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The famous actor expressing Tenzin in “The Legend of Bark”

The legend of Cora is a follow – up series to Avatar The last lord of the air, co-created by the same brilliant and worldly minds, Brian Koniecko and Michael Dante DiMartino. The show, now available on Netflix, follows the wayward, ruthless and battle-ready Korra as she works to master spirituality, air bending, change and balance as she carries the weight of the world on her shoulders.

The legend of Cora
“The Legend of Bark” Tiffany Rose / Getty images for Nickelodeon

Like Aang, Korra has help when it comes to conflicts and internal dilemmas. Friends and family surround the Avatar and she receives much guidance and wisdom from Master Tenzin. So who is Tenzin, what is his value to the series, and who voices the shrewd protagonist in the original Nickelodeon?

Who is Tenzin in The Legend of Bark?

Tenzin is the oldest living master of aviation and is the first son of Avatar Aang and the Katatata water band. He lives on Air Temple Island with his wife and children and works to teach his children the ways of Air Nomad. Because without it, the air heritage and way of life will be lost.

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Tenzin takes Corra to teach her to fly in the first season. She becomes one with his family, despite Tenzin’s initial reluctance to host such a rebellious teenager. Although Korra already has a strong grip on fire, water and earth, it fights air bending – probably because the element directly contradicts the fierce and fiery disposition.

Tenzin is a wise man who not only aims to teach Cora an aerial occasion, but focuses on how to look at the world, how to see situations from multiple perspectives, and what it takes to make decisions as an Avatar. He is smart, compassionate and present. Man is like a wise old owl who also knows how to take down the bad guys.

JK Simmons voices Tenzin

JK Simmons voices Tenzin in The legend of Cora. His deep and instructive voice is perfect for the character, who is so selfless and heartfelt, but also quite fearless and determined. Simmons gives a commanding character to the character, while deviating from the vicious sound, often inherent in deep tones.

Recently, Simmons played a criminal behind bars in the series Apple TV + Defending Jacob, and he is known for his involvement in a handful of major blockbusters and television productions.

Simmons played J. Jonah Jameson in the direction of Toby Maguire Spider Man franchise, won an Oscar for his supporting role in Whip, and he participated in Juno, The Closer, Up in the Air, Thank you for smoking, and more.

In short, Simmons probably wanted a role in a series of distant cultural influences and social reflections. As someone who probably has the freedom to choose his roles, Simmons has probably seen the maturity and depth of thought inherent in the show (and his character in particular).

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