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The new owners of Mach-E are attracting the anger of Tesla fans because of the positive reviews

Much virtual ink has been wasted on the bizarre dynamics in the Tesla community built around the cult personality of Tesla CEO Elon Musk, the undisputed genius behind the current boom in the popularity of electric vehicles. During the press, Tesla was the market leader in electric cars and the most valuable car manufacturer in the world, which speaks volumes about the merits of both Musk and Tesla.

However, some Tesla supporters often act like teenage comics against anyone who dares to criticize a superhero in any way, no matter how justified or well-said the criticism is. Generally called Tesla Fans these supporters will come out for anyone and anything they consider a threat to Tesla̵

7;s reputation. Like, say, the new owners of the Ford Mustang Mach-E.

Sergio Rodriguez is the owner of the 2020 Model X, which recently bought Mach-E and began making comparative reviews and publishing them online. His goal, he told the Detroit Free Press, was never to pit one camp against the other, but to give his personal opinion on the two electric cars in the hopes of helping others decide what was best for them.

Jace Craft-Miller is also the new owner of Mach-E First Edition, who, taken with his new car, publishes about it online. Come to think of it, neither does anything out of the ordinary: who doesn’t like to show off or brag to friends and strangers about their shiny new thing, whether it’s a cool car, a nice bike or something even more trivial like a brand new bag, a pair of shoes or a new dog?

What these two have in common is the fact that they are angering the Tesla community. Brag as much as you want online, but not about EV this is not Tesla, or you are worthy to die the most painful death. Or at least they’re both told – something that Mike Levine, Ford’s North American product communications manager, knows about, as he also receives death threats.

Rodriguez says his ordeal began when someone posted about his positive reviews of Mach-E in the private Facebook group Tesla Owners Worldwide. Then death threats begin to come, and most of them seem justified only by the fact that he dares to make a positive assessment of another EV. If there is such a thing as justifying a death threat.

On his social media, Rodriguez says he’s not usually weak, but once you start receiving personal messages from people saying “I know what your Tesla looks like. If I see him … ” you start to worry that maybe these are not just empty words. Both he and Craft-Miller report these users, but there is something to be said for this kind of bad will that lives in an otherwise very supportive community.

For Rodriguez, this is a sign that he may have to give up Tesla.

“Part of me wants to get rid of my Tesla, just so there is no association,” he tells the publication. “But people comment and say disgusting things. “Are you letting a big butter buy you?” and “How much do people pay you?” If this has to do with the owner of Tesla, why do I want to be part of this group? It’s not cool. “

If it was an isolated incident, he would hardly register with anyone, let alone on the news. And although it is not widespread (or, as Rodriguez himself says, “Not ALL Tesla owners are like that”) seems to occur frequently, with renewed intensity.

According to an analyst and Autoline after hours hosted by John McElroy, this is due to the belief of Tesla fanatics that “They are on a messianic mission to save the planet: anyone who is not with them is against them.” Others believe that this is a good old-fashioned car rivalry, introduced in the age of the Internet and therefore worsened thousands of times. This is a sign of the times, if you will, with the only advantage showing that Tesla will soon get real competition – if not yet.

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