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The trailer for “The Bachelorette” hints at a major drama for Riley, Brandon and Zack C.

The last one Bachelor The season 16 trailer has just delivered a plate full of drama – and the people involved aren’t exactly what you’d expect. In the December 1 episode, Taishia Adams clashed with Noah Erb and Bennett Jordan over minor disputes. But it seems that the two-on-one voltage will be the least of concern since The bachelor Promotion for week 9 suggests that a big storm is coming for Riley Christian, Brendan Morais and Zack Clark.

The promotional trailer for The Bachelorette Season 16 Episode 9 highlights Riley, Brandon and Zack C.

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The topic of uncertainty is The bachelor Season 16 Episode 9 promo trailer. The teaser opens with Adams sending someone home in a limousine. She is wearing the same dress from the impromptu match. So Adams probably just eliminated Noah or Bennett. But still, she doesn’t seem set on her decision.

“Not the goodbye I expected,” Adams said. “I didn’t feel well at all.”

However, the show must continue. Adams was then spotted with Joe Fletcher, who still plays Chris Harrison as host. They organized a lie detector test for a group meeting. Then Adams says aloud, “Truth and honesty in a relationship are everything.”

The group’s date also depicts Zac C. as a fraud. After Fletcher ostensibly asks the athlete if he has ever cheated on anyone, Zack S. says, “Yes.” Then during the evening meal, Zack S. told Adams that he “hated today.” The presenter is confused by the comment. “Why?” she says. Fraud is not something I will tolerate.

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Eventually, Adams moves away from his conversation with Zack S. “Every time I talk to him, I find something I’m just like, hold on a second,” she says aloud.

Later Zac C. was in tears. It is no longer the group meeting, as he is wearing a different shirt. “When you put that into the equation, it makes it really real,” he says.

Meanwhile, things are starting to get real for Riley and Brandon. Brandon admits that he is afraid of “deadlines”. Riley then suggested that he had a serious secret, noting that Adams “had no idea” and that he “had little explanation.” Riley also seems to be considering self-elimination.

“Today is the day … I let go?” Riley says.

The bachelor the trailer ends with an indistinguishable man sobbing outside.

What Taishia Adams says about her bachelor trip

Taishia Adams in
Taishia Adams in The Bachelor Craig Siodin through Getty Images

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In the ABC press release for The bachelor Week 9, the network outlined the episode of December 8. As expected, the drama between Bennett and Noah will be the first to be addressed. Then a one-on-one match will “take on a grim tone” after the contestant shares a “deeply emotional secret” from his past.

Meanwhile, five men will participate in the date of the lie detector group and each will “have a serious explanation”. The release also confirms that whoever receives a rose will move to their hometowns. But whatever happens, it seems the end of it The bachelor Week 9 could change the course of Adams’ journey.

“Nothing could prepare the bachelor for what will end her evening and potentially change her end to be happy for the rest of her life,” the summary said.

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Now Adams is silent about her Bachelor end. But when we talk to Rachel Lindsey and Becca Kufrin Click on the bait podcast, Adams was annoyed that her finale would be unexpected.

“There will be many things that I guarantee no one will expect, especially the end,” she said.

However, it seems that Adams left the show in one piece. In an interview with Access, the girl revealed that in the end she got exactly what she wanted.

“I’m happy because I really was myself, my authentic self – and that’s all I could ever ask for,” she said.

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