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The feature that most likely will make me buy iPhone 11

I do not think it's likely to buy iPhone 11. My plan so far has been to last another year with my iPhone X.

iPhone XS did not offer enough to convince me. to improve last year, and rumors for this year have made the 2019 sounds a sound more like another S year. With a much bigger update in 2020, including support for 5G, the reasonable plan seemed to wait until then.


That is, the third, wide-angle camera will have a lot of interesting software support.

This extra space will be captured by a camera capable of shooting wide

Aside from being used as a creative option for photos and movies, this wide-angle "iPhone 11" camera will activate a feature called Smart Frame that captures the area around the frame in pictures and videos so that the user can adjust the framing or perform automatic correction of perspective and crops in the mail. Additional information will be retained for a limited period of time and will be automatically discarded for the following reasons for reasons of privacy. So much that my iPhone is my standard camera. It now takes a long time to use a special camera, such as visiting a new city for the first time. But on a recent trip to Boston – somewhere several times ago – I just used my iPhone.

Given that my phone is my main camera, any significant new camera will always be tempting. In fact, the ability to adjust the apparent depth of sharpness after taking a picture was one of the features of the iPhone XS, which I found somewhat tempting. The Smart HDR and the increased dynamic range in the video were two other XS features that hit my eye. The picture above and the gallery below are all pictures taken with a wide angle lens (in this case Sigma 10-20mm on Nikon D3). None of these photos would be possible on any of the current iPhone.

Adding a wide-angle lens would make the iPhone a much more versatile camera. But wide-angle pictures come with a drawback: distortion. At the far end of the fish eye lens, this distortion is dramatic, making the horizons appear to be seriously distorted. You may like the effect (it's an artistic choice), but you'll usually have to fix it in something like Photoshop.

And that's what iPhones this year seems to automate. in post

If my reading of this is correct, it will be optional – applied after you take the picture if you want – but automatically. the artificial depth of field control, there really is not much that you can not do with the iPhone. At this point I could afford to leave a standalone camera at home, even when I was traveling somewhere new for the first time. we will find "buy iPhone 11" on my list of tasks this year.

Photos: Fish-eye: Shutterstock . Others: Ben Lavjoy.

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