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The truth of squid is revealed

Guards Actors of masked cops playing as superheroes, all were shaped by various traumas that toppled them at points in their lives when they were most vulnerable. The show spent considerable time unpacking exactly what Angela Abar does, but this week's episode of "Little Lightning Fear" turns into an interesting twist, focusing instead on Wade Tillman, who most often prefers to go from Search glass. " ”

What is so powerful about The Little Fear of Lightning is the way he presents a more complicated story of what it meant to live after the attack of Osimandia. As long as the world is not plunged into nuclear war, it does not mean that the survivors of the event are still not coping with the mental and emotional devastation associated with it. In a blink of an eye, we see a much younger Wade on a mission trip to Hoboken, New Jersey, where he quickly ends up flirting with a girl his age, leading him into a mirror oven. Although Wade knows he has no business warming up and weighing himself with a towel, he is a hormonal teenager who gets his first taste of what it is like to go wrong on one of the wrong slopes.

Just when the girl gets Wade outside his clothes – again, all this happens in a fun house – she throws the script at the kid, takes off his belongings and leaves him standing there in a hall with mirrors that look like a fool. Wade's instinct is to beat himself up for being so easily misled, but as he begins to emotionally stop, the whole building shakes violently and experiences blinding head pain that he doesn't understand. Everything about the sequence, from Wade's humiliation to his stumbling through a maze of broken mirrors, stumbles upon a little heavy hands until you remember that it's meant to be the story of Looking for Glass. It is also overcrowded on the nose, but the sequence works because of the way it is combined with the sheer devastation in which Wade wanders while stumbling out of the oven.

Although Hoboken is miles from Manhattan, everyone at the carnival, which happened to be out when the squid were teleported to New York, received the full brunt of its mental decline. Wade is not the only survivor, but they are few and far between and the sheer horror of seeing so many dead people alive just minutes before making Wade scream because that's all he can think of do.

In the present, the story illustrates how, although he tries to present himself as a person who has managed to continue his trauma, this is far from the case. Wade not only wraps his head in a reflective mask, because he needs an identity to hide who he is, there is a part of him that still holds the belief that reflective materials will protect him in the event of another squid psychic event. But there is more than a mask. There is also the fortified bunker he has in his backyard and the Doomsday alarm system he has installed in his property, with which he performs periodic training to always be ready. Wade cannot go on from the moment he encounters the post-squid world, so he puts all his energy into trying to help others do it for themselves in a support group he leads. Although he is able to convince most people that he is a strange but stable personality, Laurie can easily see through his actions and need to be prepared for something with Angela that they do not want her to knows. She also, er, ripped out his cactus on the desk.

A paranoid, such as Wade, you would think he wouldn't be so shocked to learn that Laurie was slamming his desk and knowing that he was staring at mysterious pills, hid in Angela's car. Wade does not like the fact that Lori is so ready to invade his personal life, but he is not so shaken that he is ready to hand over to Angela or reveal what the pills are: Nostalgia. Nostalgia here is a drug developed by Weidt, who was eventually outlawed because of the dangerous side effects. Each pill contains synthesized memories of a person, but in most cases, people who took the drug eventually deal with psychosis, and Wade Cynthia's ex-wife warns him that the pills belong to, it would be a good idea not to take them. [19659006] Wade, too, was not particularly adept at hiding his secrets from Rene (Paula Malcomson's Deadwood & # 39; s ), a woman from his support group who immediately disguised him as just as scared and neurotic as he was the other people in the group, while drinking, the couple commented on their respective difficulties in their daily lives, and for a moment Wade felt that he might be able to forge a real connection with the woman. But in the moment that reflects on the night a New Jersey girl steals her pants in the oven, Wade soon learns that Renee is actually with the Seventh Cavalry, and they plan to lure him into their midst to show him some of it, they are planning.

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As Wade wanders into what turns out to be a soundstage where 7K records his racist declaration of war, he is concerned when he finds that the organization is experimenting with the same species portals said to be responsible for teleporting squid to Manhattan. Not surprisingly, Republican Senator Joe Keen Jr. is also revealed to be a 7K member, and he tries to explain to Wade that he just works with racists because he wants to try to keep them in line. No matter what Keane says, Wade's deep fear of mental squid and the portals that give them access to the world keep him on edge, and Keane knows that the only way he can get a cop is by way of him. you are telling an important truth.

Observers touching Adrian Weidt's prison have been some of the least interesting moments of the season so far, but "Little Fear of Lightning" returns Weidt in the narrative of the story in a significant way. On November 1, 1985, the day before the squid attack, Wade recorded a video message of himself congratulating Robert Redford on his assumption of office, something that would not happen until seven years later. In the video, Veidt explains … everything. He trusts Redford – since choosing Redford is also part of his grand scheme – that squid is all he does.

These truths are those revelations that would have shaken the world if Rorschach's original journals had ever been widely published and taken seriously by the public. Wade can hardly accept what he hears because so much of his life is determined by his misconceptions about what happened on November 2, 1985. But at the same time, learning the truth also takes a heavy burden off his shoulders and gives him reason to have much more sophisticated feelings about 7K. Keane also pressures the man to keep Angela "busy" for a while so he doesn't send a 7K to her home to kill her and her entire family.

Suddenly this new perspective on the world leaves Wade shaking, and he ends up leaving the group's hiding place, not really knowing how to continue his life. He talks about his day-to-day work and duties as a cop, but knowing that the world has never been in danger of interdimensional aliens is all he can think of. Wade's world is so upside down that all he can think of is clinging to the law. He eventually exposes Angela's secret to Lori, making sure the agent eavesdrops on their conversation through the bug cactus.

Before Laurie can take Angela in handcuffs, she makes the swift decision to take all of Nostalgia in one sip, shocking everyone because they know how dangerous the drugs are. It is interesting to see how nostalgia affects Angela, because you know that Will always had the pills and to learn deeper truths about him.

Although Wade takes Angela off the board, as Keane asks, the episode's closing moments, 7K anyway, are rolling over Wade's property with rifles. It seems that 7K has every intention of killing Wade in his home, which means that they are all ready to start searching for PD Tulsa members, and to be in police custody may actually be Angela's best bet for surviving until the moment. [19659006] Oh, and Veidt … is no longer on Earth, which is not surprising at all. After countless experiments, he has been predictably successful in his efforts, but again, you can't help but feel that this storyline is pulling the focus away from where the real action of the Guards is located: on the ground in Tulsa, Oklahoma . What happens next to Veidt – who finally made it out of his atmosphere and into space (near Jupiter) to write "SAVE ME" with his dead clones – is someone's guess.

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