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The doctor dies from Kovid at the request of a wild vaccine

A doctor firmly against the Covid vaccine succumbed to the virus after a positive test.

Dr. Stephen Caranja died on April 29 after being admitted to a hospital in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi, when he began to suffer from symptoms.

Dr. Karanja, head of the Kenya Association of Catholic Physicians, was criticized before his death for “misleading” Kenyans not to take the coronavirus vaccine.

In a letter to citizens shared on Twitter, Dr. Karanja acknowledged that Covid-19 brought with it unprecedented new challenges for the healthcare industry, but called on people to rethink the vaccine.

Dr. Stephen Caranja warns citizens about the coronavirus vaccine.  Source: Twitter

Dr. Stephen Caranja warns citizens about the coronavirus vaccine. Source: Twitter

“It is also clear that there are party interests that seem to tend to protect some important truths from the forefront at the expense of human life,” he wrote in a letter dated March 3, a day after the arrival of more than a million AstraZeneca vaccines in Kenya.

“We know for sure that there are drugs that have been re-prescribed and used effectively to treat Covid-19. We also know that vaccination for this disease is completely unnecessary, which makes the motivation to doubt.”

Dr Karanja added in the letter that the Covid vaccine “should not be given”.

“We urge all people in Kenya to avoid taking this vaccine,” he said.

Instead, the doctor advised Kenyans to visit a hospital at the beginning of early intervention symptoms to prevent mortality.

He approved treatments such as hydroxychloroquine, which is used to treat malaria, and ivermectin, which is used to treat parasitic infestations.

In March, videos of Dr. Karanja that nourished the treatment were posted on Facebook.

“Covid-19 can be treated. The following drugs are the ones that can be used because they are available, they are cheap and can be found at any time in Africa, Kenya and other countries,” he said in one from the videos.

“The spine is a drug called Ivermectin, commonly used for worms, but it is very important in the treatment of Covid-19.

“The other drug is hydroxychloroquine, the so-called HCQ. When used in conjunction with 50 milligrams of zinc, it arms zinc, which kills the Covid-19 virus.”

The doctor claims that the vaccinations were

The doctor claims that vaccinations are “completely unnecessary”. Source: Getty

AFP Fact Check reports that Catholic bishops in Kenya have distanced themselves from Dr. Karanja’s views and supported the vaccines.

He added that none of Dr. Karanja’s alternative treatments had been scientifically proven to beat Covid, and a WHO spokesman for the regional office in Africa told AFP that the claim was “not based on scientific evidence”.

Dr. Karanja was known for his conflicting views, speaking out against the HPV vaccine against cervical cancer for schoolgirls in 2019 and the fight against abortion.

According to Johns Hopkins University, Kenya has registered about 159,000 cases since the beginning of the pandemic and 2,700 deaths.

To date, about 853,000 doses of vaccines have been administered in the country.

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