Disney has a big (still small) star with Baby Yoda and with the release of The Mandalorian season two, get ready to see new memes of the cute character on social media. Fans of the show have another piece of Baby Yoda products that they can collect, and it will probably be tempting for both children and parents. The Lego $ 80 The Child kit is available for pre-order right now (officially launched on Friday) and allows you to create a version of Baby Yoda from scratch. If you decide to do it while watching the new season at Disney +, it’s up to you.

Like most Yoda baby toys, the Lego kit is simple but charming. The Child set is not as complicated as some others star Wars kits, but includes just over 1,000 bricks with which to build an approximately 7.5-inch Baby Yoda replica. Lego lists the kit as suitable for children over the age of 10, and while 1,000 bricks isn’t necessarily a ton of Lego kits, it might be a good idea to do building a Baby Yoda family activity if you have young children.