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The Royals expert assesses the drama of Prince Charles’ heirs

While the robber goes to hell, the royals go to the hotels. Prince Charles and Camilla, the young lady, dug up last weekend in Adlon, Berlin. Listen, we all understand that we need a break from the housekeeping of the castle. Such an exhausting jump over this ditch and everything.

Michael Jackson once hung his baby over the balcony of a room in Adlon. Also, whether it is known or not, the historic hotel was opened in 1907 under the supervision of Charles’s first removed cousin, Kaiser Wilhelm II.

Now he is making the British wave those stiff upper lips of Lady Colin Campbell, who has written books about Diana plus Prince Harry and his I-me-Megan. Closer to royalty than their jewelers, she gives episodes of Netflix̵

7;s “Crown” a royal flush.

“Prince Charles’ legacy cannot be trampled on. No retreat. The right to inherit is automatic, not optional. The Prince of Wales is the heir. If he’s dead, he goes to William’s.

“Camilla showed grace under pressure. At the time of the marriage, her tact was to be a consort princess. She would be perfect as a queen. Loyal to him, she wanted the man, not the position. Diana even said she expected Charles to be with Camilla.

The Crown is rubbish, saying during Diana and Charles’ early trip to Australia that he was furious and jealous of her attention. No. She couldn’t handle it. He was worried she would vomit. Knowing that she was worried and struggling with the pressure, the queen even asked them to cut Diana, who was only 21 years old.

“Presenting the palace as heartless, the cruel” Crown “distorts things. Success requires sacrifices. Professionalism is denial. Non-indulgence. Everyone who is successful learns to control their emotions. This is the duty of royalty.

“And a depiction of Prince Philip’s charity aboard the royal yacht Britannia. Taking women on it. By parting with naked girls. Impossible on board this ship. This is impenetrable. Security. Observers. Boys. Photographers. Press. Local officials. Philip was always watching. Protected. Accompanied. Naval officers. This oceanic bit, beautifully depicted, is simply unreal. People do not understand how to work with royalty.

“They show that the official photographer has read his personal letters. This man, who is no more, was a great friend of mine. I know this is not true. And the late British reporter Nigel Dempster, angry that he had never been knighted, also shared false stories. The palace is surrounded by unscrupulous people. ”

Tracking the political dough

Donors in the heavyweight division of the presidential election: Sheldon Adelson from Vegas gave the GP 183 million dollars. Fort Knox’s Bloomberg gave everyone except his Dems shorts. Tom Steyer of San Frances, $ 68,028,056 (Dem), Illinois of Illinois $ 65,572,833 (GOP), Mellon of Wyoming $ 65,089,155 (mostly GOP), Ken Griffin of Chicago $ 46,329,334 (mostly GOP), Schwarzman of Blackstone $ 30,467,100 (mostly GOP), Florida S. Donald Suss of Florida Dem), Jeffrey & Janine Yass $ 25,343,700 (GOP), Karla Jurvetson $ 24,928,907 (Dem), NY’s Jim & Marilyn Simons $ 24,117,674 (Dem) , Florida Laura Perlmutter $ 23,900,600 (GOP), former Facebooker Moskovitz $ 23,768,012 (Dem), Newsweb’s $ Fred, Newschab’s (Dem), Atlanta Marcuses $ 17,729,802 $ (mostly GOP), Bekensteins of Massachusetts $ 16,115,587 $ (Dem) Rock’s Warren Stephens $ 14,093,000 (GOP), San Fran’s Charles Schwab $ 13,260,200 (GOP), Dallas’ Kelcy Warren $ 12,948,989 (GOP) John, GOP) $ 12,861,920 (mostly GOP), Mr. and Mrs. George Marcus of Palo Alto $ 12,778,945 (Dem). Plus Mandels of Connecticut $ 15,437,002 (Dem).

A film to greet the holiday

Just to let you know that a nice happy holiday fun movie after Thanksgiving is coming. “Inclusion.”
Stars are Drew Barrymore and Holland Taylor. Rated a little R, has colorful language, sexual references and drug use. In order not to hurry – you have time, because it will be released until December 11 in selected cinemas, on request and digitally.

Dem did it

Now that the election looks over, we can have more respect for Adam Bull-Schiff, who seems to have done the job of two men, Laurel and Hardy.

And not just in New York, kids, just in New York.

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