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The United States missed a chance to control the outbreak. It is now “impossible to predict” how long the pandemic will last, Faci said

The United States is witnessing a resurgence of coronavirus infections after the states began to reopen their economies, with more than 4.4 million deaths and 152,070 deaths, according to Johns Hopkins University. The Institute for Health Indicators and Assessment raised its forecast to 219,864 deaths by November, in part because the nation continues to discuss measures such as wearing masks and social distancing.

“The thing we have to do is take all the stops out to bring it down to its original level and keep it there, doing the things we’re talking about – the ones I talked about – consistently,” he said on Thursday. Anthony Foci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, at CNN̵

7;s Coronavirus City Hall.

Regular taking of such precautions is particularly important, given that lagging behind in test results makes some coronavirus tests practically useless.

“It shouldn’t be acceptable that tests in the United States are so backward,” Brett Giroar, assistant secretary of health at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, said Thursday.

While he said about 25% of tests give results in about 15 minutes, most take days. Giroare said his goal was to make all tests “sensitive and specific and return within 15 minutes.”

But, he said, “you can’t test your way out of this,” and people should wear masks, avoid crowds, and avoid being indoors with other people.

Foci added: “If we do this, then I think we would be good to watch this under control. If we don’t, we won’t be able to predict how long this will last.”

Uncertainty about the rapidly evolving vaccine

Meanwhile, the competition is for a vaccine to protect against coronavirus, and although some early data seem promising, there are still questions about vaccines under development.

Operation leader Warp Speed ​​says he expects the coronavirus vaccine to be highly effective, in the 90% range

Operation Warp Speed, the federal government’s multibillion-dollar Covid-19 vaccine program, provided funding for two potential vaccines that quickly moved into advanced stages of human testing.

Operations chief Moncef Slavey said on Thursday that he would not be surprised if a vaccine proved 90% effective against the virus, but Fauci said only time would tell.

“We hope this will happen,” Foci said. “Like we said all the time, you just can never say. The proof of the pudding is to do the clinical trial and get the result, and that’s what we actually do.”

But people will have to get the vaccine so that it can protect them, and even those who are not deterred by existing conspiracy theories about vaccines may even be scared on behalf of the project, Bill Gates said Thursday.

“We certainly need people to be rational about vaccines. They have eradicated smallpox, saved millions and millions of lives,” he said. “They’re very complicated to design, so, you know, you say it’s done at Warp Speed, it’s a little scary, because you really have to do the security checks very, very carefully,” said Microsoft founder and co-chair. Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Gates said the public should be reassured that non-political staff at the Food and Drug Administration maintain the line to ensure that fast-growing drugs are effective and safe.

The plans put into effect as the first day of school

As the school year approaches, staff have the task of balancing public concerns for children’s safety with the impact that virtual learning can have on their education and well-being.

Jefferson City Schools will be the first in Georgia to reopen Friday.  These parents will not send their children

In New York, students will return to school with safety protocols for cleaning, contact tracking and distancing, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced on Thursday.

“We do our best to keep children healthy while ensuring they get the education they deserve. These strict test and follow-up protocols will keep our students and staff safe as we begin this new school year,” he said. de Blasio.

Initially, Philadelphia would return to a school year that combined virtual and personal learning, but after feedback, the Board of Education voted to provide all distance learning at least in November, with Dr. William Height’s boss promising that the change would not be removed. the emphasis on student achievement.

Florida counties are still weighing in, but Gov. Ron DeSantis is pushing for a model based on parental choice.

“I believe there should be a choice for parents across Florida,” DeSantis said. “Parents who prefer distance learning should be able to choose this, and parents who want personal learning should have access to it.”

States are trying to reverse downward trends

As parents and school districts make their choices, government officials strategy how to reverse the number of infections.

These are the states that require people to wear masks when they are out in a public place

Researchers in Texas estimated on Thursday that just two weeks of social distancing policies reduced the spread of coronavirus by 65 percent, while states that oppose those policies are barely declining.

Illinois could reverse its reopening plan and turn back to social distancing policies if the number of positive cases continues to rise, Gov. JB Pritzker told a news conference Thursday.

Arizona is a “heading in the right direction” with a downward trend since early July, Governor Doug Ducey said Thursday.

“It’s not a winning lap. It’s not a holiday. If nothing else, it’s proof that the decisions and sacrifices that Arizona make work,” Ducey said.

CNN’s Shelby Lynn Erdman, Jennifer Henderson, Hailey Brink and Andrea Kane contributed to this report.

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