If your cruise vacation has just been canceled, look at your options before booking or requesting a refund.


The cruise industry has voluntarily stopped cruising in US waters until “at least” October 31, a month after the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s order expires.

“We believe it is prudent at this point to voluntarily extend the cessation of US ocean cruises until October 31,” the International Cruise Line Association, the world’s largest cruise trading organization, said in a statement. Golin-Blaurund, Senior Director of Strategic Communications.

CLIA membership lines carry 95% of the world’s ocean cruisers. The new order will apply to all CLIA member vessels, the CDC order applies to vessels capable of carrying 250 or more passengers.

But the extension comes with warnings. Reboot date, November 1, is not set in stone. The organization will continue to assess the situation and said it will announce whether further extensions will be needed on or before September 30, the day the CDC’s “no-sail” order is due to end. However, if “conditions” in the United States change to allow short, modified voyages, he will consider an earlier restart.

“The expansion will allow additional time for our ocean members to work with outside experts and partners to develop improved public health protocols,” Golin-Blaurund told USA TODAY.

The news comes after coronavirus cases began to appear on ships that resumed operations around the world. CLIA said in a statement that by further extending their sailing voyage, which has been in effect since March 14, they are demonstrating “the cruise industry’s commitment to public health.”

Earlier in June, CLIA announced that members of its cruise lines would voluntarily suspend operations until September 15, before the CDC announced its current extension of the non-sailing order, to which the industry group subsequently complied.

The decision to extend the suspension was further difficult to make, the CLIA statement said. The pandemic has had a detrimental effect on the cruise community, which typically generates nearly $ 53 billion for the U.S. economy annually, according to the latest economic impact study. According to the organization, every day of the suspension leads to a loss of 110 million dollars and 800 “direct and indirect” jobs in the United States. Until the expiration of the new voluntary suspension of CLIA, the industry will be suspended for more than seven months.

Some of its members have already suspended operations until October 31, such as Norway, Regent and Oceania, and another cruise line, Princess Cruises, a subsidiary of cruise giant Carnival Corp., has extended its operational break in the United States until December 15.

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