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The NBA model for 2020: Lamello Ball is in open race for exit # 1

The 2019 NBA project was so last week. It is never too early to look forward to the group of former students and teenage international stars expected to be among the best in the NBA draft for 2020

This class project is widely open at the top. There is no clear headline to be number one at the moment, partly because many of the top 2019 senior class employees are traditional big men whose value is marginalized in the modern NBA. A strong international class is also emerging to throw a wrench in early ratings, with five of these players breaking our early look at the first round and three of them making the top 1


A year ago, Sion Williamson was only number 5 in our the earliest model of 2019. It became clear that it would be selected as number 1 at the time Duke began his exhibition in Canada. Players in the 2020 class will have a similar opportunity to stand out. Here's an early look at the players we think will be on board for the next year.

1. Anthony Edwards, Georgia, Georgia

Edwards gets the first nod of No. 1 for his explosive athleticism, the three-point scoring ability and young age when he goes to college. In essence, he missed his senior year in high school to enroll in Georgia following the reclassification path previously undertaken by R.J. Barrett, Marvin Bagley III and many others. He will not be 18 until August 5, and has already shown the early signs of turning them into offensive options on the perimeter. average 21.4 points, 5.9 rebounds, 2.1 assists, and 1.8 blocks per match while firing 53.5% of the pitch and 37.5% of the 3-point range to 4.8 attempts per match. He designs as an ultra-athletic combo guard that puts tireless pressure on the edge and thrives in transition. His three-armed shooting and passing are the swinging skills that determine his stock. Cole Anthony, PG, North Carolina

Anthony is actually older than Williamson and Barrett. Although there is some concern that he has ironed his reputation as a younger competitor, Antoni's advanced instincts and athleticism feel like a seamless fit for what the NBA teams are looking for at today's point.

On 6th September, Anthony has immersive jumping abilities and rare skill as a shooter. He is fast and explosive, stepping out of his way and must be a strong striker, both in transition and off-pickup. He also plays a competitive advantage and has great genes as the son of longtime NBA veteran Greg Anthony. There is some concern that Anthony too often searches for his own crimes before attracting his teammates. This will be something to watch as he becomes the new star in North Carolina.

3. Theo Maledon, G, France

Magdalen is part of the golden generation of young French players and the first of three compatriots in this model. Tony Parker has already taken him under the leadership of the ASVEL President, a successful club team in the French ProLiga, where Magdalen has already taken the role of starter defender just 17 years. At 6, 5 with a wingspan close to 6, Magdalen is an experienced general who fired 55% of the pairs, 40% of the triads and 86% of the free throws against the older, stronger competition .

He is not as athletic as the American Guard and will not hit you with a dribble but Magdalen has a well-formed set of skills that has already been tested in great games against the pros. Its ability to be a facilitator is something that should keep an eye on the movement forward.

4. Kilian Hayes, G., France

Another Frenchman, Hayes is the hungry 6th combo who is a dynamic player for himself and others with the ball in his hand. Its ability to manipulate protections with creative passages and a soft touch inside the arc must make it deadly in the pickup truck as it continues to ripen. He has made almost 56% of his two-way tournament during his first two years as a professional in the high league of France, while at the same time influencing by repelling high values ​​for theft and blocking. His ability to move may be the most interesting for him after he finished with 36 percent aid in 2017-18 and 27 percent helped against better competition last year.

Hayes played a major role during the Francis Silver Cup final at the U17 World Cup in 2018, averaging 16 points per game in 50% shooting before falling to the Americans in the title. His clear weakness at the moment is like a three-point shooter, but his high striking rate makes his strike possible to move forward.

5. Hampton will play professionally in New Zealand next season after reclassifying him by 2019 and then deciding to skip college. It has become a consensus for the top five employees in two different classes before moving abroad, establishing itself as an athletic guard of 6: 5 who likes to attack the basket. His aggressive mentality will be tested against older professionals as well as the burglar who goes through his game. It would be good to improve the shooting and passing skills, which will be his biggest development point next year. Moving Hampton to the Australian League has a lot of meaning on paper as he can keep his intrigue while his peers risk being exposed at college level in the way the former senior officer, such as Nasser Little, Romeo Langford and Cam Reddy last season, Ultimately, his solution will be tested by his ability to maintain or improve his status as the 10 earliest projects at the start of this forecast

6. Denny Obadia, Well, Israel

Obedy is a 6th-8 player who is thriving to start the crime with the ball in his hands. At the age of 18, he has already spotted the spot in the Euroleague for Maccabi Tel Aviv and also performed well on FIBA ​​youth tournaments. His open handling of the ball on the floor and the ability to pass is what makes it so intriguing. Shooting will be his ability to move after placing the suppression numbers from both the three-point line and the foul line during his brief professional career. NBA teams will wonder if he is athletic enough to protect himself and tackle the edge effectively.

