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The intriguing verdict of the UK's top physician in the UK in her new book

They are under our feet, crawling on our lawns and pushing the flower beds. At this time of the year, this is a constant battle to keep the garden from their opportunistic paws, and when we dig them, we throw them into the garden container or even burn them.

But wait – not so fast with a trowel. This summer, a host of new books – the practical Root To Stem by Alex Laird, the stunningly illustrated Weeds In The Heart by Nathaniel Hughes and Fiona Owen and the famous The Forager's Calendar by John Wright – proudly lift the modest garden from a compost pile to a modern table for dinner

A nutrient clutter to rival fashion mug or chicory chicory, many of our wild invaders pack a powerful hit with a superfood, the authors say. Use the leaves for taste and health, flowers for color and roots for herbal coffee and healing teas.

Weeds are abundant, thrive everywhere ̵

1; and are completely free.

  Medical herbalist Alex Leyr reveals a selection of the best plants to grow in her organic garden to repair her health as a dandelion to help digestion

Medical herbalist Alex Leyr reveals a selection of the best plants to grow in your organic garden to the river emulate health, such as dandelion (pictured) to help digest 19659008] Not everyone is an instant fan. Although the evangelists from the weeds wore lyric, it would be wrong not to admit any abomination for a handful of nettles on your plate.

And, of course, you can not cut off some old grass from a roadside periphery or from public places. park without first knowing what it is sprayed with, whether chemical or animal.

But think of them as wild herbs and stick to your own organic gardening environment or feed in real wild, untouched places and tasty new culinary world opportunities. (And do not forget that seaweed: marine biologists will tell you that it is not a strict weed – these are seaweed – but as the equivalent of a coastal free lunch based on plants, this is definitely part of the trend.)

Here, ALEX LAIRD, a qualified herbal doctor who treats patients at the hospital's only hospital-based herbal clinic, reveals how to do the best from her own weed pharmacy.

Dandelion For Digestion

Dandelion For Digestion

Dandelion For Digestion

K – and has been proven to help digestive health. 19659002] In French, the plant is called a wet bed because of its diuretic effect, which is good for cleansing the kidneys.

Obviously make it clear if your grass is chemically treated. Otherwise, however, any part of the plant is fit for consumption.

Throw the young, slightly bitter leaves in salads or fries, smash them like spinach or sprinkle them with homemade pizza. Plug the beautiful flowers into the rhizome, bake them in bread or fry them in the tempaura as you would smell flowers. You can even ferment the flowers to make the dandelion wine! The root, which sometimes bakes to produce smoky herbal coffee, can also be prepared and served as carrot or parsnips.

  Alex offers juice squeezing of sticky wipers (pictured) for daily detoxification, the plant can also be crushed and infused with other natural ingredients to soothe sunburn (image file)

Alex offers drying sticky tapes (pictured) for daily detoxification, the plant can be crushed and infused with other natural ingredients to soothe sunburn (file image)


More commonly known as goose grass, sticky wolf or velcro for its small hooks the thin climber is packed with minerals, vitamin C and phytonutrients that make it a classic detoxifier for the liver and the lymphatic system.

You will find it at the edges of the parks and a

For the best taste, pick up young, 7.5 cm to 10 cm stalks, as the larger square stalks are too difficult to eat.

A word of caution

Some poisonous weeds resemble their edible cousins. Always check before taking and consult an experienced herbalist if you have any doubts. Like all herbs, weeds can be powerful. If you are on a prescription, ask your doctor before eating.

Or a juice with a handful of ginger for a ¼ glass shot that is consumed daily for one month, or a handful of crushed plants filled in half a liter of water overnight.

Another option is to make steam or choke and use as a vegetable dish. Puree, if you think you can not go through this fur! If you do not mind, you can add some young shoots to the salad – their fibers feed our microbes in the intestines and help the healthy bowel function.

And you can do more than just eat them. For lotion to soothe sunburns, crush a handful of stems in pestle and mortar, and then pour into a pint of milk.

  The medical herbalist says that chickweed (pictured) can be useful for relocating extra pounds from HRT

The medical herbalist says that chickweed (pictured) can be useful to move the extra pounds gained from HRT)


You see a bright green weed , which sneaks across borders and threatens your summer bed; Modern restaurateurs see the micro-green in nature, an elegantly modern raw garlic for almost every plate of food. Spray arrows on fish or meat or use them on a salad. Or, put some glasses in boiling water for a few minutes and serve lightly spread with a little parmesan.

The bird could help you lose weight, especially if it's an increase in weight caused by HRT. It has been used for decades as a diuretic and suppressant appetite, making it an excellent way to start a diet.

There is also evidence that it can be beneficial for the kidneys and lungs, and in 2012 a Chinese study looks at its traditional use in the form of a paw for dermatitis

As a tea, it is used by herbalists to soothe wind.

  Alex recommends collecting algae (pictured) during a shore visit, as varieties can improve digestion, regulate hormones and even illuminate skin image)

Alex recommends collecting algae (pictured) while visiting the coast as varieties can improve digested Here's how to regulate the hormones and even illuminate the skin (image file)


When visiting the shore, collect a little bayonne self-inflicted, beetroot (wild beet), sea buckthorn or sea orange . With low calorie content and high iron content, algae come with phenomenal health benefits. Sea beets and tubers lower cholesterol and are great for heart health, while sea urchins can regulate hormones and improve digestion.

