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The first major patch of Outriders will make the trickster nervous

trickster outriders patch one

Screenshot: People can fly / Square Enix

The first basic patch for Outsiders will be available next week, developer People Can Fly has revealed blog post today. If you have been waiting for general repairs regarding the connectivity and wipes of the inventory, you will still have to wait. But, hey, at least the coolest class gets serious nerves.

Yes, the Trickster, this cunning class that possesses temporary cosmic magic and can be teleported across battlefields as if on a walk in the park, takes on a strong force. The main wait for Twisted Rounds, the ammunition’s ability to cause bullets to do exponential damage, will jump from 16 to 25 seconds. Some abilities that can increase the power of Twisted Rounds will also get hit: Three knots on the Trickster character’s tree – destructive firepower, Scion of Power and Outrider Executioner – will reduce its power from 50% to 35%.

People Can Fly doesn’t just make the trickster nervous. Now Technomancer will inflict 15% additional damage against poisoned enemies (this figure used to be 30%). At the same time, the tree node of the character of Pyromancer’s Trial of Ashes will be reduced by the same amount.

In the meantime, you will no longer be able to obtain legendary weapons from multiple cashing missions of historian, head hunting and monsters.

“Although we understand the satisfaction that this type of power can bring, at the moment it significantly exceeds our wildest expectations and therefore we must reduce it,” the developer wrote.

People can also fly he says there are no plans in the works to include player-against-player mode Outsiders.

Address of today’s blog post the insidious question of handkerchiefs for inventorywhere some players come in just to find that their entire hard-won facility is missing The good news: The fix is ​​really coming and will probably be a one-time event, so you don’t have to go through an individual session with a customer service representative. The bad news: People Can Fly says it will probably only be able to recover epic and legendary weapons, and that some weapons may come back from the dead with various statistics – a TBA date when this fix will be released.

A remarkable absence in today’s notes: the issue of cross-game on the PC console. During the demonstration, players from different platforms could come together, although it wasn’t exactly smooth. You can enter sessions, but players are often dropped out and sometimes the sessions overflow. Square Enix narrated Cat at this time Outsiders “There will be a 1.0 boot version of [the] cross game startup system. “

After a kick-off weekend plagued by instability, People Can Fly turned off cross-play between PC players and console players. (Xbox and PlayStation players can still unite with minimal turbulence.) People can fly on Tuesdays said in a tweet that a cross-game fix on a PC console will be combined with “the common patches we are currently preparing and implementing through testing.” It is not clear when it will be switched on again.

Representatives of Square Enix, the game’s publisher, did not respond to a request for comment from Cat in time for publication.

Launching Outsiders he was undoubtedly a rocky, s weekend of connectivity issues to the point where players I couldn’t get into the game (although to be played entirely for one player). As a regression, People Can Fly offers a legendary weapon and a piece of titanium, a high-tech craft resource, to anyone who played the game between March 31 and April 11 (if you play outside of this period but have wipe inventory, you are also eligible. ) These players will also be able to express the emotion of “Disappointment”.

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