7. Tyrese Maxey, G, Kentucky

Maxey is likely to play firing guard next season in Kentucky as a freshman as the team returns Ashton Hagans to Point Guard. We rank him so high because we think his future plays on the ball. As Maxi's athletic defender, Maxi showed the two-way potential of the Nike EYBL chain, being named Defender of the Year and also an impressive combination of offensive statistics. He hit 41% of his threes to seven attempts at a match, set a great deal between help and turnover and hit 80% of his free throws.

Kentucky will have many different variants of the perimeter next season, and it is possible that Maxwell's statistics will be weakened by John Calipari's system. So far he has done enough in high school to ensure this ranking.

8. Nico Mannion, PG, Arizona

Mannion is a 6-point 3-point guard with advanced gaming and pulling skills that will make him a cult hero as a freshman in Arizona. He improved his shares at the Nike Hoop Summit, where he flashed against Cole Anthony and impressed the Scouts with their offensive ability. His Under Armour chain profile was impressive, with 61% real firing, 31% help, 15% turnover and 2.7% theft.

Mannion has no ideal length as a leading defender in the NBA, but he is a smart and tough floor with legitimate athletic explosiveness that has NBA bloodlines as the son of former professional Pace Manion. We bet you will see and hear a lot about the upcoming college basketball college.

9. James Wiseman, C, Memphis

Wyzsman is the best recruiter in the country according to most Scout agencies, but his production at high school level rarely coincided with his hyper. Three of the centers were chosen over Wiseman in the All-EYBL teams, where he only won the honorary prize among the best players in the league. His production varied for play-by-play with too many disappointing boxes that played for a team that was struggling to increase its talent.

Wiseman will play for Penny Hardy in college, who also trains him in high school. It has the ideal size and physique for an NBA center with a wingspan of 7.4, a strong frame and explosive bounce capability. The key will be to improve his skill level and to defend his defensive dominance. It is possible that Wyzsman makes this ranking seem stupid, as many publications consider him a favorite to go to No. 1 as a whole. Considering the way the NBA moves away from traditional centers, we will believe the project is hip when we see college tiger production.

10. Jacob McDaniel, F, Washington

McDaniel's brother of former San Diego star, Jalan McDaniel, who was elected number 52 in the 2019 project after two successful Aztec season. The younger McDaniels is later as his brother, but enters a college with considerably higher noise. The combination of 6 ahead with ball and shooting skills development, McDaniel's skin frame and assessment instincts are likely to make comparisons at Brandon Ingram during their season in Washington. McDaniels will have to add strength to his thin frame and also prove to the NBA scouts that he can be a constant threat from the three-point range after he only hit 25% of his triads at EYBL.

  High School Basketball: High School Day of All American Portraits

Brian Spurlock-USA Today Sports

11. Bryan Antoine, G, Villanova

Antoine is a teammate of the school at Scott Lewis in New Jersey at Ranney School. He has been considered a five-star recruit since the beginning of high school, but still feels a somewhat understated overall prospect number 16 in his class in the final RSCI ranking. At 6 with 5 plus four wing wings, Antoine is shooting with shooting with natural instincts for jumping and deep shooting range. He has a story that he is a 40% three-point shooter in Under Armour's tours, who is confident that he is disconnected from both the dribbling and the seats. He is a good, non-great athlete who is blessed with a quick first step and learns how to create from a dribble. It also seems to have a good position on the defensive edge. Jay Wright never had a real job at Villanova, but Antoine must be the first.

