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The Kroger Murder has long lived in Atlanta. Basic rehabilitation can finally put the painful nickname to rest

Parker, his cousin Stephanie Buffington and their friend Cynthia Prioleo were near the Atlanta supermarket when a shooter in a car approached and started shooting in the daylight.

The 25-year-old Prioleo was the only person affected. She died that day. Her killer was not found. Since then, at least two more unrelated homicides and a series of assaults have descended on Kroger and a neighboring apartment complex, Atlanta police told CNN.

The violence paved the way for a nickname that some directly affected by Hope for Crime will disappear when the store reopens in October after a top-down recovery: The Kroger Murder.

Any repetition of a sinister phrase can shudder with grief, which is still rather harsh, even if it is not the intention.

  Damon Parker

For those unrelated to homicides and assaults, the phrase may just be a throwaway punch. In addition, it could reflect the use of community humor to deal with the tragedy or, conversely, to reveal a society plagued by emotional pain stemming from the all-too-common violence, experts told CNN.

"At this point, I'm desensitized to this," Parker said of his gut reaction to the unprecedented way some people mention the Kroger Murder. Yet he wants the nickname to disappear.

"Take some responsibility. don't treat it as it's kind of a trivial thing, "he said." Just think of every tragedy we've seen since 2016, and anyone who perceives it publicly. Filming in Orlando Nightclub and Shooting at Walmart in El Paso: Would You Make a T-Shirt for It? "

A Vigil for a Doomed Grocery Store

By the time Joshua Ritchie, a construction worker, was killed in 2015 in the Kroger parking lot by two men trying to get into his truck, the Kroger murder era was near its zenith.

The Atlanta-based band Attractive Eighty Years in 2007 recorded a song. entitled "The Kroger Murder." His lyrics include: "This is a grocery store with a deadly twist / They'll shoot you in the head for your shopping list / The Kroger Murder / it's the worst place to shop in Atlanta / you can lose your life over 12 Fanta packs. "
  T-shirt contains Murder Kroger logo .
During the 2010 Conan O'Brien's "Legally Forbidden Fun on a TV Tour," his crew stopped by Kroger for a blog post on TeamCoco.
And in Wikipedia, the mid-2015 Kroger murder page has amassed more than 250,000 page views and 70 revisions.

When the Cincinnati grocery store chain announced in October 2016 that it would close the site to make way for 725 Ponce, a huge, multifunctional development with a new 65,000-square-foot Kroger store, two people refused to release it. calmly.

Rachel Bowen and Rowan Hirsch organized a candlelight vigil that was held in the grocery store parking lot and closed again every day. About 50 people were present. A moment of silence was held for the victims of crime there. Some light candles. Others wore Murder Kroger t-shirts while a woman carried a Kroger paper bag labeled "murder" written on it in a blood-like font.
  A satirical vigil takes place on October 27, 2016, before the store's #Busting.

"I just turned 19 years old and started the event as a kind of joke with a friend, because, unlike many people, I use humor to dealing with tragic things, "Hirsch told CNN." Suddenly, our joke was news.

"We had people who knew the original victim had reached out and told us we were insensitive, sending us threatening messages and calling us names," she said. you, we were just the face of it. The whole city has been calling it the Kroger assassination for years. Everything was a little overwhelming. "

Parker does not find the atmosphere of the vigilante to be respectful. The event inspired him to share his experience in the store in the Kroger Survival story published next month.

" It was a coupon, he said. “It was all a mockery. There was nothing serious about this. "

The Roots of Atlanta's Charm

Social and economic factors may explain the separation between some of those present at the vigil and relatives of the victims, said Sarah Cook, professor of psychology at Georgia State University (GSU). ), which has a campus downtown about three miles from Kroger.

  This logo was featured on a website promoting the eponymous song of attractive eighty women. [19659028] This logo was featured on a website promoting the eponymous song of attractive eighty women.

These kinds of differences may have allowed the ward attendees to put a social distance between themselves and the victims and thus neglect the costs or consequences of the event for their survivors, Cook told CNN

The event and the nickname that inspired it may also reflect the effects of violence in America, John Burison of GSU, an angel professor who studies folklore, told CNN in an email.

"I think Kroger's Murder also reflects a fascination with crime and violence (as evidenced by the number of" cop shows "on commercial television, and in folklore by the large number of American murder ballads). call this charm uniquely American, but ours is certainly a country of violence compared to many others, "says Barryson in an email.

For Buffington, who witnessed the Prioleo shooting, the charm of the Kroger Murder is simpler explanation: The mechanism and its traps

"Murder should never be a joke. What if they were one of their loved ones? "She said." These people are making money financially from killing someone's love. "

The Rise of BeltLine Kroger

The New Kroger reopened on October 16 by Atlanta BeltLine, a popular multifunctional trail that has a large outdoor seating area, Starbucks and a barbeque restaurant, local titles called the Beltline Kroger store while others refused to let Murder Kroger die.
  Kroger is located along the popular BeltLine Trail in Atlanta.

] "The store means the ongoing commitment of Kroger to the community and the continued economic prosperity of Atlanta," Kroger Crystal spokesman CN told CNN. of Atlanta, community, community, and business leaders came together to create and grow a very special and safe place for residents and visitors. "

She declined to comment on the store's long-standing nickname.

A lot has changed in Atlanta since the first murder in Kroger in 1991, when Fulton County registered 231 homicides, according to data from the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. In 2017, this is approximately 124.
As the homicide rate has dropped in the county, the Whiteside Trail on BeltLine, along which the new Kroger sits, has made the neighborhoods around it some of the most desirable and expensive places to live the city thanks to millions sunk in commercial development.

One of the many patrons who will visit the new Kroger is Parker, now 47, who plans to visit him with his two godparents.

The various Kroger murder devices do not bother him as much as he used to. However, the tacit acceptance of the community by the store's violent characterization is still the case.

"There's nothing they can do at this point," Parker said. "They released it too long. It's too late. It's something that should have been addressed a long time ago."

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