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The Jedi: The fallen order can finally be the Star Wars game we've been waiting for

Single Game Star Wars games have a long history, but are poor results. Not after the critical titles titles "Knights of the Old Republic" headed by legendary Bioware and Obsidian Entertainment Studios about 15 years ago, Lucasfilm and her partner Electronic Arts are producing a story Star Wars a game that manages to capture the magic of movies and the richness and depth of the universe.

This could finally change in November when Titanfall and Apex Legends Developer Respawn Press Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order . The Force Unleashed and tells a canonical story posed during the events before Episode III The Game is the first correct, multiplayer single player ̵

1; The Revenge of the Sith when the Order of the Jedi is dissolved and the Galactic Empire replaces the Republic. You play as Cal Kestys (played by Cameron Monahan, a Jedi-Thrower who escapes from the Empire after revealing his identity as a survivor of power.

After spending about 40 minutes with the game and talking to director Stig Asmussen, I'm confident there is potential to be the story that Star Wars fans crave . He tells his story as an interactive movie Star Wars in the best way, looks and plays as a deep and fascinating action-adventure and has to fight a light sword that is really exciting. "We're trying to be true to Star Wars but we're also trying to make a fun game," said Assumen in an interview this week at E3 in Los Angeles. He says the biggest challenge for Respawn was to persuade Lucasfilm to be able to withstand a game that would take such a major part of the series – a time period that is most busy with the self-directed film Rogue One – while also giving players the most emblematic and creatively guarded symbol of Star Wars Lore: The Light Sword.

"The way we approach the struggle is more of a guided approach," says Asmussen. – It's not just a basic entry there and a spreading of waste. [It’s about] How do you use your powers and when you use them, unlike when it's time to use the light sword.

Part of this is that Asusen says his team tells the story of progress. A defunct, a power user who was not fully trained and had an education abruptly cut off by Order 66, the treachery of the Jedi Order Galactic Empire, which led to the murder of the majority of sword rulers in the galaxy. – He is mainly unpolished, rough at the edges. It's something from the first day we wanted to meet. In the course of the game he starts to become a little veteran.

But that's also because Lucasfilm did not I want Asmussen, best known for working with Sony's God of War franchise before rebooting in 2018, making the game more enjoyable Force Unleashed. Or, as he said Polygon in a separate interview, "God of Star Wars ."

"They will not allow us to get there Force Unleashed ," says Asmussen for the leadership of Lucasfilm. "They do not want to go to the summit. is similar in spirit to the original trilogy of Star Wars and you can feel that both ways tell their story in the battle

This has caused some gameplay viewers revealed in E3 last weekend , to comment that everything seems slow and slow.The common complaint is that as a Jedi, Cal should be able to easily cut enemies they move and move much faster and more smoothly, as the Jedi do in the films of the prehistory

But Asmussen says this is not a game that Reparoon wants to do. "A large part of the team was built by start, meaning that there is hardly any crossover with the more basic first-person racers who worked on Titanfall and Apex Legends . "We have a former God of War veterans, people of Uncharted from Metal Gear Many Batman So we created a team of many experienced people who have worked on action-adventure games. "

In my short game time, this experience has shown Fallen Order feels like a hybrid of some of the best ideas for the game at the moment – it has a seamless story-telling style that almost never takes you off the action – it also does a great job of mixing role-plays elements of traditional adventure games, very similar to 2018. God of War Guided by Cory Bartholom, who replaced Asmussen before God of War 3 Barlog resumed restarting the Santa Monica Studio

In a scene during the closed door demo, Respawn, who ran the early part, swam to the feet of AT-AT roaming in the middle of the battle, climbed up on the vineyards and they entered the cockpit. From here he himself led the huge machine using his blasters and slicing enemy forces to meet Saw Gerrera (played by Forest Whitaker, reviewing his role as Rogue One ). This was the type of scene that, if it was in the game God of War 10 years ago, could have been a timely event, but it was precisely tuned and more carefully designed to look like spectacular moments from a more recent Uncharted title. Fighting the Fallen Order is also slow, methodical and requires a lot of strategy and creative thinking. This reminds of a game from FromSoftware. In particular, the battles of the light sword fallen orders are very similar to dueling in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice a game that Asmussen says his entire development team is very similar in style to your own, albeit much harder and harder.

In particular, you can not just go into battle and, as Assumen calls it, you can spoil everything on your way. The grounded approach mentioned by Asmussen means that the sword feels more realistically destructive than in the original trilogy, but you must win the last blow by removing the defense of your enemies. This includes a mix of forces from the Forces, such as pushing and pulling and signing the Power Force of Cal, and parrying or avoiding mobility and counteraction. But when you sign in to sign the light sword, Cal pulls a devastating series of finishing moves that feel organic and varied depending on the type of enemy and Cal's position towards them.

As soon as I understood the speed of the battle and how to mix and combine forces of power and physical maneuver, I felt really powerful and constantly making my way through many enemies; felt like a flickering, flawless action movie.

Of course, the game repels your strength in some key ways. You have a limited number of health replenishments, like Dark Souls which can only be restored by a meditation break, which doubles as a point of access to carving and skill. Your power meter is also quickly draining. To overdo a Force Pull or a sword throw means you will get stuck by your enemies until you feel ready to fight them and try to repel or finish. Only by physical struggle can you restore your meter of power.

Image: Respawn Entertainment

This combat approach aims to make its Jedi a samurai or knight, the historical analogue Star Wars originally intended for these warriors. I felt most effective when I caught enemies in a narrower line and took them in separate meetings, using forces as the ultimate critical means of closing a gap or distance, or by moving my body or pushing and pulling enemy. You will not feel like a Jedi superhero, as Obi-Wang and Anakin looked like in the films of the prehistory, at least not quite. But Fallen Order makes you feel in control of your abilities in a way that looks more earned and satisfying.

The ultimate influence that Asmussen pointed out directly is the crop of Metroidvania games, which are constantly taking over the indie-scene. Fallen Order is a traditional action-adventure game with some light role elements, like branching dialog options and real-time events that are played in the background while you explore. But Respawn is a pepper in some nice strokes in the design of your gaming world and the puzzles you will decide when you are not involved in a fight to give him the depth you get in the game like Hollow Knight

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