The Pinehaven fire started on Tuesday afternoon, November 1

7, 2020, amid a strong wind storm.

Renault newspaper

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A fire that burned in the area of ​​the Kaulin Ranch in West Reno threatened structures and forced evacuations on Tuesday afternoon.

The fire, called the Pinehaven fire, started on Tuesday afternoon.

It is one of four fires in the area, including two near Doyle and Chillcote on the California border north of Renault and another smaller fire stopped by crews in Spanish Springs.

A strong wind council also applies to the larger areas of Reno, Carson City and Minden, along with Virginia City.

The electricity was cut off in the area of ​​the Kaulin ranch. Caughlin Ranch Elementary also has a code yellow lock.

Here’s all we know at the moment about the fire:

How big is the fire in Reno?

The fire in Pinehaven has risen to 1,500 acres.

Where is Pinehaven’s fire now?

The Pinehaven fire burned in the Kaulin Ranch area, but has now spread to areas of the valley near Gibraltar Drive and McCarran Boulevard.

The fire also affected the following areas:

  • crossed McCarran Boulevard
  • Cashill Boulevard
  • Skyline Boulevard

Drivers should avoid these areas.

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When did the fire at the Kaulin Ranch start?

The fire broke out on Tuesday at around 1 pm in Western Reno.

Are the structures endangered?

Reno city officials say the fire threatens 500 structures.

When will the wind stop in Renault ?: The National Weather Service says it may be hours

Have any structures been destroyed?

At least five homes burned in a neighborhood east of McCarran Boulevard near Skyline Boulevard, according to RGJ photographer Jason Bean, who is on site.

Many homes also burn beans and strong winds do not recede. He also says firefighters tried to save a home but had to leave before the roof collapsed.

What evacuation orders are there?

Renault firefighters want people from the following areas to evacuate:

  • Pinehaven Road
  • The road to the mountain

New evacuation messages have been sent to Ridgeview, according to RECOMM:

  • Ridgeview (BellaSierra Ct & Vista View) and east of this location
  • Southeast of Manzanita and around Stanley Lake
  • Both sides of Ridgeview

Reno Fire boss David Cochran asked that residents avoid the area while the crews fight the fire.

Where can residents be evacuated?

An evacuation center was established by the Red Cross in Washo County Senior Center, which is located at 1155 E. 9th St. in Reno.

The center cannot offer shelter for common people due to COVID and people must stay in their cars in the car park until further notice.

Does the fire in Reno cause a power outage?

NV’s energy, from 14:00, cut off the power supply in areas near the fire.

The Caughlin Ranch area is located in code 89519 and the power supply to 2167 customers has been cut off there.

Does primary school affect Kaulin’s ranch?

UPDATE: The WCSD said some students could not be picked up by their parents due to road situations caused by the fire. The students who can’t take it are at Renault High School.

Students who go to high school in Renault must be there by 4:30, and parents must bring a mask and ID card to take.

The school currently has a security code with a yellow lock due to the fire.

The school police reacted to the school, but at the moment the school is not endangered by the flame.

Parents are asked to take their children.

Nevada fire map

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