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The real detective's final begins with a bluff, then tells a new story

Mahershala Ali
Photo: True Detective / HBO
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"Two men with a hard voice who speak like a race, perverse funny dungeon for kidnapping

" Now I'm open "also delivers the last thing I expected from the real detective : a happy ending.


In its first stage, "Now Am Found" looks like a stew of toxic masculinity. Edmond Hoyt (19459042) Michael Rooker, gray and rising, and his bodyguards drive Wayne Hayes to the province where the two men can have a confrontation on the edge of a bluff with all the threat it implies. Hoyt walks through his tactical jacket by sucking whiskeys out of the bottle, talking about "returning his balls" and unclanned threats. "We're both soldiers," Hayes said. "You see a triage. – Wayne Hayes understands the trigger. As we saw in Woodard Altercation, he is incredibly brave and smart in the field. But when he is really under the fire – when his family's peace is at risk – he understands how to give priority. In the end, Hoyt's appearance adds little to the story, but it is a convincing reason why Wayne can finally turn his back on police work and a compelling reason to reconsider the life he has and make the life he wants. Sitting in the VFW with Amelia, talking about their marriage, Wayne Hayes shows the type of self-awareness and insight that most people come after years of therapy. "I just realized I wanted your approval," he says to his wife, "and sometimes I do wrong because you want it. He does not blame her, she does not try to deny she has promised to tell her everything. He makes a mistake and promises to change.

He promises more than that. Wayne is ready to leave his career in the state police so that Amelia can withdraw from her job as a primary school teacher so they can both get out of Purcell's case. This season we saw that these couples smile at each other with a quiet, painful precision. It is encouraging to see how they promote each other with the same certainty and see them connect to the simple, lasting holding of hands.

Mahershala Ali
Photograph: True Detective / HBO

secretly between us, he continues. "And it is that you and I – who we are, our marriage, our children – all relate to a dead boy and a missing girl. "For the second time in minutes, Wayne Hayes interrupts years of family habits and conversations. for the things that have spoken so long. "Let's leave this thing," he says. "It's not ours."

Even before their deep, productive VFW conversation in 1990,
Wayne and Amelia strive to be vulnerable to one another. When you are
his superiors give a simple choice to deny the article of the Amelia newspaper,
Wayne selects the loss of betrayal. When
drunkenly throwing her into discontent, she chooses to give him "superiority" – also in the VFW, in 1980.
he thinks he's broke out of the Shootout, but instead it's bigger, better, more terrible. "I think I want to marry you," he says, trying to say words. "I did not think that would happen to me. I did not allow … I did not expect that. You .

The first seven episodes of the third real detective season were for concealment: hiding details, detention, retention, and care and attention. Wayne, Amelia, Roland, Henry, even the absent Beka, are behaving with vulnerability. In the final they all come out of their reserve. "I am now open" is a parade of hugs and hands that gently invite each other into a shared life.

Maheshala Ali, Deborah Ayerinda

Reich Fischer, Mahershala Ali

Maheshall Ali, Deborah Ayrinda

Stephens Dorph, Mahrshala Ali

and Amelia make the 1990 crisis an opportunity to cure their marriage (indeed, to find the marriage that has somewhere under the suffocating fog of the Purcell case), Roland West sublimates and spoils the battle. Striking himself in a biker bar, he takes out a likely opponent and begins to reveal insults … but that's the nature of the insult. "I've always wondered that all of those sacked human garbage there are walking around the ground?" Who does it? Although Roland mocks the biker and his date, it's his mockery with the idea that they can create a family that earns him the first shot. But even Roland receives a hug from the distracted stray dog ​​who is wandering, so Roland starts his own family.

A Good Shepherd, Stephen Dorf
Photo: True Detective / HBO

Amelia tells Wayne that when you write a story, "It's important to know how you want to end." When Wayne tells her, that she would like to marry her, she asks, "How would you do that?" Amelia knows that the story of life is not something that happens to you. This is something did because the history of life is not summed up by its events. The story of your life is the story of the choices you make.

"What if the end is not really the end?", Asks Whean for Amelia, who stood behind him in his gruesome study. "What if there's another story?" What happens if something stays uninterrupted? All this life, all this loss. What if it was really a long story that went on and on until it was cured? Is not this a story that is worth saying? Is not this a story that is worth listening to? "

Julie Purcell's police file was the story of a lost little girl who could never be found. Her unclear story was the princess's dark tale, conquered in a pink underground prison. Her tale was tabloid feed, a fugitive, plundered in the streets, dying young in a monastery. But her true story is one of the open families, abandoning the past and building a life for herself and her family.

Mahershala Ali
Photo: True Detective / HBO

See Wayne Hays' eyes drinking his glass of water and standing
the thriving courtyard of the Alegra Alley. I believe he sees the truth
in front of him, just for a moment before slipping again. Me too
I believe he lets him slip away just as he decides to write down his address
but not the reason for that. Life is made out of elections, and Wayne Hayes chose to leave the answer he has been pursuing all these years to return to the bottom of his memory.

Like Junius Watts, if you come to this episode, looking for a punishment, for more viewing in the abyss, you you are in disappointment. Unlike previous seasons and unlike earlier episodes in the third season, "Now Am Found" is no longer the case. It's about building a life. It's about building a family, even if (like Roland West) you start late.

Happy End! No matter how fortunate they are to ending up with prestigious police appearances-and whatever the end, any kind of story, meaning no end to it. Not with Henry Hayes A real detective Jr. – He inserted Lucy Purcell's address into his pocket for later, not with the youngest Wayne's image, entering the lush, confusing jungle of his own memories. Life, especially the life of the family, is not a book that closes. This is a story that continues until it is treated and does not hurt, and is treated again.

These are men who can choose their families in A real detective : Roland chooses to sit with Wayne, Wayne chooses to leave him, Mike Ardean (Nathan Caterington) to save Julie from the monastery, Roland is the brother of Tom and Tom, who returns. Isabel's attempt to buy Julia and Lucy to sell her, destroys the lives of all the participants; Beck's distance from her father is a trap used to give her hero an extra dose of anxiety that easily deviates when the time comes.
  • It is not surprising that Mahershala Ali, who on the night of the first broadcast won her second Oscar –
    sophisticated, layered notion of the character of Wayne Hayes
    ages. Surprisingly, the rest of the head rises completely
    to meet him, and this is more true than anyone except Steven Dorf. I have enjoyed his work over the years, but for me his decade-long character here has been too early to claim the most unexpected performance of the year.
  • As the wife of Henry Heather, this is Solla Bamis, responsible for half of Mad Men the most underrated sardonic exchange. For you, Stephen Williams might be Rufus Turner or Virginie or Quentin Dickinson, but for me he will always be Mr. X, and his gravity does the same priceless work here, giving the illusion of the depth of the signed character.
  • Thank you for joining me for the third season of True Detective !

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