In recent years, Google has come under tighter control over how it uses your personal information, and this has led to the introduction of new privacy features in various products and the ability to automatically delete location history and network activity. The company’s latest effort to control users over their own data comes in the form of new settings in Gmail.

The first of the two new options allows users to turn off smart features in Gmail, Chat, and Meet to protect the data that those features use to do their thing. This means that automatic email filtering, smart compilation, summary maps, and adding event details to your calendar will be disabled or degraded.

It is now possible to turn off some of these features, but the new general setting is much clearer about how your data is used and will be good for anyone who prefers Google not to scan the contents of their emails so thoroughly. The second option allows you to opt out of customizing your other Google products using data captured by Gmail, Chat, and Meet.

Google Assistant can usually serve you reminders and other information based on the emails you receive, and Google Maps can show you personalized list information, such as bookings downloaded from Gmail, among other great features that many of us probably take for granted nowadays. You can now choose to turn them off in favor of limited versions of those products that will not use your data.

Google strives to emphasize that all of these features are automated as always and that your data is never subject to manual review by a human employee. Gmail ads will still not be based on the content of your emails, no matter what you choose here. While a pop-up window for these options appears in the coming weeks, you’ll be able to change your choices at any time from the Gmail settings menu.