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The Trump Impeachment: Four Days That Put America at Night

Unlike the complicated and confusing picture of shady relations with the Russians and the potential impediment drawn by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, the issues pending in the new reflection are clear cut – a factor that contributes to the president's political vulnerability.

Trump abuses his power by using hundreds of millions of dollars in taxpayer military assistance to pressure a foreign country to hurt a political opponent? And then the White House got involved in an effort to cover it up?

"The President of the United States surrendered his oath, surrendered his oath to protect our national security, and surrendered his oath to defend our constitution," Homeland Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff said Thursday.

  The acting spy spoke to Congress,
The complaint about Trump's phone call to 2 July 5 with President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky is a "road map," Schiff said, allegations in the cover-up document open several key allies of Trump for questioning, such as Attorney Rudy Giuliani and Attorney General William Bar, and hint at other possible cases in which
Already, 219 House Democrats – more than half of the 435 members – have publicly declared support for the impeachment proceedings, according to CNN numbers.

The nature of the President's Republican protection is also clear. GOP lawmakers and supporters are already seeking to discredit what appears to be strong documentary evidence of Trump's push for Zelensky. And the White House frames impeachment as another brutal attack by Democrats on Trump, a president who they see as illegitimate since his victory in 2016.

"What these guys are doing to Democrats in this country is a disgrace and this should not be allowed. There has to be a way to stop it, "Trump said of the constitutional process of checks and balances, in a fiery statement on the airport trip since his return from New York on Thursday.

] Washington transformed in a matter of days

Washington came to work on Monday, expecting most of the week to unfold around Trump at the UN General Assembly in New York, yet at first glance, life has changed dramatically for the president, the majority by the Democratic House and Senate Republicans who can save their heads

In the coming weeks, the story of what went on in Trump's talks with his Ukrainian counterpart and whether he broke the law and broke the most basic constitutional principles will be skewed by a political virus.

after a week of leaks, controversy between Trump and Nancy Pelosi's speaker, blockbuster revelations and gambling by key power brokers, the facts of the case are beginning to be revealed.

  Hillary Clinton says corrupt human tornado & # 39; Trump did not win re-election

Trump is accused of illegally using $ 400 million in military aid to force a vulnerable Ukraine, who is fighting for his life against Russia's Vladimir Putin to investigate his potential enemy in 2020 Joe Biden.

The president seemed to think he could clear himself on Wednesday by releasing a rough transcript of a conversation with Zelensky. But his move made everything worse. While Republicans insist there was nothing pro-quo, the document showed Trump leaning against Zelensky and demanding "a favor."

In 2016, Trump was accused of deliberately winning a Russian electoral fraud scheme. If the latter allegations were dropped, he took the interference with the 2020 elections into his own hands.

The case has darkened significantly with the release on Thursday of a whistleblowing report that the White House tried to quell in order to cope with the worst crisis of its presidency.

The still-unknown person who wrote the report accused the president of "using the power of his cabinet to seek intervention from a foreign country in the 2020 elections in the United States."

If such an activity were carried out, it would be about as close to a charge of abuse of presidential abuse of power – a potentially impossible crime – as possible.

In another detail that will have far-reaching consequences, the abuser claims that the White House has tried to conceal evidence of Trump's behavior.

The report says that officials were told to take a transcript of Trump's conversation with Zelensky from a computer system in which he stored in another class an identified system used for the most sensitive national security information.

The relocation potentially damages a repository that is supposed to be used only for the nation's most sensitive secrets, with material protected for purely political purposes.

"It's a cover-up," said Pelosi, a California Democrat.


Democrats believe they now have a "roadmap" for the impeachment process announced by Pelosi on Wednesday after months of trying to hold the liberal

for years it can far strengthen the democratic hand, as they can now claim that fresh evidence of lawlessness, rather than the contested description of the events provided by Mueller, forced their hands.

Pelosi on Thursday gave the Shifi Intelligence Committee a leading role in the impeachment investigation.

Schiff's first move was to dismiss the complaint of whistleblowers just before a hearing with Acting Director of National Intelligence Joseph Maguire, who accused Democrats of rejecting the complaint from Congress.

The signaling complaint, Schiff said, would provide a "roadmap" for the committee's pressure to question witnesses and seek requests for documents on the matter.

During the hearing, Maguire, former commander of the SEAL Navy, stated that both the whistleblower and the inspector general of the intelligence community, who considered the complaint "urgent and credible," complied with the law at all times.

  This is what Republican senators say about the whistleblowing complaint

The White House, initially stung by the sudden turn of events, is preparing a scorched earth defense.

years and a half of unjustified accusations, and they continue to try to reverse the will of the American people in the last presidential election, "Vice President Mike Pence said on Thursday.

It was later revealed that Trump had directly targeted the whistleblowers while addressing US diplomats at the United Nations.

"I want to know who is the person who is the person who submitted the information on the whistle? Because it's close to a spy, "Trump said according to an audio recording released by the Los Angeles Times." Do you know what we did in the old days when we were smart? Is that correct? Spies and betrayal, we used this a little differently than we did now. "

Biden weighs in on

Biden responded to the president with his most heartfelt comments on a saga that played into his main campaign theme that Trump was unfit to manage.

Trump that Biden and his son Hunter are guilty of corruption in Ukraine and China – for which there is no evidence – also threaten to become distracted by a former vice president.

When raising funds in California, Biden claims that Trump is trying to

"He would like to get someone else's help to win elections"

  Biden accuses Trump of trying to hijack elections by pushing an inquiry into Ukraine