Some dogs may say before they do get sick, according to a study.

What's in your dog's diet can be a factor in whether they develop heart disease, according to a new FDA report. between certain diets and cases of dilated cardiomyopathy, known as DCM or canine heart disease, which may lead to congestive heart failure.

The agency first announced the investigation in July 2018. The announcement Thursday called 16 pet food brands, most commonly identified in more than 500 reported cases.

potentially life-threatening disease such as DCM, "said Stephen M. Solomon, director of the FDA's Center for Veterinary Medicine. "That's why the FDA is committed to continuing our joint research on the possible link between DCM and some pet foods." Study finds dogs can have developed with "dog eyes" The report says that large and giant breeds of dogs are most commonly affected , the cases being most common in gold retrievers, mixed breeds and Labrador retrievers. There have been cases of smaller breeds, suggesting a "lack of a genetic link", the report notes.

In most cases, dogs have eaten dry formulations. ingredients or characteristics of the dog diet. More than 90% of the diets are "without grain" and 93% are peas and / or lentils. The report notes that the FDA still does not know how certain diets may be related to the disease.

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health care, "the agency said. "In the case of DCM, the agency has an obligation to be transparent with the pet owner of the frequency with which some brands have been reported."

Here are the marks and how many cases have been reported to the FDA each:

  • Acana : 196
  • Zignature: 64
  • Wildlife Taste: 53
  • Wildlife: 32
  • Nature Natural: 15
  • Nature Natural: 15
  • Natural Balance: 15
  • Orijen: 12
  • Nature: 11
  • Nutsource: Ray Nutrish: 10

What follows

The FDA encourages veterinarians to report cases using their electronic safety reporting portal or by calling the FDA Consumer Complaints FDA Coordinator

. contact your veterinarian as soon as possible if "the dog shows possible signs of DCM or elsewhere Cardiac disease, including reduced energy, coughing, difficulty breathing and collapse episodes," the report said.

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