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The Pokemon community split over the Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl charts

The Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl was finally announced on February 26, after years of fans dying to return to the Sinnoh region. But not everyone is happy with the revelation, as chibi-style graphics are a hot topic.

After months of leaks and rumors, The Pokemon Company has finally confirmed that they are working on a remake of Gen IV, due out in late 2021. The brilliant diamond and glittering pearl were officially unveiled at a Pokemon Presents conference for the 25th anniversary of the franchise.

Although the community has been praying for a re-enactment of Sinnoh for years, some fans were disappointed after Game Freak revealed the project̵

7;s chi-art style. The unique graphics have made many angry that they believe is a major step backwards for the series – although equally, many players are excited about the game.

Screenshot of Chicky protagonists of Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl.
Game Freak / The Pokemon Company

The Pokemon community is torn by the chibi graphics of the Sinnoh remake.

The graphics of Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl divide Pokemon fans

In the 25 years of Pokemon Game Freak titles, he traditionally used remakes to bring older games to the current generation. Take Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire in 2014. Nintendo 3DS games saw the Hohen region rethought in the X&Y engine, while including Gen VI features such as Mega Evolutions.

Many fans expected Sinnoh remakes to be created in the same way as Sword & Shield or Let’s Go. However, in full swing, The Pokemon Company revealed that Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl will instead be “true” ports, not an update of the current generation.

Most striking of all is the chibi-style graphics that the project uses to transform the Gen IV. The bold new style provoked a reaction from many fans, who claimed that it looks cheap and is a step backwards compared to ORAS. The debut trailer was quickly greeted with numerous posts on social media, critical of the graphic direction.

“ORAS on par with Gen 6 and” true to the original “. Diamond and Pearl Remakes – Somehow worse graphically than Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee, “wrote one user. “Well, as much as I’m a real mega-noise for a remake of Diamond & Pearl, I totally thought it would be a mobile edition based on graphics,” wrote another player on Twitter. LA looks like a beautiful toy box. “It looks like a bad game on a cell phone,” said someone else.

Pokemon fans criticize the brilliant graphics with diamonds and glittering pearls.
Game Freak / The Pokemon Company

Many fans were disappointed with Sinnoh’s remakes, using chibi-style graphics.

Popular forums like r / Pokemon subreddit were flooded with classic memes, many of them mocking the little hero models in the Gen IV remake. Even those who were excited about the game could not help but make a few blows in the new direction of art.

Picture of Reddit memes for brilliant graphics with diamonds and glittering pearls.

The artistic style of Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl became a meme online.

However, not all fans were disappointed with the chibi style in Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl. Many in the community praised him for sticking closer to the originals. “When I saw that the remake of ‘Diamond and Pearl’, we went with a nostalgic style instead of the most modern graphics,” a Pokemon fan celebrated on Twitter with an image of an excited Cinderace. “They are true to what the DPP was like. Honestly, he’s damned if he does, damn if he doesn’t. I am glad that they kept it close to the original “, another player in defense of the project wrote in the game.

Pokemon fans love brilliant graphics with diamonds and glittering pearls.

Not everyone has given up on the artistic style of the 2021 title.

The reaction to the remake’s debut trailer ranged from players calling the characters’ models “terrifying” to others praising the art style as “charming” and “nostalgic.” While fans have been waiting years for a rethink of the Gen IV, opinions seem to be divided over how to approach it.

In another first for the series, Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl is not even developed by Game Freak, but is instead being worked on by a third-party studio, ILCA. Only time will tell if most of the community will eventually reach the newest look of the Sinnoh region.

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