Officials said it was "highly probable" that the remains found in Oregon were those of missing actor Charles Levin.
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New details emerge of the death of Charles Levin, 70, who has appeared in television comedies such as "Seinfeld" and "Night Court".

The actor was found in a remote Oregon area on July 13 after being officially declared missing on July 8 after more than a week of absence.

Reports from the Oregon Grants Pass Public Safety Division reveal that Levin was lost on a remote mountain road in his orange fiat, which was found in a tree-fallen area about four miles from the nearest asphalt road. The police report said the terrain was so heavy that officers had to walk 1/4 of a mile from their emergency vehicle to reach the final location of the car, which saw the passenger's mirror cut off.

"I would have never thought that Fiat could make any headway on this stretch of road," the police report said, noting that the car was finally hopelessly glued to "mounds of earthwork." "

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Actor Charles Levin has been gone for a week. (Photo: Todd Moran through the Grants Pass Public Safety Division)

The front tire area "appears to have been disturbed by an apparent attempt to release the vehicle."

-Bu and the terrain was filled with "an irrepressible odor of decomposition."

Searching overnight in dense overgrowth, police found Levin's naked, poorly decomposed remains at the bottom of a treacherous steep ravine.

"There were signs of animal washing, possibly in the form of turkeys, as there was evidence of bird droppings in and around the body," the report said.

An official notes that their leaving ATV "caused damage by passing on the same road that Fiat was discovered. "

Police rule out bad game and commit suicide. Autopsy report says cause of death is" accidental. "

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