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"The Good Place" Season Final Recap: Pandemonium – Rolling Stone

Other The season of good place is over. A review of the final, "Pandemonium," which appeared just after I created Drake and Ruth Bader Ginsburg as a secret couple …

Even a show like The Good Place which takes such a pleasure surprisingly and confusingly, we are not immune to the formula. We have already wound up three seasons of the show and each of them includes a drastic adjustment of the status quo. The first season ended with Eleanor found out that the neighborhood was in the Bad Place, and Michael clears the memories of everyone to start over. The second season, concluded with Michael and the judge governing the sending of our four Dummies in their lives on the ground to give them a chance to prove that their moral growth is real. Now the third season ends with a combination of elements from the previous finals, and these three years as a whole: There is a new neighborhood, a new chance to prove that a point system is wrong and unfair, and a few characters (especially Chidi New arrival Simone have erased their memories to prevent the failure of this new experiment before it began

This may feel like a series that retreats to a safe place after its most experimental ̵

1; and, not accidentally, unevenly (but still quite big) – season so far Yes, we have fun again, we notice strange shops and restaurants around the neighborhood (one of them is a foot), but there are three major changes:

1) There are new people in this neighborhood and they will have to be with us for as long as this phase of history continues;

2) The dynamics of power and knowledge is different: Eleanor must pretend to be an architect after Michael's melting at the end of the previous episode, while Chidi (probably the most important figure in the entire experiment) no longer knows who they are , Tahani or Jason; and [3] This is no longer a question of the fate of these four pigeons, but of all mankind for an eternity.

There is also a smaller but important fourth difference: where the previous seasons saved the big surprises for the finals (and the very end of the final in the first season), most of the big developments this year were identified in the penultimate episode. Sean's particular method of playing dirty-picking new neighbors who have already been associated with our heroes on the ground and can cause them emotional torment in the afterlife – is a surprise but not a jaw. Elinor declares, " That is the bad place!" and Michael laughs badly. And this is a nice thing, because if the good spot was totally dependent on the value of the shock, it would have been burned for a long time. When everything has to be surprising, nothing is ultimately. And there are enough moving parts in this new status quo that will last for some time, it seems. (Which, knowing how this series revolves, means that everything can change again before the middle of the Premiere of Four Season.) Kirby Howell-Baptism barely succeeds in doing something in the finals, but it is so much fun to return Simon after being so bright a point in the Australian season of the season. Eleanor tries to play with an architect using his well-established gift of frustration, and the increasingly confident Janet proves an equally valuable confidant, both closer to Eleanor, and to Michael. (As Eleanor realizes a few minutes in the episode, Janet at this point should be just the one who acts as responsible, but that will solve too many problems with the narrative too easily.It is better for everyone to be aware even though her role is even more limited.) It is hard to say whether John's gossip blog would be more nuanced than he is here, but at least he shows character. There has never been before, and it is easy to imagine that there are fun encounters with Chidi, and others.

The only little thing about Pandemonium is how much of it ultimately leans on Eleanor and Chidi's romance, and the latest hurdle ahead of him, created by Simon's arrival and the need to erase Chidi's memory. It's kind of like a roller coaster that follows this link for most of the three seasons. For weeks, writing and chemistry between Christen Bell and William Jackson Harper are so acute that of course I want these charming children to find love at the end of the world (or wherever Mindy's backyard is). In others, the problems of these two do not seem to equate a bean hill in this crazy life after death and it looks like the show loses the plot by relying so heavily on them as a couple. The final was felt as one of the latest situations. Harper and Bell have worked hard, especially since Michael showed them the assembling of their numerous romances through many concessions, and because the stake is already so high that Chide's victim seems so noble. But the connections between these six people (or six people, a demon and whatever we call Janet this week) have generally been more appealing than any individual subgroup. If you are on the "Good" Céléonor, perhaps this is exactly what you wanted and needed from the final. (This, or you cursed the fates / Shur to split them again). The more agnostic about this particular element of life after death, he felt like a distraction from all other promising developments.

Overall, however, this was a strong end of the season and a promising new direction for the season. Four. And there are still two more people to meet when we get back, one of which I guess is Donkey Doug. It must be fun.

Some other thoughts:

* As his tradition has been with this show, Mike Shur has been on a radio silence for some time. When it comes, we will talk about what happened here in the third season. Ted Danson and Andrew Brouchler from Brooklyn Nine-Nine are not exactly the same type of performer, but it's fun to see how both both show strategically that their older authority characters do or say things who are too young for them. Last week Michael was trying to distract the judge from his teeth; Here, as he ponders about the imminent catastrophe he has created for himself (along with the fat on his neck), he warns Eleanor that it will be the failure to put an end to all the failures: "It will be … the epic failure! and with Captain Holt says things like "Jas Queen", it's funny because it comes from relatively decent and powerful figures. If it was not the 13-inch difference between Kristen Bell and Ted Danson, seeing Ars Cardin, dressed as the four men in Janet, would have prepared me to expect Architect Eleanor to greet John in the waiting room until wore Michael's suit and the tie with a bow tie. Eleanor tells Janet: "For a robot, you are doing a really good girl, to which Janet answers," I am one of the three things. " We know she's neither a robot nor a girl, so she's a friend! * John remembers how Taichi dies mysteriously in Canada, which fits into the new timeline where Michael spared the Cock team from its original death. But does not that mean that he will recognize Eleonora and the others as they have died together with the Taichi? They were not celebrities, but they were mysteriously dying with her, so I'm sure gossip like John would be obsessed for weeks (or at least for the next Kardashian baby). For this question, is not it a problem if Chidi's last remembrance is that the air conditioner falls on him while John remembers completely different deaths on another continent?

What everyone thinks about both the final and the season. Three in general?

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