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The mild player refuses to meet Jigglypuff Stalling

On the weekend, a whole hall of Super Smash Bros. Contestants and viewers lost their collective mind to the actions of a Jigglypuff player. Did he cheat somehow? Are you going overboard after a victory? Destroy CRT? Shouting the dirt in front of the audience? No, he just played in the power of Pokemon in a favorable match, which made his opponent so disappointed that he turned off his controller and left.

Fighting games is all about matches. Since the symbols often differ from one another to the list of movements and game styles, competition can sometimes start right on the character selection screen. For example, Street Fighter Dhalsim will almost always take precedence over Zangief because of how he can control the space with his stretchy limbs. Super Smash Bros. Melee has a similar match in Jigglypuff against Ice Climbers in which the floating Pokémon is able to escape as soon as it gets life, thus keeping distance between itself and the terrifying duo.

This exact scenario was played in the Battle of BC 3 in Vancouver, Canada last weekend. Since the Super Smash Bros. Tournament Melee reached the final, Alejandro "Chango" Gustulum played on the strengths of Djigilupu in a match against the Chowder on ice climbers "Fauxhebro" Gilson, using Puff's hit-game. keep your opponent aside. Fauxhebro, dressed in a custom-made shirt with #FreeFaux to protest against the ban on the racing technique of the tournament, resisted greatly and finally forced a crucial fifth game to decide who would stay in the tournament. During this battle, however, he seemed disappointed. In previous matches, Fauxhebro regularly waved his head in apparent disapproval of Chango's tactics, and after entering the final match of the match, he changed his name to a PLAY game to signal Chango's criticism

When Chango continued to play defensive, Fauxhebro's faint exasperation overturned. Five minutes in the match, Chango had a slight advantage of 3: 2 thanks to his ability to swim from platform to platform and to avoid the attack on Fauxhebro ice climbers. Unable to succeed, Fauxhebro just stopped moving. Thanks to his life, Chango had no reason to turn to an opponent who was superior to the close fourth, and was waiting at the opposite end of the stage, which led to stagnation. The comments team complained. The audience complained. One Super Smash Bros. Melee Johnny S2J Kim picked up two middle fingers in the front row to protest against the inaction of Jigglypuff. Everyone was booing, even the commentators. But in spite of all, Chango stood with stones and refused to intervene until Fauxhebro finally turned off his controller and left the stage.

In the War of Extinction, Chango won, but no one seemed happy with it. Later, the popular Twitter profile theSirToasty published an edited video of the match with " Melee at its worst." immediately triggered a division into a larger combat game community of social media, divided by predictable lines. Classic combat players did not see anything wrong with Chango's game, comparing it with Justin Wong's ability to play a "lame" or "turtle" in many of his games. Scene Smash however, has a very different idea of ​​what a legitimate game is. Because fans such as Fox and Falco dominate tournaments, the community believes that fast, combo-heavy matches must form the basis for competition. Everything else is disrespectful to those who watch the fight, or so the vocal contingent on the scene seems to believe. Tactics such as those that Chango put out during the weekend are colloquially known as "camping," a humiliating gameplay term when there is no reason to approach it.

It's hard for me to disagree with traditional game fighters. Chang played the game beautifully and forcing the opponent to stand up and leave the room, using only your gameplay to thwart them, should be a point of pride. In the Evolution Championship, I saw the audience split into similar camps. People who focus on games such as Street Fighter Tekken and Guilty Gear will often cheer on the Smash champion Juan Hungrybox Jigglypuff strategy while Melee players boom for exactly the same reason. What is considered exciting or interesting differs from gameplay to play, partly because the overall scene is more like a free umbrella of feudal states than a united community. While the Smash community was involved in the ongoing hesitant discussion, there appeared a separate, less popular conversation about the possibility of limiting the ways in which Jigglypuff could camp, with some players even wanting to banned from competition. These arguments usually revolve around how Super Smash Bros. Melee is perceived by viewers, and some worry that the Jigglypuff matches are slow enough to exclude people from the game entirely. With Super Smash Bros. Ultimate who is confronted with the new heat, this alarm is not necessarily ungrounded, but also highlights the different values ​​of the community Smash in general, where playing the growing audience class is sometimes considered to be more important rather than allowing competitors to use any tactics they need to ensure victory, even if those tactics are not so exciting to watch. the whole situation that happened today, but all I'm saying is that I miss the days when people worship the unwritten rules of Melee and do not cry for everything they do not understand, "Fauxhebro publishes on Twitter After finishing the tournament seems to refer to the trend of the scene to avoid the defense game. It is difficult to determine whether the shake would allow Fauxhebro to compete with Chango in a more uniform situation, but there is certainly a irony in protesting against the hero's most powerful technique that is forbidden while making a spectacular show to deny an opponent who plays their character as efficiently as possible. Like shaking, the conversation with Jigglypuff is such that it will not disappear for a while, and for good or bad, the community Smash will have to fight it if they plan to continue to support this unchanged 17- year-old game.

Fauxhebro did not respond to the request of Kotaku for comment. Ian Walker loves the fighting games and loves to write about them even more. You can find it on Twitter at @iantothemax .

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