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The Empire Why is Terrence Howard refusing to act?

We have to wonder how many untrustworthy answers there are today when an actor says they are "withdrawing". We've heard it countless times from actors, pop stars and even politicians. In many cases, they come back, sometimes larger than previously achieved.

The last actor to say he is retiring is Terence Howard, who is currently working on the last season of the empire. While the show has been through a very difficult time lately after the debate with Jussi Smolet, Howard seems to have enough power to pretend to other people.

In a recent message Howard said that he would no longer act in everything and wanted to focus on presenting the truth to the world.

Perhaps the bad experiences of The Empire prompt Terence Howard to act immediately

  to Terence Howard at the Fox Empire premiere.
Terence Howard | Jason Kempin / Getty Images

Before the hit of the Smollett case, Empire really overcame the barriers to Fox in exploring the life of the Hip-Hop dynasty. When it came to light that Smolet had apparently pled his hate crime as an act of self-promotion, it cast the entire cast in secret. They are reported to have been inspired after trusting all of Smolet's confidence and realizing that they were probably betrayed.

There's no way of knowing if Howard made this act so cynical that he decided to shut things down. He has not yet said what the real reasons are. According to Page Six, he promotes a website that deals with something weird, if tempting.

On Howard's Instagram page last month, he posted a cryptic math-related message saying that in order to find the truth in our world, we need to look for our insufficient mathematical approaches. At one time he called this terrology.

If you've done this, you're probably not alone. All of this is part of a site that Howard begins to show the true way the universe works.

It can be incredible anguish to find meaning in life before resuming acting.

Based on Howard's above message and website, it's safe to assume that he is trying to find meaning in life. He is not the only person who is probably feeling lost right now in a world with his head down.

This is not necessarily new if you go to other famous people who went on a Saturday to try to refresh themselves mentally. Any actor who says they retire forever is usually kidding.

Regardless, you can count the number of people in the entertainment world who have said they retire and stay that way. Those who have left in recent years need not be written off for a return, such as Rick Moranis.

Age and raising family factors in many retirement decisions, but Howard is only 50 years old. His retirement announcement seems too hasty given that he was once nominated for an Oscar and can still do some important things in the world after the Empire .

Pensions are risky due to the forgetfulness of society, but sometimes a strong second wind Being away for just a few years can usually mean successful mistakes, especially if you've been in enough projects to list people to remember.

The bigger problem is how long it takes to build backups after you've been away as an actor for a while. One could easily argue that women have this more rigorously simply because Hollywood has always done badly for decades than men.

Another problem is the crying wolf scenario of retirement announcement, and then there are many errors to contradict. Music stars are one of the biggest examples of this and it makes every other retirement announcement look like a joke.

Let's still keep track of what Howard does next. If he were to discover the secret of how the universe works, we would see that going back to our actions would be totally pointless in finding the truth in the world.

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