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The Fortune World Cup: unexpected winners of the duo championship

Players have arrived from around the world to compete at Fortnite's first world championship, a major sporting event at New York's Arthur Tennis Stadium with $ 30 million cash prizes. The Epic Tournament will determine Fortnite's best solo player this Sunday and has already found the best duo team this year. point storm drain varies in the background.

Aqua, 17 and Nyhrox, 16, are experiencing this storm.

Fans and speakers were stunned late Saturday, when Aqua and Nyhrox, two outsiders, won 49 other teams, many larger, more funded organizations. 19659005] NEW YORK, NEW YORK – JULY 27: Emil "Nichrokes" Berkwig Pedersen (L) and David Aqua Wang (P) posed with the trophy after winning the Douos race on the second day of the World Cup finals at the stadium Arthur Ashe was on July 27, 201

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Aqua is from Austria and his real name is David Wang. Nyhrox is from Norway and his real name is Emil Bergkvig Pedersen. None of them were the favorites to win the duo championship, and they are backed by a smaller organization called Cooler Esport based in Europe.

"I will remember this moment for the rest of my life," Nyxrox told CNN Business. He said he would save and invest his money, but he would also improve his gaming setup to "start streaming and uploading videos to YouTube."

Aqua repeats the feelings of his teammate: "Everything is amazing and I can not really believe it all really happened." He said he planned to get a new computer with the money

The duo won back to the circle as the last who survived a frenzied match with other professionals, not only gaining a total of 20 points, but also managing a lot of killings during the tournament, bringing their final result to 51. This was a thin margin, but enough to wins $ 3 million to be split.

Following announcement (19459008) Aqua wrote he wrote it "kreizy."

In the past, "Nyhrox and Aqua are good players, but not so many people have done so far … to do better than the team they have won. "

" I had never heard of Aqua and Nichrox, so I was surprised, "said MRKN Kawzmik, a 14-year-old professional player , who competes in the solo-finals on Sunday, his real name is Kevin Tors-Torres

Second, the winners, Roho and Wolfie, take $ 2,250,000, actually the four biggest duo are all who share the millions of dollars Wolfiez uses a controller, compared to most players who play with a mouse and a keyboard,

The average age of Saturday's contest is 16, according to a spokesman

Mongraal and Mitro, as well as Megga and Dubs are supported by FaZe Clan, which is one of the most famous organizations of esports, many expecting them to be higher, but both teams were still in the top 10. While playing a strong game in the six rounds, they could not provide any victories and did not get enough killing.
Megga took on Twitter to reassure the fans : "I got 7th [today] tomorrow, dividing $ 375,000 with Dubs
Other favorites also did not make the match. an amateur professional on Friday, told CNN Business that he was upset that he did not perform better on Saturday. "Competition today was not a problem," he said, "but I'm really unhappy with today's result." in 29th place with his partner, Nichoff, he said, "I'm sorry," with a sad emoticon, but he promised to "come back stronger."

It was not all for nothing. veryone who competed on Saturday, winning at least $ 50,000 just to qualify for the finals, even those who ranked last. [19659018]
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