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The loyalty of Donald Trump can lead to an obstacle

Then, in an interview with CNN, FBI ex-acting director Andrew McCabe – who was an instrument for opening a quest for an obstacle against Trump – still claims he was sacked hours before his planned retirement as a result of

The revelations seem to fit into a consistent model of Trump's attempts to influence the investigations into which he may be involved, and a constant public and private pressure campaign on the employees involved.

They are also begging a mysterious question again: why, if the president insists that there was no coordination between his campaign for 2016 and Russia's choice of choice, he has made such efforts to undermine investigations of what, which he has marked with a huge scam.

The New York Times reported that Trump called on Chief Prosecutor Matt Whittaker at the end of last year to ask whether Jeffrey Berman, the US attorney at New York County, who was released from the case, could take it anyway.

Trump jumped in the report on Wednesday. They are a real enemy of the people! "

  NYT: Trump asked Whitaker if he could put the prosecutor in charge of Cohen's probe

in his public remarks the president often left the impression , that senior law enforcement officials are obliged to defend him – as a personal attorney – instead of neutral justice and the Constitution.

FBI Director James Amy said Trump has tried to establish such a patronage relationship with the crowd. "Trump has repeatedly blasted his former Chief Prosecutor Jeff Sennes for failing to master the Russian investigation. advises Robert Müller's investigation and other investigations directed at his administration. of justice in a prominent place – and are even part of future impeachments.

Asked by Brooke Baldwin of CNN whether Trump's request to Whittaker was obstruction, Eli Holig, a former federal prosecutor, replied, "What else could he have?" What other reason could the President have if he called Mat Whitaker when the investigation Cohen was growing up and threatening him … and asking Whitaker: "Can we take my guy?" he said.

Paul Rozentweig, Senior Adviser to the Watster Investigation, told Baldwin that if confirmed, reporting on Trump could be a possible abuse of power.

"It is really difficult to think of an innocent explanation for giving up a refusal that seems perfectly appropriate," he said. "It is too early to say for sure what the facts are, since Mr Whitaker denies this "But if the facts prove it to be, it is a potential imposition."

There is no evidence that Whitaker has asked Berman, who was appointed by former President Prosecutor Geoff Cessans, to take the investigation, a decision that made Trump irritated Whitaker.

It's not known what Whitaker said to the President in the hour after he had been read in Müller's investigation, he insisted during a meeting with the House Commission this month that he was "not in any way interfering with the special lawyer's investigation."

"No obstacles"

Trump's lawyers say that launching Hammy and attempting to intervene in the judiciary decisions at the Ministry of Justice are in line with his title as the top law enforcement officer in the country.

In a confidential letter sent to Muller last year, Trump Jay Sekulov's lawyer and then colleague John Dowd argued that "no president has been charged with obstacles simply because of the exercise of his constitutional powers."

They said that a president could "order the termination" of the Justice Department or an investigation of the FBI "at any time and for any reason."

But many legal experts believe that if Muller finds corrupt intentions, the normal standard of accusation of impediment in criminal cases can be behavior that could be considered in the political context of an imitation case.

Trump's statement in an interview with NBC News that he fired Amy over the Russian investigation can be proof of such a finding in any final report that the special lawyer decides to file.

There is a historical precedent for presidential existential danger after attempting to intervene in the investigative process.

Immigration status against Richard Nixon accused the shameful former president of "interfering or seeking to intervene in investigations by the United States Department of Justice, the Federal Bureau of Investigation … and the congressional committees
The New York Times reported , that Whitaker knew he could not ask Berman to do what Trump had asked for, and that the president was disappointed by his interim officer when he could not make the president's legal problems disappear
The Cohen the case turned out to be particularly o worrying about Trump because he opened the way for prosecutors in his personal and business affairs, and his former lawyer, Michael Cohen, said Trump had ordered him to settle payments to two women who claim to have a relationship with him, making the president illegal

McKeeb told Anderson Cooper of CNN on Tuesday night, promoting his new book that Trump poses a threat to the FBI and the nation, and said that it is possible that "the president was [19659002] He renewed his indictment that he was fired because he had fulfilled his duty to start an investigation into Trump's behavior.

The White House claims that McCabe does not trust because it is under criminal investigation into suspected misleading investigators. in the investigation of the FBI investigation into the Clinton Foundation.

But he assumed that an independent departmental report used as an excuse for his dismissal had improperly influenced him. d from Trump.

"The President has publicly asked for a result, and the Inspector General's Office brought that result … the President wished to go before I could retire."

White House Counselor Kelian Conway told CNN's Cuomo Prime Time that McCabe was "a liar and a scammer."

McCabe also revealed on Tuesday that he and other senior civil servants have informed the group of "The Gang of the Eight" by bipartite leaders of Parliament and the Senate about the reasons for launching a Trump investigation.

He said there was no push

"There was a clear sense in the room that people were resigned to the fact that we took the necessary step, that was my impression," McCabe said of Anderson Cooper 360.

It is supposed that the propensity to rely on its supreme law enforcement bodies appears in the stunning public testimonies, contemporary remarks and autobiographical written texts written by Haumi. loyalty and expected loyalty. "

In his book" Loyalty, "Wuyi writes that the president's president reminded him of the" silent round of agreement "surrounding the Mafia queens he had been pursuing. , Oath of Loyalty. The look of the world against us. The lie of all things, big and small, in the service of a code of loyalty that puts the organization above morality and truth, says Hammy.

Trump apparently expects the kind of protection he did not receive from Heymy to come from former Chief Prosecutor Jeff Sesans and never forgave him to withdraw from the oversight of Russia's investigation into Mueller.

"The Russian witch hunt continues as Jeff Sison did not tell me she will give up" Trump wrote on [June191945] 5 June last year, four months before the Advocate General eventually resigned.

"Soon I would choose someone else, so much time and money was lost, so many lives were ruined … and the sessions knew better than most that there were no collusive agreements!", Add Trump. ] The president has also repeatedly asked to understand why sessions do not pursue the "corruption" of Democratic Party President Hillary Clinton in a crying call for a politically motivated investigation against a political adversary

. Believes that the Advocate General should serve as a type of personal legal guardian when he expressed his opinion about the former Obama administration, General Prosecutor Eric Holder. "I will say this: the proprietor defended President Obama. Fully defended him, "said Trump in an interview with the New York Times in December 2017.

Preet Bharara, a former New York City prosecutor in New York, was fired by Trump, but only after the president called him to the current CNN commentator seen as an attempt to cultivate relationships.

"He is a type of person who does not understand that the rules must act in a certain way, and regular order, whether a denial or a weapon, is to be followed." The distance between the United States Prosecutor's Office or the investigator and president of the United States "said Jake Tapper's Bharara for" Leading "on Tuesday.

Evan Perez and Laura Jarrett at CNN contributed to this report. ]
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