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The terminally ill scientist completes the transformation to "the first complete cyborg in the world"

A British scientist dying from a disease of muscular loss says he has completely completed his transition to the world's first full cyborg called Peter 2.0.

Dr. Peter Scott-Morgan, 61, decided to dispute what it means to be human when he refused to accept his fate after being diagnosed with motor neuron disease in 2017.

He said he wanted to expand the limits of what science can achieve, so it decides to extend its life and become fully robotic.

Also this week, the world-renowned robot returned to his home in Torquay, Devon, after 24 days in intensive care, with all medical procedures already completed and his restarted life beginning.

But the evolution of his existence as a machine does not end there ̵

1; and he jokes that there are more upgrades planned than Microsoft.

The world-renowned roboticist had to undergo a series of incredibly complex and risky operations during his journey.

This involves developing a remarkable avatar of his face before he has lost muscle.

The avatar was created to respond via an intelligently intelligent body language, and he also explored eye-tracking technology that would allow him to control multiple computers using only his eyes.

And the final procedure in his transition to a robot saw him successfully trade his voice for potentially decades to live.

He has laryngitis omy, which means that he has lost his physical voice, but in this way he will avoid the additional risk of saliva that could potentially enter his lungs due to his condition.

Dr. Scott-Morgan had previously defined this treatment as the end of Peter 1.0 and the beginning of Peter 2.0.

Dr. Peter Scott-Morgan

He confirmed the news on social media this week along with a photo and message that " Peter 2.0 is now online. "

He writes:" Just home for 24 days in intensive care. All medical procedures are now completing a huge success. My breathing mini-fan is a lot quieter than Darth Vader's.

"The whole speech is synthetic, but it finally sounds like me again. A long research journey ahead, but in great spirit. "

This was Peter's first message to his legion of followers, since last month he signed what he termed "his last post as Peter 1.0."

He confirmed that he would trade his vote on October 10 for " potentially decades of life, ”as he completed the final medical procedure for his transition that month, he was told he would be statistically dead.

He added, "I'm not dying, I'm transforming. Oh, how I love science. "

Dr. Scott-Morgan from Torquay, Devon, has received" unparalleled confidential access "to government organizations, banks and large corporations throughout his career.

He used this scientific experience to work with advanced technology experts to become Peter 2.0.

Dr. Peter Scott-Morgan (right) with his husband Francis

Talking about his transition to his website, he said, "When I say Peter 2.0, I mean a cyborg.

" And when I say cyborg, I mean not just old cyborg, do you understand, but by far the most advanced human cybernetic organism ever created for 13 , 8 billion years.

"I" I plan to become the first complete Cyborg in the world. Almost everything for me will be irreversibly changed – body and brain.

"Of course, all my physical interactions with the world will become robotic. And of course, my existing five senses will be strengthened. But more importantly, part of my brain and my entire outer face will soon be electronic – fully synthetic.

"From now on, I will be part hardware / part wet device, part digital / part analog. And it will not stop; I currently have more upgrades than Microsoft. Mine is not just a change of version. This is a metamorphosis. "

The scientist also researches eye-tracking technology to allow him to control multiple computers using only his eyes.

Among other things, this would mean that he can control his own electronic bed and

] Dr. Peter Scott-Morgan

This eye-tracking technology means he can no longer wear contact lenses and therefore, he underwent laser eye surgery to allow him to have perfect vision at 70 cm

The scientist also has a remarkable top-class wheelchair, which Twitter said was "brilliantly designed" and allowed him to stand, lie flat and walk fast.

a further pioneering operation in what he considers to be the first operation to place a feeding tube directly into his stomach, a catheter directly into his bladder and

these procedures will help him deal with any problems with his nutrition and toilets will help him maintain his independence.

However, he emphasized on the Internet that this is an incredibly risky procedure for someone with MND.

Despite the risks of surgery and the terminally ill, Dr. Scott-Morgan says he is not interested in how to survive his condition, that he intends to "flourish."

He remains positive and often humorous, seeing his situation as a chance to truly embrace scientific opportunities.

He created a remarkable avatar of his face before losing muscle

In fact, the Scott-Morgan Foundation, which he created with his husband Francis, seeks to use artificial intelligence, robotics and other high-tech systems to transform the lives of people with limited age, ill health, disability or other physical or mental disabilities. "[19659004] On his website, Dr. Scott-Morgan said that this vision is far from just a dream:" We are within touching distance of change – everything. I am not dying – I am transforming!

"This is a terminal illness. you have never seen it before. And as for me, bring it in. MND has not even started to bring me to my knees. And even long after I am locked up, I will still stand tall.

"Thanks to HiTech – I'll talk again. I will convey Emotion and Personality. And I will reach out and touch the people I love. And I won't be the only one.

"Over time, more and more with MND, with extreme disability, with old age, with the passion of just getting rid of my physical right jacket, they will decide to stand by me.

"And we will all stand tall. And we will stand proud. And we will stand unbound. And we will continue to stand, year after year, year after year … Because we refuse to just stay alive. We decide to thrive. "

Dr. Scott-Morgan will be the subject of a documentary on Channel 4 aired in 2020 by Sugar Films.

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