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We’ve all had a phone that has reached premature death, running out of software updates long before the device is actually too slow to use. Fortunately, the ROM user community is helping to keep your old gadgets alive, and there is currently no better ROM than LineageOS. The open source project brought Android 11 to nearly 60 phones earlier this month, and two more are about to be added to the list. The OnePlus 6T has just picked up Android 11 with the kind assistance of LineageOS, and the OnePlus 6 is expected to be built later this week.

The latest version of LineageOS is based on Android 11, with the latest security patches added for good measure. You get access to all the enhancements and enhancements delivered as part of Google’s latest operating system last fall without having to wait for OnePlus to push OxygenOS 11 to any phone. It also includes several exclusive ROM features, including advanced customization options, improved music player and recorder apps, and more. You can check the list of changes released along with the original batch of phones to learn more.

Recently, a commitment was pressed, which shows that LineageOS will soon have ready compilations of Android 11 for OnePlus 6 and 6T. There was a hiccup, but it was resolved in a short time and OnePlus 6T has already taken a night image LineageOS 18.1, which you can download here.

All of this comes just days after an update for both devices brought the April security fix and … not much else. The flagships of OnePlus for 2018 have been left to languish on Android 10, even as we approach Google I / O and the unveiling of Android 12 beta. Earlier today, we learned that OnePlus will not release official Oxygen OS updates based on Android 11 for phones until August at the latest – and that’s only for Open Betas.

If you own one of the two phones and you’re sick of waiting for an update to come through official channels, LineageOS may be an option. Installing a ROM on a modern phone is nowhere as simple or easy as before, but it is still an option.

GitHub reversion

Minutes after the publication of our story, the LineageOS project published a reversion to the GitHub project, so there will probably be a wait until Android 11 is ready for both phones on this route. Our scope has been updated.

Snag is enabled, update 6T has been released

The eternally great developers behind LineageOS managed to fix the problem:

Images for the OnePlus 6T are now available, with the OnePlus 6 expected on Tuesday. Our coverage has been updated (again).