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The Rock Star vs. The Rock: Warren and Biden go on a clash

   Elizabeth Warren

With Senator Elizabeth Warren rising in the ballot box and former Vice President Joe Biden shrinks from late spring, Warren's message ignites progressives. | Mario Tama / Getty Images

SALE – Elizabeth Warren has the crowds, Joe Biden is the lead.

The story of the bifurcated screen of one of the most intriguing coincidences of the Democratic presidential primary unfolds in sharp contrast to style and substance.

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On Sunday, Warren stood on the biggest stage of his presidential rally here, which drew about 15,000 people – overshadowing the approximate 12,000 people she held in Minnesota earlier in the year. week, according to his campaign. Across the country, Biden presides over a series of intimate, muted events in New Hampshire and Iowa, hosting crowds counting the low hundreds.

Warren roused his supporters with calls for "big, structural change," and the crowd roared with the chanted "Two cents! Two cents "while waving two fingers in the air while Warren was discussing his 2 percent wealth tax." Biden has lashed out at President Donald Trump, his campaign barely audible and clearly reminding voters that polls consistently show him as the party's best candidate and

parallel displays of two of the top three Democratic candidates offering a possible preview of collision if Biden and Warren maintain their current trajectory. This would be the clash of opposites: the progressive fire brand against the establishment's favorite; a cerebral candidate for big, bold plans for an older statesman who offers himself as a safe haven for people who just want to return to normalcy before Trump.

With Warren rising to the ballot box, and Biden's lead narrowing since late spring, her message ignites progressives.

"Warren is on fire," says Howard Dean, who ran a campaign similar to Warren in 2004 as a non-aologic progression.

But Dean flamed against John Kerry 15 years ago, reflecting the inclination of primary voters to nominate safe choices. to challenge the president of the opposition party running for re-election. And Dean, who is neutral in the race, admitted that Biden could benefit from similar circumstances this cycle.

The main point, in his view, will be "the element in the party that wants real change and the element that just wants to defeat Trump. "Right now, Democrats are more focused on defeating Trump, and those voters prefer Biden the most.

But the Democratic Party of today is far more progressive and Warren is far more organized than it was in 2004,"

"There has been a huge sea change," said Dean. Democratic voters are "much more [people] in color and much more feminine and young." And Biden is not Kerry, he said, "Biden is old institution, but it has merit because it was Obama's deputy president. "

On the buccal shores of Lake Moon in New Hampshire after a speech in Biden on Friday, former State House candidate John Streeter summarized the contrast between the two candidates.

" Warren is a rock star, "says Streeter.


"Joe Biden is a rock," Streeter said. "We know him."

In light of Biden's turn to the polls and the number of influential Democrats, his campaign is tired of reporters and critics – including Trump – Using Crowd Size as a Metric to Judge Him. [19659004] "Are We Concerned the size of Elizabeth Warren's crowd? No, we are not. I understand and understand that it is an easy metric to measure or review, "says Pete Cavanaugh, Biden's deputy campaign manager and pointing person in the early states.

" Some people – not the local press, but the national press – they wonder, "Why on Wednesday at Prole [in Iowa] you only had 130 people." "We think it is of strategic importance in the cart. We do not go to Cedar Rapids and Des Moines on any trip. I understand. It would be great to have a crowd of 1000 every day. But that doesn't matter on February 3, "the date of the cause of the state.

However, Biden's advisers take Warren seriously, and others on the team have admitted privately that they see Warren as his strongest challenger of nearly two dozen. Democrats who govern.

Where Biden dominates traditional campaign donors, Warren builds a small-dollar money machine, making it more of a financial threat than many expected.

In June, Warren raised $ 7.8 million from 320,000 donations, compared to $ 2.2 million by Biden from 111,000 donations, according to data from ActBlue, an online fundraising tool. (This is the latest information available from the site.) Their small dollar performances go in the opposite direction, with Biden's best days coming on his launch week and Warren winning over time.

But while Biden, for the time being, with the centrist, establishment path largely to himself, Warren still has Bernie Sanders in his progress bar. Sanders has an even larger army of small bucks, and has also drawn large crowds this week in Sacramento, California and Louisville, Kiev. The two offer similar messages by confronting the ultra-rich, asking people to join a broader movement, and

Sanders is not taken by the Biden campaign that there is so much room to grow as Warren. But Biden's camp sees the constant strength of Warren and Sanders as an advantage, each limiting the other's ability to expand its base of support. Sanders' campaign believes he could benefit from Biden's support because of demographic overlaps between their constituents.

Two African-American candidates in the race, Kamala Harris and Corey Booker, have so far failed to relinquish Biden's firm leadership to Black voters, who give Biden a huge advantage, especially in South Carolina and other southern states.

Biden's campaign also believes that his main message – to give priority to the Battle of Trump and nostalgic to President Obama – resonates strongly in the Democratic electorate.

“We must reach beyond our party. We must unite the country. We need to restore the soul of the nation, "Biden said to a crowd of about 300 at Keene State College in New Hampshire on Saturday.

" We must be a nation that values ​​honesty and decency by treating everyone with respect and dignity, giving everyone a fair shot and leaving no one behind, not hating without a safe haven. "

In response to a question from the audience about how he would take Trump, Warren said," We won't win this by just saying 'it's not true.' . "She added that" [w] the hat is ugly, we can call it. But that is not enough.

Warren and Biden also differ in style.

He deviates from the message and sometimes fits in. At his first stop at Dartmouth College over the weekend, Biden delves into a discussion about the volatility of 60 and early 70's But he mistakenly gave the wrong number killed in the Kent shooting, unexpectedly wondering aloud what would have happened if Obama had been killed and confused that he was in

On the stump, Warren was decisive in the message. Where Biden is running for the Obama presidency, Warren rarely mentions the last Democratic president. Her campaign sells her as a leader of the movement, selling T-shirts I'm a Warren Democrat. Some of its organizers refer to Hamilton's musical lyrics: "This is not the moment, this is the movement."

Liberal hot spots such as Seattle also guarantee large, attention-grabbing crowds. As with his other statements, Warren on Sunday outlined his campaign as an opportunity for Democrats to reach a cause, citing earlier efforts by superstars, union organizers and civil rights citizens.

"But they did not leave. They got organized. They built a root movement, they persevered and changed the course of American history, "she said. "This is our moment in American history. Dream boldly. Fight hard. Let's win. "

Mark Caputo reported from New Hampshire and Alex Thompson from Seattle. Maggie Severns contributed to this report.

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