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The former deputy of the Argentine bishop says the Vatican knew of wrongdoing

The Vatican received information in 2015 and 2017 that an Argentine bishop near Pope Francis had taken nonsense, exhibited "obscene" behavior, and was accused of violating the seminar, said his former Vicar general that allegations of sexual violence were made only a few months ago.

Francis accepted the resignation of Bishop Gustavo Zancheta in August 2017 after priests in the remote northern Argentine diocese of Oran complained of his authoritarian authority and a former vicar, seminary rector, and another prelate reported reports to the Vatican for power abuses , inappropriate behavior and sexual harassment of adult seminarians, said the former vicar, the reverend Juan Jose Mansano.

The scandal surrounding Zaneta, 54, is the last to affect Francis, as the Catholic hierarchy has generally encountered an unprecedented crisis of confidence in their abuse of cases of sexual abuse of ministry and wrongful conduct with adults. Francis has summoned church leaders at the summit next month to outline progress for the universal church, but his own actions in individual cases are increasingly at the center of attention.

The Pope's decision to allow the Covenant to resign quietly and then promote it to a new position No. 2 in one of the most sensitive Vatican offices has raised questions about whether Francis has closed his eyes to the unlawful conduct of the Vatican. its allies or rejected the accusations against them as ideological attacks.

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Manzano, the former vicar General Zancheta, or senior deputy, said he was one of the diocesan officials who raised their boss's alarm in 2015 and sent the digital cousins ​​to the Vatican.

In an interview with AP in the benches of his parish, Saint Catherine in Oran, Mansano said he was one of the three current and former diocesan officials who filed a second appeal. to the Vatican Embassy in Buenos Aires in May or June 2017 "when the situation was much more serious, not only because there was a question of sexual abuse but because the diocese was increasingly moving to the abyss." "In 2015, we just sent" digital support "with shots of the previous Bishop in obscene or indecent behavior that seemed inappropriate and dangerous," he told the AP in a subsequent message. "It was an alarm that we did on the Holy See through friendly bishops. "The nunciature did not intervene directly, but the Holy Father called Zancheta and he justified himself, saying that his cell phone had been hacked and that there were people who were Francis called the Zans in Oran, a modest town about 1650 km northwest of B Enos Aires in the Salta Province in 2013 in one of its first Argentine bishops' appointments as a Pope. She knew the Zancheta; Zancheta was the Deputy Secretary of the Conference of Argentine Bishops whom former Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergolio heads for two consecutive the mandate from 2005 to 2011

And in all testimony, they were close. "Manzano said Berggoy was a confessor of Zante and treated him as a" spiritual son. "

All of this may explain why Francis he called it to Oran, despite the complaints about the preposition alleged misappropriation of power when Zancheta is in charge of economic affairs in his home diocese.

Earlier this month, the Vatican confirmed that the new Oran bishop had discovered a pre-canonical investigation into Dams of Presumed Sexual Violence. But Vatican spokesman Alessandro Gizotti stressed in his January 3th statement that allegations of abuse had only begun at the end of 2018 after Zante's resignation and nearly a year after Francis created his new position as an "appraiser" of the office for financial management of the Vatican.

At the time of her resignation, Zancheta only asked Francis to let him leave Oran because he had a difficult relationship with his priests and "could not rule the clergy," Gizotti said in the statement. At the time of his resignation, he was accused of authoritarianism, but there was no accusation of sexual violence against him, "the statement said.

Manzano said the Vatican has information about sexually inappropriate behavior starting in 2015 with naked lovers. and reports of alleged abusive acts and harassment in May or June 2017, although it noted that they were not official canonical complaints.

After the 2015 report, Zanzata said in Rome, Mansano said. He went back to Argentina "improved, to such an extent that no one even investigated how these photos came to Rome."

But with the expiration of the months, Zancheva "becomes more aggressive and takes impulsive decisions, manipulating facts, people, influencing its goals." Manzano said Zancheta had come to the seminary anytime, to drink with seminarians and to bring a seminar with him when he visits the parish, sometimes without asking permission from the rector.

"The Rector tried to keep the disciples in order when he was present when the bishop appeared, but the monsignor was looking for ways to avoid his attention and discredit him to the young boys," Mansano said in an email, "The bad feeling worsened when some of them left the seminary. "In May or June 2017, Manzano, the Rector, and another priest presented their concerns No. 2 in Buenos Aires, Monsignor Vincenzo Turturro," who moved him greatly forward "(1965) , Mansano said.Manzano said he reported on alleged misappropriations of Covenant with the clergy while the Rector reported about alleged sexual abuses in the seminary.Manzano said he did not know details of the alleged abuse but ruled out any

The Pope once again called on Zancheta in July 2017. Returning home, Zancheta declared her resignation on July 29th immediately for a health problem

Zancea spent some time in Corrientes before going to Spain where she is believed to have met one of the spiritual leaders of Francis, the Reverend German Arana, the Jesuit, to whom Francis sent another problem Bishop, the Chilean Juan Baros.

Zanchev largely disappeared from the point of view of the public to the Vatican, official announcement of 19 December 2017, application That Francis appointed him to the post "appraiser" in APSA, key administrative department which manages real estate and financial holdings of the Holy See. While the annual Vatican Yearbook described the Zachy hierarchically as the APSA president's supreme deputy, his exact duties were never clear, since the work had not existed before

Zanska had not publicly replied to the allegations against him. The Vatican did not provide information when asked, except to say that it did not work until the investigation was ongoing. Gisotti, the spokesman, did not respond this weekend to a request for comment.

While the Zanchetta case is hidden, Manzano agrees to talk to the AP and a journalist from The Tribune on a daily basis from Salta. He sat down for an interview with the camera and followed an email to explain his own actions and the fears that caused them. The other prelates were far from Oran and unavailable on the phone.

Manzano defended Francis' work on the case by saying that the pope himself should be considered a victim of the "manipulation" of Zancea.

"There has never been any intention of the Holy Father never intending to defend him against everything," Mansano said. "He denied that there was a contradiction in the Vatican's statement of January 3, distinguishing between a report of a supposed

The current Bishop of Oran, Bishop Luis Antonio Scosina, refused to talk to AP on a camera, he wanted to keep silent while the investigation was in the hands of the Holy See, and issued a statement calling on the victims to go out and give testimony of the AP that he does not want to create a media circus that can compromise the rights of the victims and defendants

The diocese catechist said church leaders have told staff and volunteers not to speak to the media about the allegations in the seminary

A seminary's mother said her son had told her that allegations of sexual abuse involving some of his colleagues in the seminary were true. "Unfortunately, he told me when I asked him about it," she said, speaking on condition of anonymity to protect his son.

The scandal has taken its stake in Oran, a deeply conservative community near the Bolivian border. Manzano and others who filed a complaint with the Vatican were transferred, but the new bishop said the transfers were due to pastoral needs rather than revenge. Manzano has said he is happy to return to work as a parish priest.

"I feel great pain because, as a Christian, how can we let these things happen?" – asked the pensioner Hector Jimenez. Master Giannina del Valle Chene said the Vatican should have treated Zante as "like any normal person who did something rather than hide it, take him to another place so he can continue doing the same thing" 19659031]
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