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The development of the anthem, BioWare for focusing on Dragon Age, Mass Effect, is stopped

After more than a year of interior repairs at Anthem, EA and BioWare have decided to stop developing an action RPG for 2019 and move on to other projects.

In a statement written today by executive producer Christian Daly, he explained that the decision to give up work on Anthem was motivated by a mixture of the impact of COVID-19 and the desire to focus on other BioWare projects, such as Dragon Age and Mass Effect. .

“However, 2020 was a year unlike any other, and although we continue to make progress on all of our gaming projects at BioWare, working from home during the pandemic affected our productivity, not everything we had planned as a studio. before COVID-1

9 could be achieved without putting undue stress on our teams, “he wrote.

“I know it’s going to be frustrating for the anthem community, who are excited to see the improvements we’re working on. It’s also frustrating for the team that did a brilliant job. And for me personally, the anthem brought me to BioWare, and the last two years have been some of the most challenging and rewarding experiences of my career.

“Developing games is difficult. Solutions like these are not easy. Going forward, we need to focus our efforts as a studio and strengthen the next titles of Dragon Age and Mass Effect, while continuing to provide quality updates to Star Wars: The Old Republic. . “

The Daily also notes that Anthem’s existing live service will continue to operate as it does now for the foreseeable future.

The anthem was played rocky, tormented by mistakes and criticism that although its battle was interesting, its story was grim and its final game had no chops to keep the game going in the long run. As the game stumbled in 2019, EA eventually chose to overhaul the anthem at the end of 2019, taking more than a year to completely change the game’s core cycle and systems such as loot, quests and social elements. Earlier this month, EA reviewed the state of the game and subsequently called for an end to development at that time.

In an exclusive interview with IGN, EA studio CEO Laura Miele offered her thoughts on closing the anthem development, contrasting the decisions EA made regarding the overhaul of the game with those made in Star Wars: Battlefront 2 Battlefront 2 was successfully reconstructed after launch based on community feedback, if not perhaps as dramatic as the anthem was planned.

“What is really important for Battlefront 2 is that we said we would do something,” Miele explained. “We made a commitment to the players and we had to act on what we said we would do, so our teams are clear if we publicly say we will do something we have to deliver. Creating new game content may also come. natural conclusion for various reasons, and when that happens, we try to be as transparent as possible with the community and explain why. “

Miele then cited the launch of the Battlefront 2 community as an example, saying that although the game community requested more content after launch, in addition to what DICE would deliver, the studios had this feedback in mind for future Star Wars games. .

In contrast, while Anthem also has a community that is interested in rebuilding it, Miele says that ultimately the best solution based on the resources available to BioWare is to focus on developing its other games instead of this.

“We have believed in the Anthem at every turn, we have invested in this game for almost a decade and we are proud of the work that the team has done,” Miele said. “Starting with the launch of the game two years ago, the BioWare team listened to player feedback and made updates and improvements to the game.

“However, 2020 and 2021 are unprecedented years in terms of game development, so we need to prioritize both the experience of the players and what is best for the people working on these games. We want to make sure that BioWare is able to focus on making the next Dragon Adult and Mass Effect games the best they can be, while continuing to provide quality updates to [Star Wars: The Old Republic]. This is ultimately the best way we can be of service to our players by focusing on these favorites and meeting community expectations.

“The anthem was a creative risk and its challenges taught us a lot about game design and even how we can improve our development process. It’s not only good for developers, but also for players.”

Miele talks at length about EA’s connection to its gaming communities and its adaptation goals based on fan feedback and the rest of our interview, which you can read here.

Rebecca Valentine is an IGN news reporter. You can find her on Twitter @duckvalentine.

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