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The team rocket has invaded Pokémon Go, but they are sure they are tough to track

Pokémon Go players launched the mobile game today to discover the world conquered by the original bad players, Team Rocket. In addition to capturing the Pokétops and challenging combat coaches, sneaky villains have also violated local ecology, changing the types of Pokémon that players are likely to find. Timing is great because, come on, who does not like Team Rocket, but overall it's too shallow to keep my attention for a long time.

After a brief review earlier this week, Pokémon Go The Team Rocket event began today seriously. The biggest change is the appearance of Team Rocket grunts, who have claimed to be the ubiquitous game of the game as their own. As such, these sights already provide scarce resources for trainers who are looking for more elements, and the only way to get them back to normal is with a good, old-fashioned battle with Pokémon.

These battles are played just like in gymnastics or against another coach, the real-time aspect requiring frantic eavesdropping and intelligent use of a shield to block super attacks. They can be quite difficult if you, like me, do not train your Pokémon in the last few months. Once lost, Team Rocket coaches leave one of their Shadow Pokémon behind, giving players the chance to catch them. With simple purification, which costs Stardust and Candy, these Pokémony are exorcised and become much stronger, a feature that translates into future learning and evolution. My short hunting time for Team Rocket did not bring any special pokemon, just the usual collection of starters like Squirtle and Charmander, but it may change over time. But they are sure it's hard to trace. "/>

Image: Niantic

This said, the invaded Pokéstops are currently quite scarce.The closest thing my small town has to the center is populated with at least 30 stops, but only one or two of them showed the edgy twitching and discoloration, which shows Team Rocket acquisition, and Team Rocket leaves Pokéstop after you beat them, which means you will have to take a little trip to I grew up to move around in my air-conditioned car (sorry, Maddy) to avoid heat in California, but still managed to hit only three of the potteries within one hour of the game.I am sure this process is accelerating a bit with a stronger team and a better knowledge of the layout of the Pokéstop of your city, but the developers definitely make you work for these new badges

Another side effect of Team Rocket's presence is a violation of Pokemon's local habitats. The arrival of the organization means that the Pokémon, usually associated with their crimes ̵

1; Koffing, Ekans, Meowth, and so on – now appear in a larger number. This extends to the Pokémon, hatched by eggs, and those that appear also in attacks. Finally, a number of new research tasks by Professor Willow encourage players to try the new mechanics for some major awards.

Pokemon Go is strange Psyduck. Its launch is a promise and the excitement from the real world trip of Pokemon keeps me coming back after all this time. The additional updates that Niantic has done over time have only improved and expanded what you can do in the game, but for some reason I no longer feel the same longing, transferring the mobile game to something I do when I wait or kills time before a movie. Team Rocket is cool and developers have annoyed future surprises, but this is not enough to make Pokémon Go a regular part of my everyday life.

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