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The seeds of the Browns' excavations by the titans were planted during a second training session surrounded by battles against the Colts

CLEVELAND, Ohio – The seeds of the Browns' 43-13 route by the Titans were planted during their second joint practice in Indiana last month, where they lost control and became involved in five separate fights.

The Browns' nearly record 18 penalties for 182 yards against the Titans – including Greg Robinson who kicks Kenny Whakaro in the face and Miles Gareth who smashed Delaney Walker in the mouth – can be traced to that day out of control in Westfield, India. [19659003] Battles broke out despite the fact that Freddie Kichens and Colts coach Frank Reich had promised to steer clear of enduring him.

The Reich had seen his Colts spoil their joint practices the previous year with the Ravens, and he had none [1

9659002] "We are football players. We are professional football players. We are not fighters, "Reich said after the Ravens fight." This is not MMA, we are not in a cage, so this is unacceptable. We have young children in the stands. We are role models. This is not what we are looking for.

"Bush league. It's undisciplined The teams that do it and the players that do it lose. It's not the team we want to be." he was in Cleveland when Chad Thomas and Pharaoh Brown exchanged shots during camp. The whole team was letting gas in the heat.

"You saw what happened last time," Keechen said. "We don't practice punishment, so if we start punishing, there are consequences."

But all that changed when Kichance didn't like the practice of his team pace on the first day of joint practice. In fact, when the fight broke out on the first day between the two teams, Michaels did not make his players escape.

" We will see what caused it and what happened and then evaluate the situation, but we will also take nothing from anyone," he said.

Pressed further, he said: " At some point you have to stand up for yourself. If this is a punishment, then it is a punishment. "

On Thursday of this week, after talking to the Quichens hotel team the previous night to set their own pace against the Colts the next day, the Browns were overcrowded for the session and lost their cool. They got involved in five fights and during on a bench scramble to which Browns linear ranger Ray-Ray Armstrong threw haymakers, the Reich was in the field, trying to break it. no battles. "

Again, cf. and for almost half a dozen mills, the kitchen had no consequences, at least not in view of the media. Instead, they applauded, ignoring the fact that they lost their cool and could be injured.

"A message was received," says the receiver of Brown Odell Beckham Jr., who spent team coaching and skirmishing in Indiana. "We came here to impose our will the same way we would in the regular season when it came out. We do not give up on anyone and I love this mentality. That's all I've ever known. Like I said, you don't want this to happen, but it does happen sometimes. "

The kitchens also seemed pleased with the second-day" kick-in "behavior.

" We found that a problem last night, and they came out and fixed it, "he said." This (upward style) is how we practice.

"We've learned a lot about ourselves in terms of how you approach it. Keep your pace up. Let everyone else adapt to yours, not the other way around."

The pace, intensity and strength are great. But the Browns practiced punishment and set the tone that day in Indiana, and

Vakaro, on the other hand, described the philosophy of the Titans.

"The coach does a great job, ka o prepares us for these situations. We were the least punished team in the Championship in the 19th year, this is the coach, this is the culture, this is what we do.

Player-to-player, the Browns were undoubtedly the better team on Sunday, but they got out of control and had to throw the script quickly. They play three night games in their next four and the pressure is on.

"At the beginning of the week, the keys had to be played with more effort and a bigger finish," Vrabel said. "Play with better details, technique and fundamentals. Win the penalty fight and win the battle for the turnovers. You can see how that turned out. "

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