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The communities of Nebraska, Iowa are affected by devastating flood damage. Here's what you need to know Saturday Nebraska

As waters continue to devastate parts of the state on Friday, the communities north and northwest of the Omaha subway area suffer more damage.

The floods are already accused of at least one death, and two people are believed to have been missing on Friday afternoon. About a dozen injuries, including two people, have been reported for the first time.

Homes are under water and roads are impassable. People displaced by water have been hiding in hospitals, schools, and other public buildings.

Residents in the region have been evacuated when they break the dikes or rivers overflow their shores.

Columbus (the 1

0th largest city in the state) had only an asphalt road, which had been built in the 19th century, to enter or leave. And after Douglas County said that Q street was closed, this left valley (home of Valmont's factory evacuated as a precautionary measure) is inaccessible by road. With a trusted sign, the eighth largest Norfolk had withdrawn an evacuation order that allowed residents to return to their homes and businesses.

Rita Argintean is one of the many inhabitants of the valley who was preparing for evacuation. The 84-year-old survived two previous floods in the valley but did not stay third. "I hate them," she said. "It's terrible."

Gov. Pete Richtsy has characterized the flood as the worst in the last 50 years.

East Nebraska is probably a few days away from rivers, which will allow people to breathe easily, said David Pearson, a hydrologist at the National Meteorological Service.

Although the Elkhorn River rose on Friday and began to descend, and although Platt seemed to be towering, there was no escape, he said. "The situation remains dangerous and will remain so until we see it. a significant drop, "he said. – It's not like a river that falls into a normal flood. This is like moving from extreme to normal extremes. "

But there is room for optimism, but this is a drop in the amount of ice in Plato. "It's much better," he said. As Platte discards huge amounts of water in the Missouri River, he has pushed the river to record levels.

"Meadows are overtaking, this is already happening," he said. The condition will only get worse.

To check the current flood conditions, click here To see the raw video and photos of the massive flood around the country, click here. Ashland calls for evacuation appeals

Communities north of Ashland have been encouraged to evacuate on Friday evening as water has begun to exceed its levies despite not having an imminent threat. Wann and Big Sandy

"We are issuing a" very recommended "evacuation to these areas to be proactive," the Facebook agency said.

Water levels in nearby Thomas lakes hesitate

Access to communities remained open late on Friday.

From midnight on Friday, the crews have stopped watching the water level for rest.

Douglas County writes some good news on Friday: "Here are today's rescue numbers at 9:40 These numbers will rise and we can not thank our clan command and the first responded enough for their incredible efforts. "

Numbers: 112 adults, five children, 53 dogs, five cats, one rabbit, two birds and two

There is Red Cross

The American Red Cross works with 10 shelters in Nebraska and southwest Iowa to help displaced from their homes because of floods.

Salem United Methodist Church, 14955 Somerset Ave. The Boulfs Council, the Calgary Baptist Church in Glenview, Iowa, the Randy Municipal Center in Missouri Valley, Iowa, the East Central District of Health and the Columbian Federal Church, both in Columbus, Nebraska and Elkhorn; both in Fremont and Pierce High School in Pierce, Nebraska, and the Wood River High School in Wood River, Nebraska.

The Red Cross advises the evacuees to carry the most important things, including prescriptions and emergency drugs; for unusual dietary requirements; identification showing residence in an affected area and important personal documents; extra clothing, pillows, blankets, hygiene accessories and comfort appliances; supplies needed for infants and children such as nappies, formula and toys;

Animals from Gifford, possible flood victims

Several animals at Belfiow's farm in Gifford were omitted on Friday afternoon, after the dive caught up with the outdoor educational center east of the Fontenelle forest. Animal death is not confirmed, according to Kelly Taylor, an office manager for the farm, some employees hoping the animals will find a higher place or go deeper into the nearby forest – but they may die in the water.

Rapidly rising levels of rivers on Friday prompted anxiety in Sarpi County, which was declared a state of emergency on Wednesday. The Sheriff's Office of Sharpe County has urged residents near the Missouri and Plateys to evacuate their homes. The evacuation area included about 2,600 people.

The municipality of Lake Kas wants to evacuate

Residents around Lake Vakonda, a private lake, near the Missouri River near Saedinenie, Nebraska, were asked to evacuate. Sandy Viere, Cass County Emergency Situations Director.

The flood closes the offshore and whaling runway of Ashland Military Training Base

The lonely runway is closed until 13:00 on Tuesday, according to a notice to the Flyers issued by the Federal Aviation Administration. In addition, for the second time in four years, the Ashland Guard Camp, on the banks of the Platt River east of Ashland, was flooded by floods.

The emergency state of the floods was declared for the Douglas County; residents, evacuation of meteorological services

The National Meteorological Service issued a signal in the middle of the morning on Friday and urged people to evacuate immediately, stating that an immediate flood is forthcoming. critical information about the changing flood situation that evacuates itself. The Weather Service in Hastings, Nebraska, took over.

Officials suspect that somewhere there is ice that has backed the river, meteorologist Taylor Nicolasen said.

It's on Friday morning. 21.55 feet. The main stage of the flood is considered to be 21 feet. River level was expected to hit 24 feet later in the day

The Stothert signed a disaster declaration; Wastewater Plant Closed

Omaha Mayor Jean Stotter said on Friday he had signed a local disaster declaration for damage from heavy floods, heavy winds and rains since March 11, hoping to gain access to emergency funds "from all available sources ".