Marsh sapphire collides with vitamin C and is considered to be a natural clamping action on the skin. 19659002] Once you are home, let the leaves cool in a sealed bag for about four days. Add them to the noodle or risotto for a salt crisis, or use them to make the sushi rolls.

  Alex says that a hedge of garlic (pictured) works wonders for breathing heads and cough treatment, culture can also be used externally to treat wounds. (image image)

Alex says that the hedgehog (pictured) works great for breathing heads and treat cough, culture can also be used externally to treat wounds (image file)


also known as mustard garlic) that releases delicious warming a romance of garlic when the leaves are crushed and is excellent for relieving clogged heads and treating cough

Used externally to soothe bruises and wounds. sheets of each NT plaque. Cut them and add them to fat or mayonnaise to hint for garlic with mustard.

You can also use them instead of mint in a roast lamb sauce. To make pesto, take three good handfuls of garlic (washed), 2 tablespoons parmesan or other cheese, 2 tablespoons of toasted cedar nuts (or other nuts), and 2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil. Add some lemon juice, pepper and salt to taste, then mix all the ingredients together.

This pesto is stored for about four or five days in a jar in the refrigerator – just cover it with a little more olive oil once opened. Or freeze it.

  The medical herbalist has shown that the blackberries (pictured) have a number of healthy nutrients, including manganese for wrinkle preservation (image image)

The medical herbalist reveals blackberries (pictured) with a number of healthy nutrients, including manganese to preserve wrinkles (image file)

Fun and free, picking wild kb ins is one of those summer rituals that we all remember from childhood.

But as well as fun kids, this is a great health activity

These are small black jewelery filled with healthy nutrients. This sweet juice that runs on your fingers and chin is black in color because it contains anthocyanin-containing pigments – powerful antioxidants that enhance our immunity and protect us from allergies.

In 2013, a study in the European Journal of Nutrition found that polyphenols in wild black fruit had "neuroprotective effects" potentially retarding age-related cognitive decline.

The simplest way to eat them is without decoration and fresh from hedges. Or, for a quick dessert, arrange them in a shallow plate and scatter on some chopped mint. Cover with a layer of cream (or oatmeal cream) and sprinkle with brown sugar. Dip under preheated grill for about five minutes until sugar becomes bleeding.

How to overcome our fatigue from menopause

Nettles should be known as superfood

. calcium as raw rock, nettles are a source of protein and iron and are packed with vitamin A, vitamin C, magnesium and potassium.

With a rich medical history, they are now used by herbalists to treat urinary tract infections and relieve. menopausal symptoms such as joint pain, fatigue and dry skin.

  Alex recommends relieving menopausal pain by making tea from freshly cut nettle (pictured) and lush flowers (image file)

Alex recommends relieving menopausal pain by preparing tea from freshly cut nettle (pictured) and lush colors (image image)

and scissors to collect them to gather young shoots before aftyat. Mixing or cooking neutralizes sting, but is not used in salad! You can also prepare the nettle as a spinach or add a young twig to a vegetable soup.

To make tea to relieve menopausal pain, take a handful of fresh nettles and grouse and 1 tablespoon of thyme. Pour 1 liter of boiling water by adding fresh slices of ginger to taste. It flows for 20 minutes and is drunk all day long. It is not necessary to squeeze the herbs.

Cool once cool as it is delicious cold.


Another reason to be outdoors at this time of year is the old man. You will find these abundant flowers in the cities as well as in the countryside. Look for a flat pile of small white blossoms hanging in sprays with a spicy, creamy fragrance

Elderflower makes a wonderful medicine for hay fever thanks to the high concentration of flavonoids, antioxidant polyphenol with powerful anti-allergic properties. It also looks and tastes great.

Flowers show their unique taste when added to liquids. The colorful taste of an old woman is often used in jams, gin, champagne and juices.

At home you can drink an old man in cream for an aromatic pancake or freeze the flowers in water to make lollipops or granite.

  Alex says Elderflower (pictured) is a great medicine for hay fever due to the high concentration of flavonoids

Alex says that Elderflower (pictured) is a great remedy for hay fever due to the high concentration of flavonoids (image image)

To make your own heart of old colors, bring 500 grams of sugar and one liter of water and the boil in a saucepan, stirring until sugar is dissolved.

Remove from the heat and add the heat and the juice of two unleavened lemons and 1 tsp. citric acid. Then completely dump from 15 to 20 heads of broths. Cover with cover and leave for 24 hours

Strain through a sieve lined with muslin or kitchen paper and pour it into sterilized bottles. Label with date and place of harvest. Store in a cool, dry place; Once opened, it is stored for about three to four months in the refrigerator, or you can freeze it to use ice cubes if necessary.

Adapted by Alison Roberts of Root To Stem by Alex Laird (Penguin Life, £ 9.99). © Alex Laird. To order a copy of £ 7.99 (20% off), call 0844 571 0640. P & P is free of charge for orders over 15 euros. The offer is valid until June 22, 2019.

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