SportsPulse: The Tampa Bay Rays have sent the New York Yankees and will now face the Houston Astros in ALCS, which promises to have a lot of firepower.


SAN DIEGO – Jose Altowe, one of the greatest players in the game, stood alone in the dirt on Tuesday night, staring freely into the field in utter disbelief.

Here he is, a former MVP, a six-time All-Star, a five-time Silver Slugger, a three-time wadding champion and a Gold Glove winner who is melting all over the world to see him in this American League of Champions League.

The Houston Astros are one defeat away from winter, losing again to the Tampa Bay Race, 5-2, and Altuve’s hand is largely responsible for two of the defeats.

“It’s hard to see this happening to such a great player and such a great person …,” said Astros manager Dusty Baker. It hurts us all when we see it hurt.

Altowe made no mistake in throwing in the regular season, but within three hours made three, leading to five tracks, with Reiss now leading the best of the seven series, 3-0.

There is only one team in baseball history to recover from a 3-0 deficit, but the 2020 Astros have not been the Boston Red Sox since 2004.

“It’s a steep mountain to climb,” Baker said, “but it’s not impossible.” We need to tighten our belts, put on our big boy pants, and go out to fight. “

Realistically, this series is over, and Altuve – which hit the homer to send Astros to the World Series a year ago – will now have to spend a long winter to handle what happened. He refused to be interviewed after the match.

“No one feels worse than Jose,” Baker said, “because he takes him very seriously and takes him to heart.” We give him all the support we can. He is one of ours. “

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Astros controlled this game after Altuve’s homer in the first inning, but together came the sixth, and the mistake that will haunt him until spring training may be longer.

Randy Arozarena took the sixth inning with a single shot, and Astros entered his normal substitution for left-handed striker Brandon Lowe. He seemed to be working to perfection. Lowe hit a routine ground ball to Altuve, which was a custom-made double game.

Altuve applied it cleanly, turning it to Carlos Korea’s stop, only to throw two legs in front of Korea and into the left field. Two out and no one became two and no out.

Astros manager Dusty Baker went to the mound to remove the shaken Jose Urquidi, who had placed the gem, and the entire interior went to the mound, except for one person.

Altuve stood alone, unable to look. His teammates came during the warm-up pitches of Enoli Paredes, trying to comfort him.

“Keep your head up, we still have a lot of play left,” Korea told him. “We will win this game.”

Altowe didn’t say a word, just nodded.

“I’m also blamed for this mistake,” said Korea, “because I feel like I’m doing nine times out of 10 and I couldn’t pick my team in this one.”

The Blood-smelling Rays took full advantage, and by the time the inning was over, they had scored five runs, interrupting the game and the series.

“Boy,” Baker said, “it’s just a nightmarish inning.”

Altowe had a chance to redeem in the ninth, presenting a draw with two and one outs, only to make a swing against Diego Castillo.

Even before the game, Baker feared that Altowe was in his own head.

“You hope he doesn’t hear,” Baker said. “They always come in piles. Everything comes in piles – mistakes, hits, homers, everything. I just told him to wash it. “

If the loss wasn’t painful enough for Astros, they had to watch the Rays display another of their defensive showcases.

The highlights began in the first inning when Reis central tennis player Kevin Kiermeier robbed Alex Bregman of the wall.

During the tuning, the Astros had two players, two outs, when Carlos Korea placed the ball in the right-center field. Kiermeier sprinted 52 feet, a pigeon, and with a glove in front of him, caught the ball when it hit the ground, saving at least a run – if not two.

Left-winger Randy Arozarena, shortlist Wiley Adams, Joey Wendell, Hunter Renfrow and pitcher John Curtis came into play before the night was over.

“They’re playing the game the right way,” Korea said. “They are fussing. They play hard. And they play great defense. This is a recipe for winning games. “

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