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The secret to the success of social media of Occasio-Cortez

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1; "AOC."

Democrats want to learn from it The Republicans want to destroy it, and many in Washington are afraid they will "make it". A 29-year-old freshman from New York shows older elders what the future of politics might look like after the digital natives like her take on the good or the bad situation. coincides with both our demographics and our policy, "said Walid Shahid, who is working on her campaign and is director of communications to the left-wing Democrats of Justice group. "Bernie (Sanders) responds to our policies, but it does not coincide with our demographics."

The Democrats were not very excited when Occasio-Cortez retrieved the veteran legislature to be their next spokesman in the Democratic Party last year, and noted. his first day at Capitol Hill, joining Pelosi's headquarters. But more and more often, though dissatisfied, they have come to the conclusion: "If you can not beat them, join them."

Party leaders have prompted Okasio-Cortez to conduct social media training for colleagues from the house last week, presidential candidates seem to be seated in her culinary book while they send beers to their kitchen, get dental cleaning and other vignettes from their daily lives .

"This change is exciting to us because it shows understanding from these campaigns that feel more authentic and natural," the digital company of the Democratic Party ACRONYM writes in a newsletter that warns subscribers of the "random" video trend. after all, politicians are engaged in sales, their product themselves, and their ideas, but many voters do not buy it because of the carefully controlled way they have been put in for years. "

" People have exquisite well-developed meters of shit , "каз and Jim Jim Hems, who helped hold the social media seminar with Ocasio-Cortez last week. "Almost any real chirping will be a little risky. There will be a little opening of a kimono in one member's private life because a little risk is authentic. "

Himes, a white 52 The annual Goldman Sachs scholarship, who is at the heart of the new Democratic coalition, looks and sounds very different from Occasio-Cortez, born in the Latin Democratic Socialist from the Bronx

Attending representative Alexandria Occasio-Cortes expects a member of the House of Representatives to welcome Capitol Hill on November 15, 2018 Yuri Grips / Reuters

Heys said that he and Occasio-Cortez, who did not answer to me interviewer, offer similar advice to their colleagues' social media about which he admits they have to catch up much

. "We both tried to stick this message home," Speak to yourself, be human, said Heims. "Everything you can do to overcome the gap between the dried up, tested politician, the bullet and the people."

This does not mean they imitate Occasio-Cortez. it is probably catastrophic to be a hip, "said Heims – but rather, as the age-old dating advice does, to be yourself.

So, while Occasio-Cortes publishes videos for himself dancing and switching from fifth-floor flats, hems shares pictures of his tapping of maple trees for the syrup and making his home-grown mead .

John Dingle, the 92-year-old former Michigan congressman, and Chuck Grasley, the 85-year-old old Iowa Republican Republican Senator, have both built Twitter actions by leaning on their characters to get down. Grassley once announced the world: "Now I have an iphone," while Dingell was meditating on the Kardashians.

Politics is increasingly becoming an exercise in digital marketing and the creation of content that has to compete with everyone's eyes, from teenage influences to big news.

Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., Has her own talk show and former representative Beto O'Rourke is participating in a substantially low-budget show about Senate reality last year, broadcast live by Facebook fans on Facebook. 19659007] Robi Muk, former campaign manager of Hillary Clinton in 2016, said he advised Democratic candidates for 2020 to modernize their thinking beyond retail policy in Iowa or New Hampshire.

"This is a national campaign and its headquarters is in cyberspace," he said. "You have to build ground operations in these early countries, but Bernie Sanders had almost no organization in Iowa, Donald Trump did not have surgery – Occasion-Cortez is hardly the first politician to "get social" Nearly a decade ago, when he was mayor of Newark, New Jersey, Democratic senator Cory Booker was known to have emerged the doors of your voters with snowballs, diapers, or whatever else you can People told him on Twitter

"If Corri Booker is pretty good at Instagram, as far as politicians go, vibration is still sometimes like the biblical study leader gives you a tour at a college campus," wrote Catherine Miller of Buzzfeed. Cortez uses an installation just like everyone else does – reflexively, by the way. "

There will be plenty more to come from.

Before the new Congress takes an oath this month, the average age of this is one of the oldest in the history of the 115th Congress and on average 20 years older than America Scotto society.

The 101 new members of the 116th Congress, however, included 26,000 (upward) from six in the last congress) and another 18 GenXers. Baby Boomers still make up most of the legislators as a whole, about 54 percent, but their ranks are diluted quickly, according to Puw. Meanwhile, millennia are expected to beat Baby Boomers somewhere this year as a share of the total US population, and 85% of them use social media, compared with 57% of Boomers. Representative Alexandria Occasio-Cortez, DN.Y., takes a picture while attending the MEP's lottery in Washington Capitol Hill on November 30, 2018. Susan Walsh / AP file

Lawmakers asked questions the technical heads of the last hearings, who showed how much in Congress they remain largely ignorant about the foundations of technology that is now an integral part of the lives and political reality of tens of millions of Americans.

So it's not surprising that Democrats turn to their youngest member for advice, just as grandparents can ask their grandson for Facebook help.

This is the future, even supporters worry about some pitfalls. Ted Lieu, D-Calif. He has created huge social media, following the rise of anti-Trump's "resistance" with quick and timely tweaks to the scandal that has earned him close to 1 million followers.

It is not always possible to know whether a joke will land effectively on Twitter, even for Lieu, who quotes the recent tweet that has been sent by mocking senator Marko Rubio, R-Fla., Where sarcasm has not come to some followers. 19659007] "The elected officials are just people, like everyone else," said Lewu. "We have our strengths and weaknesses and we are just people."

Others argue that politicians, who are superficially fascinating in social media, are getting the essence of their work.

These are critical critics, along with some of the main journalists and check-ups, made for Occasio-Cortez, noting that she had sniffed some facts and figures, for example, when the Washington Post's checker provided her with four "Pinocchio" for twinning a shortened comparison of Pentagon waste costs. with Medicare's health plan for everyone.

Some left in the meantime do the same work against O'Rourke, worrying that progressive voters are blind to the veins of centrism going through his political career because they think

Occasio-Cortes best distills his formula in tweets from the early days of his campaign: "Bernie + Cardi = @ Occasio2018." Cardi is Cardi B, the rapper who was vicious last week to explain the government's exclusion in a definitely NSFC (Not Safe For Congress) video.

Does the politics in Social Media look more like Cardi B? Many people are probably uncomfortable with this.

"It's a bit like love," says Heys. "You want to be real, you want to be honest, but you always want to leave a little mystery there. I'm not sure the dental photographers' images that pierce in my mouth leave enough mystery."

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