Flooding also made the city of Omaha close the Papillion Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant on Friday morning

While the plant is closed, the wastewater will go into the river without being treated. On average, the plant treats 65 million gallons of wastewater every day.

People should avoid entering the Missouri River near and after the Papillion Creek stream.

The other wastewater treatment plan in the city remains open.

Rickets calls the flood the worst for 50 years

"This is perhaps the most widespread flood damage we have in the last half century, "he told a press conference at Norfolk Airport Friday morning. "Even when we were away from the water system, we saw that the fields were very saturated."

Ricketts walked the Plateau and Lup with a helicopter ride with the Nebraska National Guard and after a short stop in Norfolk, planned to explore the Elkhorn River

Cooper's nuclear plant prepares to shut off

Nebraska State Energy Region prepares to closes Cooper's nuclear station, as Missouri reaches a critical rating of 45.5 feet. From Friday afternoon the river was nearly 45 feet deep near Brownville.

If the plant went into shutdown mode, spokesman Mark Becker said he expects no damage to the nuclear components of the facility.

The Missouri River has pierced a niche between the Offutt Air Force base and Plattsmouth, near the Harlan Lewis Road and La Platte area.

Sarpy District officials encourage residents along the Plate River, the Missouri River to evacuate

that the Plate River has emerged from its northern coast and forces the water over Cottonwood Road in Villa Springs, southeast of Springfield. to avoid clogging. The release of Gavins Point Dam and the floods in central Nebraska affect water levels in Sarpi County

Officials say it may seem to people living in an area bordering on these rivers that the water does not reach them. However, the water may have been washed on the surrounding roads, interrupting the possibility of entering and leaving residential areas.

Access to Fremont blocked due to road closure

United States. Highway 275 between Omaha and Fremont is closed, according to the state patrol in Nebraska. The US Highway 77, north and south of the city, is closed as well as US Highway 30 to the west and east of the city, said City Speaker Lotti Mitchell.

These closures remain in force on Friday.

The southwestern part of the city is still under voluntary evacuation, Mitchell said, as nearby dikes have not yet been violated.

Also on Friday, Dodge County officials are urging residents of the North Bend, about 15 miles west of Fremont, to evacuate.

The evacuated Norfolk residents have the right to return home; Water in Columbus

Norfolk's employees lifted a sigh of relief on Friday after water levels fell a few paces at night, allowing nearly a third of the city to return to their homes and businesses. Norfolk Thursday is still missing. Officials said the search continued.

The floods retreated to Columbus on Friday afternoon. The Plateau Emergency Situation Manager Tim Hoffbauer said that the water had dropped about a foot and dropped significantly upstream of the Lup River. from Friday afternoon.

In the coming days, no additional moisture will be expected to add to the total, except the low snow chance on Monday evening, meteorologist Dave Eastlick said

"We" will probably not see some retreat by the middle or end of next week, "he said.

Westerlock stressed that drivers should not make water for their own safety and avoid tying up to the first response resources

. an army corps expects the Missouri River in Omaha to rise to a height of 33.7 feet by Sunday, but the Omaha authorities said the river is not expected to compromise 13 miles from the level it controls.

The Bob Kere Pedestrian Bridge is closed because of the floods on the bridge by the Council of Bluffs

Numerous water rescues; some hospitalized in Missouri Valley, Iowa

In Missouri Valley, Iowa, two residents were taken to a local hospital in a critical condition after being exposed to cold water during the rescue.

At a Shell Creek near Columbus, a farmer was driving a tractor to help the driver Brian Tumma, Assistant Director of the Emergency Management Agency in Nebraska

The farmer was later identified as a farmer by Columbus James Wilke. When he learned that the rising water floods kept the driver on a nearby provincial street early on Thursday, he dropped his tractor and went to help despite the wind and the rain.

Led by the volunteers, Wilke walked down to the monastery. The Road And The Bridge Over Shell Creek

But the bridge collapsed under the weight of the tractor, throwing the 50-year-old in the submerged stream. After a frenzied search from neighbors, his body was found downstream about nine hours later, near his own farm.


Firefighters rescued after the boat overturned in a rescue attempt near Arlington

Two boats with five firefighters and two drivers reversed on Thursday evening as they tried to save people in Dodge County near the Elkhorn River.

A number of helicopters were summoned to assist in the southwest of Arlington.

Nebraska Submerged Roads

The floods have seriously affected travel in the areas around Omaha and northeastern Nebraska.

The highway 34 bridge across the Missouri River north of Platsmouth was closed late on Friday morning due to breakage. The road was closed off highway 75 east, near the border of Sharp and Cass County.

Most state highways in northern and northeast Nebraska also have some closures due to floods.

Click here to view the Nebraska Department

In Iowa, Interstate 29 is closed and there are in-situ outbreaks due to floods. I-680 between the Mormon Bridge and I-29 is also closed.

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Emergency lines open around the state

The state patrol line for state patrols in Nebraska is available 24 hours a day for drivers in need of assistance. Drivers can reach the NSP by dialing * 55 from each mobile phone or 911 in case of emergency.

The shelters were opened in Nebraska and they all revealed that they serve around 700 people. For more information on agencies that join together to help flood victims and first responders, click here. Writers of World-Herald Staff Alia Conley, Kelsey Stewart, Chris Peters, Erin Grace, Blake Ursh, Steve Lee, Nancy Gaarder, Rhys Ristaway, Susan Szalewski and Roseann Moring contributed to this report from the World Herald News Service.