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The Dragon Ship Carcass at SpaceX arrives at the space station – Spaceflight Now

The Dragon capsule is in the hands of the robotic hand of the space station on Saturday. Credit Space: NASA TV / Spaceflight Now

SpaceX Dragon's shipping ship arrived at the International Space Station on Saturday, carrying a new docking mechanism, a space walker suit and a 3D bio-printer to test the possibility of producing human tissue in microgravity . 19659003] Astronaut Nick Haygh, in control of the Canadian automated arm of the space station, fought the Dragon ship on Saturday when the complex rose 267 miles (429 kilometers) south of South America's south coast

In the spacecraft Dragon "We have supplied 2 092 kilograms of supplies, equipment and research for the crew of the six crew members of the expedition 60.

" I want to congratulate the team around the world who makes the delivery of a vehicle. Proz to the station of science and cargo, and the things that keep us, so the mission goes on, "Hag said in the rendition of the mission.

Ground controllers took command of the robotized hand later Saturday to maneuver the spacecraft Dragon "to the port port of the Space Station's Harmony module, where 16 bolts closed to firmly link the cargo ship to the orbital research post.

The Dragon Spacecraft arrived in its destination on Saturday is on its third mission. After the first trips in orbit in 2015 and 2017. This is the first time SpaceX has flown the "Dragon" capsule three times.

The automated freight carrier took off on Thursday at the top of the Falcon 9 from Cape Canaveral. I have about 5000 pounds of science, critical spare parts, food, and other items on this flight, including the International Docking Adapter No. 3, "said Bill Sckt, NASA's deputy head of space transportation integration. launch a press conference. "We really look forward to this. This is an important part of the hardware for the future of the ISS, as it sets the stage for how we will operate commercial vehicles for the crew and our partners in the future.

The third international docking or IDA-3 crew crew of the crew of Crew Dragon and Starliner, developed by SpaceX and Boeing.

IDA-3 was built by Boeing to replace a lost unit during SpaceX launch in 2015. SpaceX successfully delivered IDA-2 to the station in 2016. The new docking mechanism was first used in March by the spacecraft ship a SpaceX's Crew Dragon on an unmanned test flight before employees clear the astronauts to ride the vehicle. the spare parts remaining from the first two blocks.

The robotic arm of the space station will pull IDA-3 from the Dragon's non-pressurized steering compartment and place it in the zenith of Harmony's space station harbor in mid-August, allowing Boeing Starliner and SpaceX capsules to are parked at the station simultaneously using two separate adapters. "When we rotate the crews through the vehicle, they want to have time to hand over face-to-face, so the solution to these two port vehicles is very important," said Seth.

The new docking mechanisms are designed to be coupled to the spaceships of the space owl. Crew Dragon and Starliner space crew use different shuttle docking system

Two astronauts will head off the station next month to complete the connections between the IDA-3 and the Harmony module.

The third international docking adapter, designed to accommodate commercial crew vehicles built by Boeing and SpaceX, was loaded into the trunk of SpaceX's Dragon cargo ships in June. Yours sincerely: NASA / Isaac Watson

A habitat with 40 female mice is also launched into the SpaceX Dragon spacecraft. The capsule will return to Earth from its monthly mission with 20 of the mice, and the mice will be given to medical and biological researchers to explore how space flight has affected the muscles, bones, immunities and animal organs.

The other 20 mice will remain at the station to undergo longer exposure to microgravity.

NASA also puts a space suit inside the Draco Hermetic Ship Module for use by astronauts in space walks.

  • £ 2,628 (1,192 kilograms)
  • Crew Supplies: 514 pounds (233 pounds)
  • Here is a breakdown of the cargo aboard the Dragon Spacecraft: Crew: 394 Kilograms
  • ] Vehicle Hardware: £ 359 (157kg)
  • Computer Resources: £ 17 (17kg)
  • 1177kg (534kg)

] Other positions to the station in the Dragon Pressure Compartment include a 3D biofeedback facility developed by Techshot, an Indian-based company, to demonstrate the soft human print us in microgravity, which researchers believe to be a step towards a potential production of organs for transplant patients.

SpaceX's spacecraft ship has delivered Techshot's 3D biofire tool, which is visible here on earth to demonstrate technology for the production of artificial human tissues in space. Credit: Techshot

Goodyear Tire and Rubber Co. also has an experiment on the ship to supply Dragon. The tire manufacturer will study the formation of silicon dioxide fillers, ordinary material used in consumer tires, in the midst of microgravity of Earth's orbit.

"Goodyear is a pioneer in the innovation of space-related tires, the first and only tires of the moon, numerous NASA projects and now," says Eric Miscner, Director of Goodyear Global Materials Science, in a press release . "This highlights our passion for the ends of the earth – and beyond – to develop new technologies that help us achieve revolutionary products with a real benefit to consumers."

The results of the space station experiment can improve fuel efficiency and others according to Goodyear

Japanese scientists have also sent an experiment to grow moss in space, trying to compare how the plant grows in space with its behavior on Earth . Mosses can be used as a source of food or oxygen for future space missions such as Moon or Mars bases.

The mission is SpaceX's 18th flight to supply the space station with a $ 3.04 billion NASA freight contract. Concluded in 2008, the transaction covered 20 supply missions.

SpaceX also has NASA's separate multi-billion contracts for additional supplies in early 2020, as well as Dragon 2 crew or Dragon 2, designed to carry both freight and astronauts.

The upgraded Dragon 2 vehicle can go directly to the space station without relying on the robotic hand to catch it. SpaceX intends to begin using a Dragon 2 cargo design similar to the crew's human dragon design for next year's missions to deliver Dragon's current design. Saturday's station is scheduled to deviate from the international research complex on August 27 and head for scattering in the Pacific Ocean, returning home with research specimens and another suit that requires repairs. Follow Steven Clark on Twitter: @ StephenClark1 .

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