Gremlin spared the athletes from elimination by unmasking.


Attention spoiler! Below are spoilers from the November 18 episode of The Masked Singer, including the identities of the masked celebrities.

Things become real. During the finals of group B on Wednesday, “The Masked Singer” the spectators had to say goodbye not only to one, but two stars in a suit.

Seahorse, Crocodile, Whatchamacallit and Serpent left everything on stage to get a chance to join Sun and Popcorn (Group A) in the Super Six.

In-house investigators Ken Yeong, Jenny McCarthy, Nicole Scherzinger and Robin Tick have joined discussion group guest actress Cheryl Hines, who also appears in the “I Can See Your Voice” panel hosted by Fox, who is hosted by Yong.

Following this week’s performances, clues were leaked by former Masked Singer contestants who are somehow related to the current contenders.

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Evidence: Seahorse’s identity advice is given by her spiritual adviser, who remembers his first meeting with the challenger, then “a girl next door with only a backpack and a guitar, ready to work.” The fried chicken in a container labeled Nashville, two baby dolls and a Christmas wreath were highlighted in the piece.

Seahorse tried to convince the commission to still believe in her singing abilities by throwing it with “… Baby One More Time” by Britney Spears. The performance was in place! British British, are you downstairs? A sea horse killed him!

After Seahorse killed him, Astronaut (revealed as Hunter Hayes in Season 3) appeared with foam carrying a finger script that revealed, “Seahorse has never been in a girl group!”

Assumptions: McCarthy thought of the “TiK ToK” artist Kesha. Hines envisioned American Idol Scholarship Kelly Pickler as Jeong put singer Chandelier Sia in the mix.

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Evidence: “Interviewing the Stars” gave clues as to what celebrity is hiding under the scales of the Crocodile.

“We’ve been together all over the world,” revealed Croc’s mysterious friend. “We once traveled to six continents in 100 hours.” The package also included video games, a house of cards and a boat with toys.

Following Leon Lewis’s performance of Kroc’s “Bleeding Love,” Bee, the costume of legend Gladys Knight, who competed during the show’s premiere season, took the stage to reveal, “Kroc was in a huge cult classic!”

Assumptions: Yong imagined Thirty Seconds to Mars frontman Jared Leto as Scherzinger remembered Jordan Knight of The New Children in the Block. Thicke went with first American Idol runner-up Justin Guarini.

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Evidence: Whatchamacallit introduced his teacher / mentor at the high school, who shared that the star avoids mischief. “He had a good head on his shoulders, very focused and hardworking, but he could still surprise you,” said the acquaintance of Whatchamacallit. It also seems to matter for a coffee pot, gum and ping pong balls.

Whatchamacallit tried to get his audience to lean back by performing the hit Terror Squad starring Fat Joe and Remy Ma. After getting people to cast, “Whatchamacallit joined Ice Cream, played by YouTube gamer Tyler” Ninja “Blevins during season 2. Ice Cream raised a piece of wing that revealed,” Whatcha has already won the championship. “

Assumptions: Jeong thought he had made a slam with his guess, NBA player Lonzo Ball. Scherzinger also tried to do nothing but network with Carmelo Anthony of the Portland Trail Blazers. Hines bet on her star JB Smoove from “Limit Enthusiasm”.


Evidence: The roommate from Serpent’s college explained that it was not an easy path for the player of “The Masked Singer”. “He suffered a million failures, but I remember the day when suddenly everything changed,” said the roommate. “It was as if God had finally pressed the key to the light. The serpent was not looking for glory. Glory found it.”

Speaking of switches, we definitely need a light bulb moment to understand what jars of mayonnaise and peanut butter and sunflowers mean.

The snake showed a gravelly voice, declaring “Cool” by Jonas Brothers. Then Eagle, the costume of Dr. Drew Pinsky from Season 2, suggests, “The snake sang with one of you before!”

Assumptions: Yeong suspects actor / singer Jamie Foxx, while Hines thought of Scrub star Donald Fason, with whom Tick agreed. Scherzinger went with a musically inclined medical man, Dr. Elvis Francois.

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Double elimination

Seahorse entered the Super Six safely and Whatchamacallit was the first to be eliminated.

Jeong initially suspected the player would be basketball player Damian Lillard, but replaced him with his earlier-night speculation, Ball. Tick’s first instinct? Rapper Tyler, the creator he trades for TV personality Michael Strahan. McCarthy initially thought of Black Panther actor Winston Duke, but eventually went with basketball player Devin Booker. Scherzinger’s first guess about “Uncle It” caused laughter. She dismissed this instinct for Anthony, her guess. Similarly, Hines remained with his earlier guess, with his star, Smove.

Whatchamacallit’s true identity was revealed as Lonzo Ball, rarely sending the exact Jeong in a fit.

Speaking about his motivation to join the show, he said: “I love music, I love performing, so this kind of put it all together. And I knew my mother was watching it, so she would definitely smile on her face when she saw me. “

The snake was revealed as the next striker, leaving Crocodile to join the Super Six.

Jeong initially suggested that Serpent was a Usher singer, but presented a final response to Grammy winner Daveed Diggs. At first, Scherzinger thought of the Hamilton actor Okieriette “Oak” Onaodovan, but started with his assumptions about Francois. McCarthy initially envisioned EGOT winner John Legend, but traded that suspicion with Private Practice star Tay Diggs. Tick ​​rejected his first thought – Boyz II Men singer Wanya Morris – in favor of Faison, who was also Hines’ guess.

The sliding and singing celebrity under the Snake costume was Dr. Elvis.

When Snake thought about his time on the show, the “amazing” world came to mind.

“It’s a once-in-a-lifetime situation, very different from what I do every day,” he said, “but something I’ll never forget for the rest of my life.”

Jeong was moved to tears. “Your version of Imagine overcame the pandemic, man … This man is smarter than any doctor on the planet, and he just really isn’t any more talented than he is.” And I’m crying because I’m jealous, because you’re more talented than me. But I just want you to know, man, you just got us through a very difficult time and we love you so much. “

You can watch episodes of “The Masked Singer” on the Fox website.

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