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The demoted house officially condemns Trump's remarks, which are considered "racist" after a dramatic struggle against Pelosi

The House of Representatives, controlled by the Democrats, adopted a resolution Tuesday evening condemning President Trump's "racist" remarks this weekend – although the moment was overshadowed by a dramatic fighting earlier in the day that ended with a hearing Parliament Speaker Nancy Pelosi

The unexpected chaos in Congress, which briefly led to the withdrawal of Pelosi's privileges to speak to Parliament, left commentators and MPs stunned. "So the Democrats vote to break the rules of the home and the likeness so that they can call Trump with decency." Surrealist Wall Street Journal columnist Kimberly Schrassel.

The final resolution, entitled "Resolution 489 – Condemns President Tramp's racist comments to Congress members, adopted by 240-187 votes, all Democrats voted yes, and Republicans joined them: Representatives Brian Fitzpatrick , Will Hurd, Fred Upton and Susan Brooks, and the other Republicans have voted in. The resolution states that "President Donald Trump's racist comments have legitimized the fear and hate of new Americans and people in color." The document mentions Thomas Jefferson, Ale Saddam Hamilton and James Madison and quoted luminaries as Benjamin Franklin, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, President John Kennedy and President Ronald Reagan, and fix the "corrupt" and "infected" places they came from and then "come back and show us how "He later affirmed that he was referring to the representatives of Alexandria Occasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tileb and Ayana Pressley, all of whom, with the exception of Omar, were born in the United States.

AOC SQUAD But what the leaders of the Democrats imagined as a moment of democratic unity was a striking manifestation of disarray. T

t While Pelosi has spoken in favor of the floor resolution, she uses frank and indecent terms for Trump's comments – and soon becomes the story itself.

"There is no room for the President's words that not only divide but dangerous – and they have legalized and raised fear and hatred for new Americans and people in color, says Pelosi, California." It's so sad because you think there will be something we could say universally in this body, just to say, "Of course, of course."

Pelosi continued, her voice rising: Every member of this institution, Democratic and Republican, must to join us in condemning the President's racist tweets, but to do something less b was shocking rejection of our values ​​and shameful rejection of our oath to protect the American people. I call for a unanimous vote and a return to the balance of my time. "

The Republic of Georgia, Doug Collins, stood up to challenge her and demand that her words be" overthrown. "" The unusual reproach is the first of its kind, including a member of the Congress and President of Parliament in decades.

Collins immediately stood up and asked if Pelosi wanted to "reformulate this comment."

with the parliamentarians before I read them, "Pelosi said before going to applaud.

"Can I ask the words to be downloaded?" I order the words that the lady's words are non-parliamentary and will be removed, "Collins

Fox News says Collins has used Rule XVII of the Rules of the Home clause 1 (B). This rule requires the remarks of the word "to be limited to the question that is being debated by avoiding the personality."

"The President will remind all members, please, please do not make person-based comments," Clever said. Collins then repeated his request to raise Pelosi's comments. More than 30 minutes after Collins' objection, the members of the Chamber were pressed against parliamentarian Thomas Thomas, Wickham Jr. to determine the next steps. Then Pelosi left the floor of the house, which in itself constituted a violation of the rules of the home when some words were removed and the members had to sit on the floor when the words of one of their members were struck. when the chairman, Mr. Emanuel Cleaveur, D-Mo., told the delegates after the long meeting that he was trying to make a fair decision whether Pelosi violated the rules of the House governing decency but the people were not G. Clever explained to Fox News that he felt Pelosi. "CONWAY BLASTS DEMS" "THE MAN'S DISCUSSION, EXPLORE THE" SHOULD NEVER HAVE "WITH HAIR OF A MAN OP-ED CLICK just said," I'm leaving the chair, "and I left – a moment without an obvious precedent in Congressional history. The Republic of North Carolina DG Butterfield, also a Democrat, took over the presidency before Hoyer took the reins.

Hoyer eventually took over the chair at Pelosi's request so that the leader of the Democrats, not the rank-member, could take over In the end, Hoyer read the decision of the parliamentarian, based on a precedent on 15 May 1984, the Pelosi language did not meet the standard.

