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LAS VEGAS – Proposed ordinance to criminalize camping or sleeping on downtown streets when beds are available in shelters on Wednesday night amid protests in and around the mayoralty.

Protesters flooded the Las Vegas City Council chambers with signs labeled "Poverty is not a crime" and "Eat the rich," while others led scandals of disapproval directed at Mayor Carolyn Goodman, who sponsored the bill and council members.

"Housing is not handcuffs! Housing is not handcuffs! … Hey, hey, ho-ho – the war for the poor must go!", They shouted.

None of this was rocking. a council that votes 5-2 in favor of the law. The measure will apply to the downtown core, not the Las Vegas strip, which is controlled by another jurisdiction.

" That's not enough, but it's a start, "Goodman said, noting Las Vegas' economy relies on its image as an attractive international tourist attraction: "We have been conducting these talks for 20 years and we must have results."

A number of people waiting to comment on the ordinance wrapped around the cameras. , Before the first comment, Goodman warned the crowd that anyone who spoke to the audience was at risk of being thrown out of the meeting.

"You can't hear me if you keep screaming," Goodman said, but the screaming continued in the crowd. "Excuse me, let's try to show some manners."

The ordinance represents another chapter in the city's decade of efforts to sweep homeless people along the streets of downtown – a campaign that includes some of the harshest tactics in the country.

The Council criminalizes the distribution of food to people in public, closed parks and outlaws within 500 feet of feces – a grave mistake that was subsequently repeated. he even suggested moving the homeless to an abandoned prison for 30 miles.

On Wednesday, Las Vegas residents and homeless people struggling to survive on the streets approached the microphone and rejected the proposed law.

If there is money to build stadiums in Southern Nevada, there is money to help roofless people overhead, said George Allen, a homeless man working in the home care industry,

"We need to be able to work together." "He must find a way."

Stretch Sanders, president of All Shades United, called the council "disgusting" and claimed the mayor was able to feed himself – not to "feed the block." [19659023] Protesters flooded Las Vegas City Hall on Wednesday to oppose a new ordinance that would criminalize sleeping ” width=”540″ data-mycapture-src=”” data-mycapture-sm-src=””/>

Protesters flooded Las Vegas City Hall on Wednesday to oppose a new ordinance that would criminalize sleeping in Las Vegas sidewalks. (Photo: Ed Komenda / Reno Gazette Journal)