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The launch of the Ultimatum was overshadowed by … the size of the pages?

Streamer’s priority did not help alleviate frustrations in the community

Like anyone keen The path of exile player can already tell you yesterday sucked out. We’re used to some server issues in one day, as all online player databases are, but yesterday the holy cow was an absolute mess. After a very slow player queue, The path of exile finally let people be turned off just five minutes later. Perhaps it would have been more bearable if it also didn’t come with kickbacks, essentially erasing the last 1-3 minutes of progress off the board.

I must have reached level 13 about four times before finally giving up the day. The The path of exile The Twitter account recognized these issues, but provided little consolation to those expecting a fix, even an update late at night (on the east coast of the United States), just to mention that they have no new information.

In the end, the developers came up with an official announcement detailing everything to users. Although they avoid becoming too technical, they do a good job of explaining their backstage moves, which have caused a lot of problems. At the moment, the servers seem to work mostly well, and the only real information they mention is for other developers to “be careful with the size of your database̵

7;s pages,” whatever that means!

There is another problem that complicates this: some streamers are given priority to skip the queue altogether and enter the game directly (when it was actually available). These streamers could no play if the servers were facing up, which were quite common, but this injustice certainly upset many members of the community.

Explained in the announcement, the developers had paid advertising with some streamers for two hours, so instead of losing that money and these streamers showing only a decreasing queue number, Grinding Gear Games decided to give priority to these streamers. They too give it to other streamers that are not part of the marketing campaign. This made community members angry at streamers (stupid thing) and some streamers did really they dig into a hole, as seen here.

They apologized for the problem and acknowledged it as a mistake in their post, while vowing never to do so again. Personally, I was fine with it because streamers provide a service and I enjoy that service so even if I can I’m watching someone is playing the game provided some form of excitement. Besides, they were experiencing the same problems as everyone else, they just didn’t have to wait like that, two minutes that I had to wait in line. I understand the arguments for some “teams” of players who start an advantage in the economy, but I’m not at the level of a player who is really interested in that, considering all things.

It’s at the bottom, now I can finally move on to Act 2 and hope to experience very few setbacks and setbacks.

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