The outbreak of measles is spreading to Washington County, known to be unwilling to vaccinate its children, and health officials have urged public health emergency.

You've probably heard the slogan "Vaccines Cause Autism".

Officials at the New York pediatric cabinet thought it was time for vaccination pilgrims to come up with their own message.

Annoyed by outbreaks of measles in places like Oregon, Washington and their own Montroux County, workers at Legacy Pediatrics in Rochester, New York, they posed for a picture of T-shirts with a pro-vaccine message and shared it on Facebook. Shirts say, "Vaccines cause adults."

They got their headlines because office workers were written and broadcast on television stations for which Dr. Janet Casey said it was not easy.

"We have to be so strong, and as categorical as anti-vaccinations and unfortunately not very sexy or headline to say that vaccinations are safe and effective," Casey said, "I'm really proud of . "

Casey said an employee had seen the" adult vaccines " a man and a friend who owns a printing shop that offered to make shirts for free, many who saw Facebook mail want to know where to buy This post has also attracted parents who claim that vaccinations are a cheat from a pharmaceutical company and are responsible for the diseases and diagnoses of their children. "

The Legacy Pediatrics staff in Rochester, New York he wanted to highlight the importance of vaccination after the outbreak of measles in the county. Casey is still optimistic that more and more people get the message that vaccinations save lives. "I had outbreaks of measles," she said. "I thought that for a long time it would be necessary for diphtheria (a rare bacterial disease) or poliomyelitis to return and a few hundred people die so people can say, wait a bit – that's unacceptable Some parents choose not to get vaccinated, because vaccines against discredited beliefs are related to autism, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention stated that there is no link and that there are no ingredients in vaccines that could cause autism

The pediatric office has sold 30 shirts out of 100 they were given free of charge by Rog Esther Crazy T-Shirts for Dogs The shirt-seller sells clothes with the slogan online.The men's shirt is $ 11.99 and the woman is $ 12.99 The youth shirts and the baby are $ 16.99 The money collected from shirts sales from the pediatric office and printer , will be donated to a local pediatric hospital and a Unicef ​​vaccination fund, Casey said

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