United Automobile Workers' National Strike Against General Motors Co. entered its 13th day on Saturday, when negotiators convened again in the morning.

They ended calls around 10:15 a.m. Friday after the discussions, the previous day stretched to 2 a.m. These are some of the last times conversations have ended since the strike began. This may be a signal that the preliminary agreement may appear soon now that all outstanding issues are on the "main table".

United Automobile Workers' National Strike Against General Motors Co. entered its 13th day on Saturday. The talks were to resume in the morning after they stopped at about 10:15 am Friday. (Photo: Matt Rourke, AP)

Should a preliminary agreement be reached, 46,000 hourly GM employees, including over 17,000 from Michigan, could still march on the picket line for a few more days if the local union leaders decide to wait for the national strike to end until the treaty is ratified. The protest is already the longest national strike against GM since 1970.

Pete Butigig, the mayor of South Bend, Indiana, who is running for the Democratic presidential nomination, plans to visit picketers on Saturday in Reno. New Jersey Senator Corey Booker is expected to visit Saturday at the "undistributed" Baltimore operation plant in White Marsh, Massachusetts

of Massachusetts Elizabeth Warren who attended the Assembly in Detroit-Hamtramck. Former Vice President Joe Biden and former Texas Beto Representative Rourke also visited striking officials across the country.

A second 'Solidarity Sunday' is also planned to encourage the public to join UAW members on the picket lines. Local priests will be on site to offer words of encouragement at noon Sunday. The union says it will hold Solidarity Week events until it is ratified.

GM on Thursday gave a major indication that it wants to move forward with the union. The company reversed its decision and said it would pay for a strike on employee health care. Last week, she said she transferred that responsibility to the union, a move that has sparked a backlash from the UAW, other labor organizations and Democratic candidates. Coverage includes prescription drugs and medicines, as well as dental and vision categories, categories that would not cover union strike funds.

The automaker this week also took steps to ensure that companies that transfer parts between GM suppliers and manufacturing facilities are ready when work can resume. Leslie Woods, Customer Logistics Manager for GM Quality Carrier Management for Ryder System Inc. in Novi, said in a letter to the companies Wednesday that it was "a good idea to start the standby call."

The strike is the UAW's first since the Great Recession and the Federal Industrial Bankruptcy, triggered in 2009. Now, by the end of its second week, it has left a lasting economic impact, according to experts.

The pay in strike is $ 250 per week, but will not be distributed until the 15th picket day. The starting salary for GM temporary workers is $ 15.78 per hour, which is about $ 630 per 40-hour week. However, the highest paid manufacturing employees earn $ 30.46 per hour, or about $ 1,218 per week.

GM dealers, meanwhile, announce that they have sufficient inventory of vehicles; GM's delivery of the day was 77 days at the end of August, according to Cox Automotive. But in recent days some dealers have exhausted the level of spare parts for their body parts and have had to divert their customers.

The Lansing-based Anderson Group estimates that GM costs were paid from $ 2 million a day initially to over $ 25 million already. Some Wall Street analysts have estimated the company costs $ 50 million a day or more.

The strike also affected GM facilities in Ohio and Ontario, which are not represented by the UAW. All told, more than 3,200 GM workers represented by other unions have been laid off. On Monday, the automaker notified 525 employees of its DMax Ltd. engine plant. in Moren, Ohio, that they were temporarily fired.

GM Suppliers such as Magna International Inc. and Nexteer Automotive, also said they should temporarily fire employees during the strike.


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