues to recommend that all 12 years and older be vaccinated.

The exact number of cases in the United States is unclear. NBC reports that the Department of Defense is investigating 14 cases among the military. So far, there are also 18 cases in Connecticut, seven in New York, three in Idaho, six in Oregon and four in Colorado, resulting in a total of 52.

According to the CDC, signs of myocarditis include chest pain, shortness of breath, and a feeling that you have a fast, throbbing, or beating heartbeat. If you or your child experience any of these side effects within a week of being vaccinated, the agency tells you to seek medical help.

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