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The House of Democrats fights in Trump's news cycle

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President Nancy Pelosi and her colleagues live in a harsh new reality fueled by the rise of Donald Trump – a scandal-driven climate with a five-minute cycle of news that has proved impossible for control [19659005

"When did we ever have a presidency when the news cycle is dictated in the morning by what he tweaks?" Asked Rept John Larson (D-Conn.) "You work extraordinary to make your case, and that is like pushing beans up, you realize how difficult it is in this environment. "

Since the beginning of the majority, House Democrats have been struggling to push their message into Trump's daily drum tweets and scandals. But as the Republicans have discovered for their own sake, the media is now moving at Trump's speed, while Democrats are forced to legislate at the speed of Congress.

The result is a confused message that has raised concern among dozens of new members. serving in red areas that are increasingly desperate to talk about their agenda. In addition, old Democrats are worried about how they will run the party when Trump goes to their selection campaign.

"With social media, with 24-hour news, with Donald Trump, we learn to do more than one thing," Mr. Grigory Mix (DN.Y.) said. "We have to deal with these side issues, but still understand that the key is to do our legislative work."

Not all are guilty of Trump. Some of the distraction come from Democrats' own ranks: first-class superstar as representatives Alexandria Occasio Cortez (DN.Y.) and Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.) And their army of followers on Twitter – which lawmakers say is another symptom

"I think if you read the newspapers and watch TV and ask who the new members of Congress are, you will come out with three names," said Majority Leader Major Sten Hoyer (D-Md)

This is a climate that Democrats believe it is very different from the last time when they came into power in 2006 and helped to explain their initial difficulties as a new majority.

First, House Democrats were overwhelmed by the 35-day exclusion. Since then, Pelosi and its deputies have begun to try to fight a clear political agenda, but many Democrats fear that their policies do not shape the media story. years, but the titles were taught to former Trump's lawyer Michael Cohen. Parliament voted for a massive reform package in the area of ​​ethics, but it was overshadowed by an internal dispute over comments by representative Ilhan Omar, who criticized pro-Israeli advocates.

"I do not think 15 years ago an inappropriate comment from a freshman member Congress would have caused a nationwide conversation all week. This would be a one-day story at the most, "said representative Ro Hanna (D-Calif.), Considering last week's furor over Omar (D-Minn.)" It brought superficiality and fun, "said Cana to Trump.

Some of the headaches could have been avoided, MPs said. For example, the judiciary committee could schedule its much-anticipated hearing with Trump's former lawyer and fiasco on the day that Parliament did not consider its first arms control package within two decades. President Jerry Nadler ” data-size=”promo_xsmall_rectangle”/>

But many other questions come from the Democratic Party itself, including the too much influence of the newly elected liberals like Tideb, who drew titles after saying he wanted to "remove the mother

" Absolutely, dramatically different "Said reporter Emanuel Cleaveur, an eight-year-old Missouri disciple.

"Trump has fallen in such a way that he has put a flame in the most liberal component of the Democratic Party, which was previously quiet but still extremely liberal," Clive added. "They have become so offended that they have put pressure on the structure of the party – our infrastructure – that I have not seen."

Pelosi seems to realize how much has changed in the media environment since she last held the speaker's hammer. 19659004] On Monday, she actively said she would "make news" moving away from impeachment. "She managed to take advantage of the day, so to speak," Larson said of Pelosi. "She has redirected the news cycle from where she was and where she's headed – that's where senior management like this and intelligence comes."

A senior democrat from the Democratic Party noted that with the adoption of a resolution by Parliament

"So the time for her news broadcast was perfect," the assistant said.

However, while comments can give long-term benefit to moderates by giving them coverage for impeachment, the decision divided the Democrats and cast the party somewhat out of the course.

Democrats arrived in the Capitol this week with the intention of removing the course after hard days of internal disputes within their party. They eagerly wanted to unveil a bill that would protect more than 2 million "detractors" from deportation, while others would devote themselves to expanding LGBT rights.

A number of questions from reporters on Tuesday that want him to further develop, defend and reveal Pelosi's comments that he is opposed to the removal of Trump because he "is not worth it. "

" Donald Trump is like the wizard of Oz. It creates all this imagery – this chaos, this crisis, this confusion, "says Jeffreys, Democrat 5, at his weekly press conference aimed at putting the democratic story for the week. "No, this is Trump's administration for the past two years."

Having responded calmly to several of the issues of impeachment, Jeffreys began to write a long list of what he saw as the Democratic hosts' recent achievements, the victory over Trump. Closing the first major arms control legislation decades.

"If you've read the comments last week, you'll think we're bogged down in chaos, crisis and confusion," Jeffreys said. paves the way through the list, ending with the introduction of the main bills that deal with immigration and LGBT equality and this week.

"Does this sound like chaos, crisis and confusion?" Jeffreys continued. "The next question."

Chief Democrats say they are urging members to stand behind the party, exercising the same discipline of the message that helped Democrats win Parliament. But they also recognize that this is difficult, especially for the 60 freshmen who first arrive in Washington, many of whom have no previous legislative experience.

"I think many people think because we were so focused [during the campaign] that we did not go with every little distraction that came in our way that we successfully passed the finish line," Mr. Cherry Buxtos (D). – I), who runs the House of Democrats campaign. "Well ahead, we have sworn ourselves as a new session of Congress and have constant distractions."

Rep. David Ciccilin, who heads the Democrat Party's communication strategy, said he personally called on his colleagues to use campaign-style tactics – "simplicity plus repetition" – to hamper the host's agenda.

"Obviously, we do not have the ability to control the news cycle," Sicilina says. "This is a challenge, but that's the nature of the work we are in."

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