This is Starbucks' sixth and last Reas Roastery, an experience dedicated to roasting and brewing Starbucks Reserve coffee from around the world.

CHICAGO – The largest Starbucks in the world opens on Friday in the windy city.

The location will open on November 15 at the Magnificent Mile as the company's sixth and final Reserve Roastery, an immersive, theatrical experience dedicated to roasting and brewing small batches of coffee from around the world.

Somewhere between Willy Wonka's Sanctuary of Beans and Coffee, the Roastery features three coffee bars, a cocktail bar and a selection of food from Princi, the Italian bakery – each with distinctive Chicago glare.

The hourly installment is joining. existing locations in New York, Tokyo, Shanghai, Milan, and Seattle, which opened the first backup roast in 2014. Starbucks Holiday Beverages Returns: Mint Coins, Egg Latte, etc. .

Why Starbucks chose Chicago?

This is not the first time Chicago has claimed the biggest Starbucks in the world or for a company.

The Seattle-based chain opened its first store outside the Pacific Northwest in Chicago in 1987. Then in 1993, Starbucks built its first airport location at O ​​& # 39; Hare International.

A few years later in 1995, Starbucks built a 4,000 square foot location on Rush Street, which was the largest at the time.

"Thi s roastery is a representation of the relationship Starbucks has had with the city of Chicago," Executive Director Kevin Johnson said in a news release Tuesday. "Chicago was a market where we innovate and try new things."

Roastery employs nearly 200 people, many of whom have been appointed by Starbucks locations nationwide. It occupies a five-story, 35,000-square-foot, crate and barrel building at the corner of North Michigan Avenue and Erie Street. "It's really a dream for us. The history of the buildings here is very unique," Johnson said.

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Originally built in 1990, the white building was a long-standing frontier of the Magnificent Mile in the city. Jill Enomoto, Vice President of Roastery Design & Concept for Starbucks, said the designers have reproduced the natural light and structure of the building. The Roastery's 56-foot steel beaker, which holds and carries the beans, moves straight through the middle of the glass atrium of the building, while long, thin winding rods transport coffee to each of the bars throughout the rectangular structure.

"All your senses – your sights, your smells, your sound – are wonderful in a building like this," said Crate & Barrel founder Gordon Segal, who co-authored the project with former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz.

Roastery dedicates a "love letter" to Chicago on the fourth floor.

"Chicago, you inspire us. Your people, your city, your architecture, your music, your art. Your neighborhoods and communities," states mural art. "Thank you."

What can visitors visit and drink?

Unlike other places in Starbucks that serve coffee blends, Roastery only serves rare coffees roasted on the spot in small batches. The new venue is expected to be making £ 200,000 a year, in batches of £ 25.

On the ground floor, visitors can watch the coffee roasting process and sample classic espresso drinks from the Reserve coffee bar. As the bakers prepare the beans, visitors can see in real time where they came from, as the old-fashioned click board updates the places. Visitors can also take a dip in the first curved escalator of the Midwest, which offers a 360-degree tour of baking and cooking below.

On the third floor, viewers will spy on a number of flasks, tubes and cylinders in the coffee bar of the Experiment, where the barista boils and brews coffee mixtures.

There is also a barrel-made coffee. On the fourth floor, Bar-Aged Coffee Bar, mixologists create soft-drink coffee beans made from barrels of Knob Creek Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey. (The Roastery marks its ice cubes with the signature "R" and smokes its cold brew to order.)

"An adult barrel bar here in Chicago is the only one of its kind. We are considering this on top of the barrel innovation," said Shiami Ranasing, a Starbucks partner, to whom the coffee giant refers to employees. "It's really the purist expression of coffee innovation. You actually mature green coffee beans in whiskey barrels and convey all these unique flavors."

down the floor, visitors can experience the Arriviamo cocktail bar – too included in New York and Milan – and sample a variety of drinks made by three local mixologists, including Union Stock, Lake Shore, Pour Over Bijou and Roil Boilermaker, which, true to Windy City, includes a shot

Visitors may see sweets circulating the baking of a bread conveyor, but the full selection of Princi foods is only available on the second floor, with limited selection throughout the store. The coffee offers fresh breads, cornets and focaccia, pizza and salads, cakes, cakes, canals and more.

"Everything is special," Italian baker Rocco Princes said of his food on Tuesday.

For those who are in the mood for something cold and sweet, Roastery has a hand-mixed liquid nitrogen gel.

Wind-powered Roastery

The Chicago Roastery Reserve is a LEED-certified building that means it meets building standards for leadership in environmental and energy design. "This is based on our ongoing efforts to deal with the environmental impact and to ensure that we offer our customers coffee in the most sustainable way possible," Starbucks said in a statement.

Earlier this year, Starbucks announced that more than 340 Illinois stores Starbucks are now powered by 100% renewable wind power generated in Illinois – including the backup Roastery, which is the first Starbucks Roastery location to be powered by wind.

Starbucks claims to exercise corporate social responsibility in other ways. Last month, Starbucks announced it plans to invest $ 10 million in four community lenders to boost Chicago's economic opportunity.

Roastery also has several local artists throughout the store, including Mexican-born Chicago-based artist Evloyjo Ortega, who spent two months transforming Roastery's fire escape staircase into a five-story mural depicting coffee farming.

Grand Opening

Starbucks has scheduled the grand opening of the Chicago Roastery Reserve, located at 646 N. Michigan Ave., for 9 a.m. Friday, November 15. .

The location time will be 7am to 11am, Monday to Thursday, 7am to midnight on Friday, 8am to midnight on Saturday, and 8am to 10am. Sunday.


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