12. Amar Sila, F, Senegal

Force is a long, mobile big man with tremendous speed and flexibility at the defensive edge. At 6th-9th Wing Spread, Sylla is an emerging talent for Real Madrid's youth team, who will be 18 on Oct. 1. He makes early comparisons with Pascal Siakam for his ability to switch screens and keep many positions in defense. He prefers to play on the perimeter of the crime where he already has an impressive ability to put the ball on the floor of the ride in the basket. His three-shot shot remains a lot of work in progress, but he shows some encouraging signs. He will have to become stronger to play in the NBA front row battle in the long run. Read this in-depth piece of power by Ignacio Risotto in The Stepien

13. Josh Green, G, Arizona

The NBA scouts will be locked in Arizona throughout the season with Green and Manion on the perimeter. The greens came from Australia before high school and eventually found themselves at the IMG Academy, Florida-based preparatory school, which in recent years also produced the first rounds of Jonathan Isaac and Anfernee Simons. He designs as a possible wing 3 and D at 6 & 5. Greens have long hands (as the wingspan 6, as the case may be), large open athletics on the floor, and the attitude and speed to protect multiple positions. His stock will be influenced by how well he can score in the half against certain defenses when he puts the ball on the floor.

His stats for the Under Armor chain were encouraging after he published 63% real firing rate and almost 4% theft. His 59-percent foul shooting, but a 35-percent three-point shooting, means that the jury is still outside the strike.

14. Kahlil Whitney, F, Kentucky

Whitney's cut six-foot shot at 7 feet, making it seem like it was created in an NBA scout lab. He will play next season as part of Kentucky's newest freshman, where he will have an early opportunity to prove he has the basic skills of being the 3rd and D player in the NBA. Whitney hit 48.6% of her triads in EYBL, but somehow only 44% of her free throws. His physical condition gives him a great defensive potential where it would be wise to focus his energy as a freshman of John Calipari. The teams will be intrigued if they can put good offensive numbers.

15. Isaac Okoro, F, Auburn

Okoro is only 36 in the RSCI, but his statistics profile and strong frame show that he may be the most underestimated player in his class. Okoro is wing 6, which should have a big impact on Auburn next season. He hit 46% of his triads as the rising senior of the Nike EYBL chain and also pulled four assists per game while limiting the turnovers good enough to win the second team's awards.

He designs as one of the best perimeter defenders in this class, using his length, strength and speed to keep the offensive from the basket. While his free throw rate of 68% is a cause for concern, his true shot rate of 65.8% is one of the best in the perimeter player round. His projects are like a high-quality, two-way wing.

16. Precious Acivava, F, Memphis

Acivava is a big, powerful athlete who seems to be part of the NBA combo before going to the Memphis Campus. It will be one of the best defensive perspectives in this class, with strength, speed, jumping ability and high engine to go back. He is too harsh, especially as a jumping shooter, but he has to influence the transition floor and hit the offensive glass for the return. There have already been early comparisons with Josh Smith in terms of physicality and style of play.

Achilva is the oldest freshman in this class, celebrating 20 years before the start of the season. He will form a fascinating front duet with Wiseman for Penny Hardy in Memphis.

17. Scotty Lewis, G., Florida

Hyper-athletic guard of 6th, Lewis was considered a five-star recruiter throughout his entire high school before committing to Florida. Born in New Jersey is attractive to NBA teams for his incredible speed and ability to jump, coupled with his compelling thinking. He designs as a defensive force in the back and a lethal transient threat that will have to improve his offensive skill level. Luis has the opportunity to choose a lottery despite the still evolving skills of dribbling, crossing and shooting, but he needs to be a smart knife, effective finishing on the edge, and a kind of cut that can publish a high free kick rate. For all of his physical tools, it's important to remember that Luis is even older than Cole Anthony for a few months, and will be a 20-year-old freshman at the time of madness in March.

  High School Basketball: McDonald's High School Day of All American Portraits

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

18. Isaiah Stewart, C, Washington

Is Isaiah Stewart's obvious physical gifts going to the highest levels of the game? This is the issue NBA scouts will consider after watching the first center in Washington next season. Stewart went to college, ranked as a top-two, who is hired by some services, mostly because of his man-child frame. With £ 8, 240 pounds with almost 7 & 5 wings, Stewart was trying to succeed in high school. It is possible that his physical strength is so huge that he will also be able to beat NBA players, but evaluators will want to see an improved level of skill before making the bet. Reproduction of the Washington area next season may not bring him any benefits in terms of his shares.