"The words used by the Lady from California contain an accusation of racial behavior on the part of the President," Hoyer said, confirming the decision of the Parliamentarian of Parliament and technically forbidding Pelosi to speak on the floor of the house for the rest of the day.

"Words should not be used in the debate," said Hoyer. , including Hoyer, quickly voted on party lines to restore Pelosi's privileges and keep his comments effectively by rejecting parliamentarians.

The 1984 precedent came after Republican Newt Gingrich, then a congressman from Georgia, sparred with the then president. Type O'Neill, a Democrat from Massachusetts. O'Neill noted: "My personal opinion is this: you deliberately stood in this long before an empty house and challenged these people, and you challenged their Americanism, and that's the lowest thing I've seen in thirty-two years in

the Parliamentary Assembly stated at the time that the use of the word "lowest" was an inappropriate language and O'Neill's words were abolished

Collins, in a statement late Tuesday, condemned the Democrats for

"The Democrats admitted that her words had violated the rules of decency, the rules themselves, which o ensure every voice of democracy, can be heard when you do the business of the people, "Collins said." However, each member of the Democrats voted against striking her words from the record. This repeats Parliament's award because it is a symptom and a catalyst for a healthy, secure democracy. I hope we will restore that trust soon and even further with respect for the American people, who has sent elected representatives, including the president, to represent them in Washington. "

But the Democrats personally told Fox News that the Chamber's rules were technically violated all the time, and that the Republicans just wanted to distract them from Tramp's remarks.

In addition to other volumes, Parliament uses Thomas Jefferson's "Parliamentary Practice Handbook" as a test stone for Domestic operations even today.

Parliament also relies on the Canadian Ancestral Book, the author of Missouri's latest Miss Clarence Cannon, a Democrat. k says that "personal criticism, insinuation, mockery and conditions of dishonesty" are out of order in the hall.

Republican house leaders meanwhile said that outrage over Trump's comments is "all about politics." Meanwhile, the organizations have categorically cited Trump's comments as "racist" without acknowledging the dispute over the issue.

Senator South Carolina GP Lindsey Graham told Fox & Friends that Progressive Representatives are a "bunch of Communists," and accuses Omar of being an anti-Semitic. Few more than a dozen MPs have condemned Trump's comments.

Omar was previously criticized by prominent members of both parties for making remarks widely considered anti-Semitic. In March this year, the Democratic House adopted a two-party resolution that indirectly condemned Omar's repeated "anti-Semitic" and "degrading" comments, including some of them claiming Jewish politicians in the US were bought and paid.

The House's last resolution after the days of the Democratic struggle does not actually mention Omar by name, and instead condemns the fanaticism of "all sorts".

Omar also mentions September 11, when "some people did something," Ranjira Trump and the Republicans who called the remarks seemingly insensitive.

"We all know that [AOC] and this crowd is a bunch of Communists, they hate Israel, hate our own country, call on our border guards – the border patrol agents – the guards of the concentration camps," Graham said. Republicans have condemned the President's remarks, including Senator Liza Murkovski, R-Alaska, who writes: "There is no excuse for the presidential Ideal comments – they were absolutely unacceptable and that should stop. "

After the final vote on Tuesday's resolution, Texas Rep Al Al Greene, a Democrat, again introduced articles on impeachment against Trump. Omar and Tleib, at a press conference Monday, urged Tramp to be beheaded, stating that he was "credibly accused" of a criminal agreement with the Russians – despite the controversial results of the investigation by Special Adviser Robert Muller

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Green said their revived impeachment efforts are related to Trump's comments this weekend. Immunity resolution is privileged, which means it goes to the front of the legislative line. It will be reviewed either on Wednesday or Thursday.

However, it is not guaranteed that there will be voting on the voting rights of members of impeachment. The house can move to the table or cancel the Green measure. That is why voting is not about removing the president, but whether to kill or leave the lands of impeachment. The vote is two steps away from the actual meeting. Chad Pergram and Ron Blizer contributed to this report.

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