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The TUM team won the SpaceX Hyperloop Pod race at a record speed of 288 mph – TechCrunch

SpaceX hosted its fourth final SpaceX Hyperloop Pod competition on Sunday on a test tube built outside of Hawthorne's headquarters. We were in place for the race and we watched Team TUM, from the Technical University of Munich win the victory household thanks to the maximum speed of each team that competes in the finals.

TUM (formerly known as the WARR Hyperloop Team in past races) was a re-victor and achieved a top speed of 288 mph in this year's finals. This is the fastest for Hyperloop so far – he has won his own record of last year's 284-kilometer milestone during the third SpaceX Student Tour . It was not without incidents, however ̵

1; near the end of his run, there was a spark and some debris appeared to take off from the vessel, but still survived mostly intact and satisfied judges of SpaceX to qualify for the victory.

TUM defeated three other finalists, including Delft Hyperloop, EPFL Hyperloop and Swissloop. Unfortunately, Delft had a communication error that reduced their speed to only about 650 feet in the SpaceX Hyperloop test track. EPFL managed to reach a maximum speed of 148 mph and Swissloop reached a speed of 160 km / h

  Hyperloop Trap DSCF2408

SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Test Track at Hawthorne Headquarters. This is the end of which the student teams are loading in their test series during the annual competition.

For the teams that worked on Sunday, the process involved charging cartridges that were approximately the size of the bobsleighs, but little more than the engines. on wheels, on the single track passing through the inside of the Hyperloop tube. The tube is then sealed and bleed to a close vacuum, which is essentially the way Hyperloop's Musk concept conveys that the superfast transport method will work.

All teams gave a good performance, and the total number of student teams was actually 21, with over 700 separate sins generally taking part in the competition from various schools, including Cal Poly, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Indian Institute of Technology and my own alma University of Windsor University (working with St. Teams) had to prove to their SpaceX and Boring Company advisors that they are ready to go into the pipe to qualify for the finals and have spent two weeks before Sunday's final. to do just that only the four finalists managed to get the green light to compete in the final contest based on advisory criteria that include the safety and vitality of their design There is some mantra "luck" in the race called "Breaking the String" , before SpaceX engineers did not want team teams to suffer a catastrophic failure inside the tube This year the race was even more challenging as all pods had to use their own communication systems for the first time , and the pods must be designed to move up to 100 feet from the distal end of the tube before they stop.

  The competition for hyperplastic 2019

A total of 21 teams competed in this year's competition and they all brought their pods to show on the day of the race, although only four finalists actually spent their pods on the test track. The teams I spoke to, who failed to qualify, were worried but also decided to come back and qualify next year. Some have expressed some dissatisfaction with the gap between some of the teams in the smaller schools and the ones in the last four (who qualify many years after a year). Many of the finalists have deep corporate supporters, including Airbus, while some of the smaller schools have no funding – leading to a hundred-thousand-dollar cost delt when it comes to the overall test account.

However, all teams are clearly excited to be able to participate and see that the race is a chance to be valued to work in one of Musk's many high-tech ventures, including SpaceX, Tesla and The Boring Company. For these companies, it also seems impossible to try to hire the best engineers in the technical disciplines

<img aria-describedby = "caption-attachment-1858192" class = "breakout size-full wp-image -1858192 "title =" hyperloop-pod-competition-epfl "src =" https://techcrunch.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/hyperloop-pod-competition-epfl-1.jpg "alt =" to win the race – but they have reason to celebrate because at least some of the graduates are likely to "gain" jobs in different Musk companies

"I think competition is fun and inspirational and useful technology comes out of it" Musk said on in relation to the purpose of the event, before answering the last question by Steve Davis, President-in-Office of the Society, about whether there will be another competition next year – "Oh yeah, of course," Musk replied in order to get a lot of applause from a crowd of competitors

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