19. LaMelo Ball, G, Illawarra Hawks (NBL)

Ball is the hardest player to rank on this forum, as few have seen him in a competitive environment that was not built around his unique brand. I watched Live Ball playing in my dad's last JBL league last summer and saw a talented fuse with a new level of skill and little discipline. While his brother, Lonzo, has long been considered a superb basketball mind, Ball's youngest brother is determined by the poor choice of shot and the propensity to play for the most important. Неговата година в Австралия може да бъде най-доброто нещо, което някога се е случвало с него, ако е принуден да използва своята рамка от 6'7, за да направи удар като защитник и функционален минувач.

Засега нивото му на талант като създател на изстрел е високо достатъчно, за да го смята за първия кръг, въпреки колко сурово е в повечето области на играта.

Джо бе извън топ-100 класацията за набиране на персонал преди една година, преди да разцъфне в един от най-добрите стрелци по периметъра в страната. Арканзас. Джо удари 41% от тройките си на осем опита за мач. Той завърши в 97-ия персентил в джъмперите от дрибъл, на Synergy Sports, и също се класира като "много добър" на спот-нагоре възможности. Бързото и компактно движение на Джо ще бъде интересно за екипите на НБА. Той също така записа впечатляващо 2.8 откраднат курс за защита и се класира като “отличен” в възможностите за преход в престъпление. Скаутите ще искат да го видят, че той ще може да вкара от двуточков диапазон, където е застрелял само 41% като първокурсник.

21. Еремия Робинсън-Ърл, Ф, Вилянова

Робинсън-Ърл е силен преднина от 6'8, 235 паунда, който би трябвало да се превърне в пряк първокурсник на Джей Райт в предния съд на Вилянова. Той вече е показал феноменален инстинкт за отскачане, както за средното училище, така и за подпомагане на баскетбола на САЩ за златен медал миналото лято в шампионата на FIBA ​​Americas U18.

Робинсън-Ърл блести в половината като многофункционален защитник с бързи крака, които могат да се придържат към водещите манипулатори. Той също превъзхожда в преход обидно, управлявайки пода, и като занаят като финишер. Той развива способността за обработка на топката да отблъсква борбите. Докато той няма идеална дължина и атлетичен поп, JRE вече има солиден набор от умения и помага да допринесе за победата.

Tillman е един от най-ефективните играчи в баскетбола на колежа миналия сезон. Той имаше осезаемо въздействие върху победата, след като замени ранения съотборник Ник Уорд в стартовия състав на Мичигън в средата на февруари, като помага да се разстрои Сион Уилямсън и Дюк в турнира на NCAA, за да стигнат до Финалната четворка. Tillman завърши с 19 точки, девет борби, три кражби и два блока на 8-от-12 стрелба в тази игра, показвайки пълния си набор от умения срещу най-талантливия отбор в страната. Мнозина ще кажат, че Тилмън е твърде тежък и твърде бавен, за да играе в центъра на съвременната НБА, но вече е толкова продуктивен, че се чувства погрешно да го преброи.

Единствените двама играчи в колеж по баскетбол, които завършиха с по-висок резултат плюс минус от Тилман миналата година, бяха Уилямсън и Гонзага Брандън Кларк. Не можем да изчакаме да видим какво може да направи през следващия сезон.

23. Уендел Мур, Г, Дюк

Дюк има двама първокурсници (Върнън Кери младши и Матю Хърт), които влизат в колеж по-високо в RSCI, но първото участие на Blue Devils в класа 2019, Уендел Мур, се чувства като най-доброто за перспективата. Мур е силно крило 6 '5, което се представя като един от най-добрите двупосочни играчи в този клас. Той записа 60% истински процент на стрелба като изгряващ старши на Nike веригата EYBL, въпреки че е уцелил само 16% от тройките си. 77-процентният процент на свободното хвърляне на Мур показва, че той трябва да може да поправи скока си. Той също е добър минувач, който имаше 21% помощ и един качествен защитник, който отчете 2.5% кражба. Мур няма да навърши 18 години до следващия месец, което означава, че той е и един от най-младите играчи в тази макет.

24. Самуел Уилямсън, F, Луисвил

Уилямсън е крило от 6'7, което привлече възторжени ревюта по веригата на всички звезди, докато завършва кариерата си в гимназията. Американските проекти на Макдоналдс като първокурсник в екип от Луисвил, който трябва да започне годината в топ 10 на предсезонните проучвания. Уилямсън е мощен състезател, който отива на ръба, който превъзхожда в преход и трябва да произвежда десетки манипулации. Също така той има развиващ се скок на удар – удари 50 процента от тройките си на два опита за мач и 77 процента от свободните му хвърляния по схемата на Nike EYBL. Скаутите ще искат да го видят да завърши по-ефективно в дъгата, да защитава и да продължи да се усъвършенства като минаващ по време на първокурсника си.

 NCAA Basketball: Texas Tech в щата Айова

Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports

Haliburton влезе в щат Айова извън топ 150 в класацията за набиране на персонал, преди да събере един от най-интересните статистически профили на всеки първокурсник в страната. Това бяха най-добрите постижения на охраната на 6: 5 точки:

  • Не. 3 в страната в офанзивен рейтинг, на 136.8
  • 66.6% истински процент на стрелба, който се нарежда на топ 20 в страната
  • 2.7 кражба
  • 43,4% за три указатели и 68,5% за двупосочни

Haliburton също публикува окуражаващо съотношение между подпомагане и оборот. Той не е най-естественият спортист, който се качва на обръча и трябва да добави сила, но той е такъв интелигентен играч в двата края с добър размер за двете места. Трудно е да сложим Haliburton в кутия, защото нивото му на ефективност е толкова рядко, но скаутите на НБА със сигурност ще го държат под око като второкурсник.

Dosunmu беше възприет като възможен първи кръг след неговата Първият сезон в Илинойс, но взе решение да се върне в училище, без дори да изпробва проектните води в комбината. Той го поставя в позиция за сезона на шатрата като второкурсник, където ще се надява да заведе Illini на турнира NCAA за първи път от 2013 г. насам. 2.3% откраднаха, 21% помогнаха и изненадаха много хора, като удариха 35% от тройките си. Dosunmu отново ще трябва да докаже, че е способен шутър от дълбочина този сезон, като същевременно подобрява ефективността си като голмайстор само след като завърши с 52% истински процент на стрелба.

27. Малкълм Казалон, Г, Франция

Казалон е друг член на френския отбор на Световната купа U17 миналото лято, който взе сребро заедно с Маледон и Хейс. Той е най-големият от тримата като шестима шестима футболисти с почти 7-метров размах на криле, който се плъзга нагоре и надолу по игрището и може да стане горещ като голмайстор. Той е усреднил повече от 16 точки на мач в Световната купа, като също показва добра защитна позиция, като успява да направи средно по три кражби на мач. Скаутите ще искат да го видят, че ще подобри изстрела си отвън и ще покаже по-последователна агресия, атакуваща атакуващо кошницата

28. Патрик Уилямс, щата Флорида

Дължината на Уилямс и способностите за стрелба по крилото може да му помогнат да се превърне в едно-единствено дело във Флорида. Той удари 50% от тройките си на 3.4 опита за игра, докато играеше на Nike веригата EYBL. Отборите ще искат да го видят да завърши по-ефективно вътре в дъгата и да използват физическите си инструменти, за да повлияят на защитния край. Той влиза в колежа, класиран на 29 място в RSCI.

Може ли Пикет да се радва на подобно покачване на Ja Morant като предпазител в средата на мандата, за да отиде за втория си сезон? Не е възможно, но не и невъзможно. Играейки за един от най-лошите отбори в страната в Сиена, Пикет е събрал интригуващ статистически профил като първокласен охранител на 6'4. Той завърши на 5-то място в страната в асистенция по-добре от 42%, отбеляза впечатляващ блок (2.8) и открадна (3.5), и дори удари 35% от тройките си. Забележителната разлика между Morant и Pickett е, че Morant е елитен спортист, докато на Pickett липсва бързина и експлозивност, за да създава последователно отделяне на дриблията. Джалън Смит, Ф, Мериленд

Смит беше още един възможен избор на първия кръг тази година, който реши да се върне в Мериленд за сезона на втория си курс. Той е спортист на 6'10, който може да прави пиеси над двата края на пода. Той има естествената ловкост, за да завърши около кошницата, но скаутите ще искат да го видят, че ще подобри ефективността си. Миналия сезон Смит беше най-добър на офанзивното стъкло (с 12.5% ​​o-boar rate) и в преход, където завърши в 94-ия персентил на DI играчи в точки за притежание. Неговата способност за стрелба е неговото умение да се люлее след като е уцелила 27 процента от тройките си на 71 опита като първокурсник.

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